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Deyang Vocational College of Agricultural Technology

Deyang Vocational College of Agricultural Science and Technology is a full-time general higher education institution approved by the People's Government of Sichuan Province and filed by the Ministry of Education for national enrollment. It is the sacred mission and eternal pursuit of our Academy of Agricultural Sciences to establish the college as a domestic first-class university, cultivate elite talents for the society, and give two hundred years of rich gift to the mother of the motherland.

The college is located in Luojiang University Town, Deyang, northeast of Chengdu, adjacent to Yanjiang Xuecun (planned), an AAAAA-level hot spring resort area. It is accompanied by Tianfu College of Southwest University of Finance and Sichuan University of Industry and Technology. It covers an area of 957.8 mu. It is run by Tongji University. The garden-style campus designed by experts and professors is a home for learning and living integrating intelligence, ecology, and technology; it is 29 minutes (high-speed rail) drive from Chengdu city.

Adhering to the leadership of innovative education, the college takes the lead in opening new majors in many fields such as new agriculture, big health industry, 5G communications, new infrastructure, new economy, etc.; and has set up customized civil servant training classes, customized entrepreneurship classes, and customized courses for undergraduate and master students. Comprehensively promote the integration of work and learning, adopt a new type of mentoring talent training system; relying on industrial development, school-enterprise cooperation, professional joint construction, closely following market needs, and exploring a deep integration of industry, education and innovation.

The more talented people, the more those who ask for it, the lesser those who buy it! A first-class school concept requires first-class talents, and first-class talents need a lofty ideal mission assembly; student development, parental recognition, and social satisfaction are the constant pursuit of our Academy of Agricultural Sciences. We sincerely extend invitations to people who are interested in education in the world, and sincerely invite outstanding teachers at home and abroad to provide suggestions and work together to seek new development of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences!

Open a major:

Broad stage, great promise-modern agricultural technology:

Training objectives: cultivate to meet the needs of smart agriculture development, master the production and product storage and processing technology of main agricultural products, the principles and methods of agricultural technology extension, basic knowledge of agricultural products and agricultural materials marketing, agricultural management and management, and have agricultural technology extension, agricultural products and agricultural materials Marketing and agricultural operation and management capabilities have become high-quality technical talents engaged in modern agricultural production, agricultural technology promotion and product marketing.

Main courses: "Modern Agricultural Technology and Equipment", "Agricultural Products and Agricultural Materials Marketing", "Vegetable Production Technology", "Fruit Tree Production Technology", "Flower Production Technology", "Agricultural Product Quality Safety and Testing Technology", "Crop Disease Control Technology", "Agricultural Operation and Management" "Cultivation of Ornamental Plants", "Operation and Management of Leisure Agricultural Parks", "Agricultural Products Storage, Processing and Logistics", "Pollution-Free Agriculture and Green Organic Food Certification", etc.

Employment direction: mainly for agricultural technology promotion departments, agricultural engineering facilities and equipment departments, agricultural high-tech enterprises, agricultural science and technology development parks, smart agriculture, and new types of ecological leisure agriculture and other industries; you can also go to Japan, Laos and other countries for further study .

Urban integration calls for modern medical talents-nursing:

Training goals: cultivate a certain sense of innovation and related professional knowledge, modern nursing concepts, basic medical knowledge, modern nursing knowledge, and humanistic and social medical knowledge, strong practical skills and health education capabilities, can adapt to medical nursing, and be able to engage in High-quality technical and technical talents working in clinical nursing, health design and management, and elderly health service industry as the core.

Main courses: "Physiology", "Pathology", "Nursing Pharmacology", "Nursing Etiquette and Interpersonal Communication", "Speech and Eloquence", "Chinese Medical Nursing", "Emergency Nursing", "Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing", "Pediatric Nursing", "Health Assessment", and "Nursing Basic Science, Internal Medicine Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Mental Disorder Nursing, Infectious Disease Nursing, Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing, etc.

