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South China Electric Power Vocational College

Located on the bank of the Jialing River, Nanjiao Film Industry College (formerly Sichuan Film Technology Vocational College) is a full-time general higher vocational college approved by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education and co-organized by Beijing Guoying Shengshi Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Film Academy ( College). Our school adopts the philosophy of "Strengthening technology by virtue and learning by hard work" as its mission to promote the development of Chinese film, and cultivate skilled production talents and creative auxiliary talents for the industrialization, industrialization and internationalization of Chinese films as its own responsibility, and balance domestic film and television. The pattern of personnel training has formed a unique style of running a school.

The Southern Charging Institute of Film and Television has set up six majors including drama and film performance, film and television art, animation production technology, film and television production management, recording technology and art, and photography and video technology. At present, the six majors are equipped with professional leaders from Nortel and China Opera who have many years of teaching experience and studio practice experience. More than 50 full-time teachers with a master's degree or above have been hired, which is close to 60% of the total number of full-time teachers. "Teachers" accounted for more than 50%, and there were more than 30 part-time teachers from well-known universities and film companies at home and abroad, including many Hollywood film masters who won Oscars.

In order to integrate the world's first-class teaching resources, the Southern Charge Film Industry Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Beijing Film Academy and formulated a special professional co-construction and talent training plan. , Singapore’s ATV Academy of Media and Arts and other well-known universities and film schools at home and abroad have confirmed cooperation projects for studying abroad. They have also established branch campuses at the Central University of Korea and the Lim Kwon Chak School of Film and Arts of Dongseo University. After graduation, students can directly go to Korea to transfer to the fourth year A one-year undergraduate study. After graduation, you will receive a bachelor's degree certified by the Ministry of Education of China, enjoy the treatment of international students, and can be directly promoted to master's degree students. Another Vancouver Film Industry Institute, as a branch campus of the college, is under preparation, paving the way for students to go abroad and learn advanced international technology concepts.

As an emerging film technology professional school, the Southern Charge Film Industry Vocational College emphasizes the integration of production and education. In the first year of school, film and TV drama projects were established and filming began. Famous domestic film and television companies such as studios and Benniao Vision have signed agreements for training and commissioning. Students entering the third semester can directly enter the crew for internships and training, accumulate studio experience, and become applied technical talents who can be employed after graduation.