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Xinjiang Mechanical and Electrical Vocational and Technical College

Xinjiang Mechatronics Vocational and Technical College, founded in 1957, is an independent general college approved by the People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and filed by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. The college has a history of running a school for nearly half a century, and was rated as a national key school by the Ministry of Education three times in the 60s, 80s, and 90s. As the only higher vocational college in Xinjiang's manufacturing industry, our institute has trained and delivered a large number of professional and technical personnel for Xinjiang's manufacturing industry and other fields.

   Xinjiang Mechatronics Vocational and Technical College is an engineering-based, multi-disciplinary, multi-level, public, full-time general higher vocational and technical college approved by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Government. Since 2003, he has participated in the general college entrance examination enrollment in 25 provinces and cities across the country. There are more than 6000 students in school. Since 2005, it has recruited students from technical secondary schools, high schools, and preparatory technicians and senior technicians in the five northwestern provinces and Henan province.

  Our institute is a national training base for skilled talents (NC machine tool processing technology majors and computer software technology majors); it is a "national training base for high-skilled talents (mechanical and electrical projects)"; and a secondary vocational education teacher training base in the autonomous region. As the only mechanical and electrical higher vocational education college in the autonomous region, the college is divided into two campuses, the south campus is located at No. 4 Tianjin North Road, Urumqi, and the north campus is located at No. 45 Beijing North Road, Urumqi. The college covers an area of 170 acres, with a building area of 56,000 square meters, including 14,800 square meters of classrooms and 20,000 square meters of student dormitories. The college dormitories are managed in apartments. The library has a collection of 190,000 books. The college has complete learning and living facilities, with more than 700 computers. It has built an advanced broadband campus network teaching system and electronic reading room, multimedia audio-visual education center, voice training center and broadcast launching station. It has 9700 square meters of electrical, electronic, and hydraulic 21 various laboratories and training centers, including machine tool circuits, numerical control processing technology, thermal energy engineering, single-chip microcomputer, PLC, welding, elevator control, motor drive, household appliances, etc. The college has 6 departments including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, management engineering, basic disciplines, and humanities and social sciences. There are 4 departments in mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science and technology, electrical engineering, and economic management. Major categories, 24 majors, and 32 majors. The college has an excellent team of "double-qualified" teachers. In the second National NC Skills Olympiad, the teacher group of our school won the 18th place (220,000 people participated), and the student group won the 10th place (50,000 people participated). Welding major is the training base of Xinjiang Second Industry Industrial Park, and some teachers have obtained the qualifications of international welding engineers and international welding technicians. Computer professional teachers hold national intermediate and senior programmer certificates; management professional teachers hold certified accountant, marketing, human resource, and logistics professional certificates. Electrical engineering teachers hold qualifications such as senior electrician technicians, technicians, and engineers.

  The college has special majors: welding technology and equipment, electromechanical engineering, CNC machine tool processing technology, computer network technology, electronic information technology automatic control technology, applied electronic technology, etc. High technical content, strong practicability, strong teaching staff, and advanced practice equipment. There are more than 20 fixed practice bases outside the school, which can meet the needs of teaching practice. The college attaches great importance to the employment of graduates. Last year, the one-time employment rate of our college graduates reached more than 90%. At present, it has established long-term cooperative relations with more than 60 enterprises and employers inside and outside the province, providing a broad employment space for graduates. The college has a national vocational qualification appraisal station, and students can hold a graduation certificate and vocational qualification certificate for employment after graduation.

The college adheres to the school-running philosophy of vocational education being employment-oriented, major setting market-oriented, and curriculum setting capacity-oriented. It takes it as its own responsibility to cultivate high-level technical application-oriented talents on the front line of economic construction and production, highlighting professional characteristics, and vocational characteristics. Cultivation of hands-on ability. To enable students to become both hands-on and brainstorming, with a high level of knowledge, strong innovation ability, and mastery of new skills.

  The Department of Mechanical Engineering also has a machining training workshop and a fitter training workshop. Among them, the CNC training workshop is one of the most advanced CNC equipment workshops in Xinjiang. Numerical control technology students receive formal professional skills training at the school, and they can directly take up jobs without training after graduation. This major introduces a "dual certificate" access system. After graduation, students can not only obtain an academic certificate, but also a vocational qualification certificate. Welding technology and equipment specialty is a top-quality specialty in Xinjiang's manufacturing industry. This major has strong teachers and complete internship training equipment. It is currently the most complete welding training institution in Xinjiang.

   The computer center of the college has 700 multimedia computers, fully introduces the Internet, builds network teaching throughout the whole process, and provides specialized network laboratories for students to carry out network installation and maintenance training. Encourage students to carry out network maintenance by themselves, make full and effective use of network resources to solve practical problems, and improve the level of on-site operation.

   The stability and improvement of teaching quality depends on an excellent teaching team. Xinjiang Mechatronics Vocational and Technical College not only has complete internship training equipment, but also cultivated a team of teachers with a reasonable structure and high professional level. The college's teachers with intermediate and senior professional titles account for more than 70% of the total number of teachers in the college, with an average age of about 35 years old, forming a team of teachers with good political quality, high professional level, rich teaching experience, and reasonable age structure and professional title structure. They have strong professionalism, dedication and team spirit, and have made outstanding contributions to the development of the college

In the past 49 years, Xinjiang Vocational and Technical College of Mechatronics has cultivated and delivered a large number of senior professional and technical personnel for Xinjiang’s manufacturing industry. They have made outstanding achievements in their respective work. Lei Ting, general manager of Xinjiang New Energy Corporation, The director of the Third Machine Tool Plant, the winner of the National Invention Award, 35 national patents and two U.S. patents, the special allowance of experts from the State Council, the professor-level senior engineer Luo Renquan who won the 2005 Xinjiang Science and Technology Award, and the fourth prison warden Fan Zengqiang, Xia Lanting, a senior engineer of the installation company, graduated from our institute. From them, we have summed up a philosophy of our school-being rational, seeking things, seeking refinement, and being pragmatic!

The college strives for survival with first-class quality, develops with first-class management, closely cooperates with enterprises, and makes great efforts to increase the employment rate and employment level of students. While stabilizing the employment of students in Xinjiang, it also actively expands employment opportunities in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. , "Cultivating talents in vocational colleges and finding employment in all corners of the world" is the employment concept established by our college.

   "Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees"! The brilliance of vocational education must be brilliant in the journey of social development! The brilliance of vocational education must be brilliant in the heart of every "electromechanical person"!