Employment direction: mainly for health and epidemic prevention departments, general hospitals at all levels and various types of general hospitals, specialist hospitals, emergency centers, and units engaged in clinical nursing and rehabilitation nursing. You can also enter Japan Medical University, Japan's Tsushima Medical Welfare Group and the school. Tsushima International Medical Welfare Class for further study.

The key to the benefit of the industry is business innovation-rural business management:

Training goals: closely follow the needs of the big data era, cultivate familiarity with modern agriculture, master agricultural economic theories and policies, farmland management, and basic knowledge and skills of rural land management, and become able to engage in rural administrative management, marketing management, e-commerce, and logistics management , High-quality technical talents in financial accounting and other work.

Main courses: "Economics Fundamentals", "Management Fundamentals", "Basic Accounting", "Economic Law", "Introduction to Agriculture", "Finance and Economics Writing", "Rural Economic Management", "New Rural Economic Organization Management", "Agricultural Products and Agricultural Supplies Marketing", " Rural Accounting Practice, Agricultural Product Logistics Management Practice, E-commerce, Community Management, Administrative Management, Public Relations and Business Etiquette, Rural Tourism Development and Operation, Characteristic Agricultural Project Management, Rural Entrepreneurship Practice, etc.

Employment direction: mainly for rural administrative management, agricultural-related business management positions, rural e-commerce positions, and competent grassroots government related guidance departments for service, coordination, organization, management and other related positions.

Public cultural services, assisting the art industry-performing arts:

Training goal: to cultivate to meet the needs of the development and reform of modern performing arts, have strong professional ability to engage in performing arts, professional teaching and management, and become capable of creative planning in the cultural and educational departments of the party and government agencies, art groups and art training institutions , Performing, teaching and other high-quality technical skills talents.

Main courses: "Aesthetics", "Management of Cultural and Art Industry", "Musical Theory, Sight Singing and Ear Training", "Chinese Folk Dance", "Art Performance", "Rehearsal", "Dance Choreographer Theory and Creation", "Shape", "Chinese Folk Art", " Harmony, Professional Etiquette, Computer Music Production, Piano and Impromptu Accompaniment, Chorus and Conducting, Erhu, Guzheng, Accordion, Saxophone, Music Appreciation, Foreign Music History, Chinese Music History, Image Design" etc.

Employment direction: Mainly for government agencies, universities, enterprises and institutions, art departments, art institutions and other units to engage in teaching, singing, performance, and dancers; can enter art training schools, group art galleries, performing arts companies and other institutions.

Information technology, artificial intelligence, equipment is not lacking-facility agriculture and equipment:

Training objectives: to meet the requirements of the development of modern science and technology, cultivate a modern enterprise awareness, adapt to the new situation of modern agricultural technology development, master the basic knowledge and basic skills of agricultural facility engineering construction and construction, facility agricultural production, and the use and maintenance of facility agricultural machinery, High-quality technical and technical personnel engaged in planning and design, equipment development and integration, operation and management, teaching and scientific research in the aspects of facility agricultural construction and environmental control, factory agricultural production systems, town planning, facility cultivation and irrigation and drainage technology.

Main courses: "Engineering Drawing", "Agricultural Applied Chemistry", "Electrical Engineering and Electronics Fundamentals", "Measurement Technology", "Introduction to Modern Agricultural Technology and Technology", "Plant Growth and Environment", "Greenhouse Design and Regulation", "Facility Vegetable Production Technology", "Facility Flower Cultivation" "Technology", "Fruit and Vegetable Storage and Processing Technology", "Facility Plant Disease and Pest Control", "Facility Structure and Construction Technology", "Agricultural Information Technology", "RFID Radio Frequency Technology", "Wireless Sensor Network Technology and Application", "Modern Agricultural Management and Management" E-commerce application" etc.

Employment direction: mainly for agricultural technology promotion departments, agricultural management departments, modern agricultural production enterprises, agricultural facilities and equipment manufacturing enterprises and facility agriculture and other fields to hold equipment technical services and management positions.