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Mianyang Flying Vocational College

Mianyang Flying Vocational College is a full-time higher vocational college with the approval of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, the Ministry of Education for the record, and is included in the national enrollment plan, focusing on the training of civil aviation flying talents. The college is located in the Aviation City of China Science and Technology City (Beichuan). It is the core part of the Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County's key construction project "Greater American Qiang City-Pan American Aviation Science and Technology City". , Tibetan Potala Palace, Qiang culture folk house, and Han traditional architecture are the essence of architectural art, aiming to promote national culture and create a legendary campus. The college relies on the 3000 acres of open scenic area in the "Pan American Aviation Science and Technology City", and is known as the "Treasure of the Seat" of the New Beichuan National 5A Scenic Area and the shining pearl of China.

The academy is based on the orientation of "Flying first, serving and general aviation, simultaneously developing air and land, and craftsman's cradle", abiding by the school motto of "Flying high, knowing everything about things", and striving to develop into a professional training center, integrating aviation manufacturing, maintenance, and service. The domestic first-class vocational colleges with high-quality technical talents integrating technology research and development have become a training base for high-end civil aviation technical talents with extensive influence and their own school-running characteristics.

The college has established fixed-wing aircraft driving technology, helicopter driving technology, UAV application technology, aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, flight attendant and other majors. With flight and aircraft maintenance as the core majors, a new type of general aviation professional talents-especially flying The whole process of personnel training system. The college has established a number of aviation professional training centers, such as the flight crew training center, simulated flight training center, air maintenance training center, aircraft engine disassembly training center, etc., equipped with various leading aviation professional training facilities and equipment, including R44 level five Flight training device, PA-28 five-level flight training device, PA-44 five-level flight training device, B737-800 cabin evacuation training cabin, A350 cabin service training cabin, A320 export simulation training cabin, A320 fire fighting training cabin, etc. More than 100 experts with rich industry experience from the military and civil aviation have been hired, and a number of professional expert teams have been formed.

The college currently has six major flight training bases across the country, including 100 aircraft including Piper PA-28 single-engine trainer aircraft, PA-44 twin-engine trainer aircraft, etc., and possesses private, commercial, instrument and air routes for civil aviation. Flight license training qualifications and aircraft maintenance personnel training and examination qualifications, fully guarantee the flight training of students, and are committed to cultivating international aviation talents covering the entire field of civil aviation and general aviation.

The college has established a new talent training model of "school-owned enterprise, enterprise-owned school, school-enterprise homogeneity, and integrated development", adhering to the group-oriented school thinking of "education + industry", and taking "public welfare education, quality education" as its purpose , Integrating education with industry, building majors on the industrial chain, and cooperating with Pan American General Aviation Group in all aspects around the joint construction of a talent training system, joint construction of a flight training base, and flight pilot license examination. Pan American General Aviation Group is committed to becoming the general aviation group with the most complete industrial chain in China. Its business areas cover more than 10 aspects such as aircraft manufacturing, aircraft maintenance and leasing, pilot training, aircraft sales, and airport management. More than 10 companies under its umbrella provide graduates with For all kinds of internships and employment positions, outstanding graduates of the college can be targeted for employment in Pan Am General Aviation Group.