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Sichuan Sports Vocational College

Sichuan Sports Vocational College was formerly known as Sichuan Sports Technical College. It was established in 1981. It is a fully funded institution directly under the Sichuan Sports Bureau (deputy department level). It is responsible for Sichuan’s main task of preparing for the National Games. The "Olympic Honors Program" is the main position for training and transporting outstanding competitive sports talents, and it is also an important training base for all kinds of sports talents in the province. The college is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, a famous historical and cultural city known as the country of abundance, covering an area of 1005.63 acres, with convenient transportation and a beautiful environment. The Sichuan Provincial Party Committee’s Office has approved 1,359 full-funded undertakings, with 520 faculty members and 590 athletes. Among them, 9 are national coaches, 58 are senior coaches, and 72 are first-level coaches.

1. Development history

The predecessor of the college was the Southwestern District Athletic Association basketball volleyball team founded in 1951. In May of that year, the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao decided to hold the first national basketball volleyball match in Beijing. The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Deng Xiaoping and He Long, who presided over the work in the Southwest Region, attached great importance to this and personally implemented the selection of outstanding college students from Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Guiyang and other places to represent the Southwest Region. After the game, with the care and support of Marshal He Long, the Southwestern Sports Association Basketball Volleyball Team was established in October of the same year. This is the first professional sports team in my country.

In June 1952, Chairman Mao wrote an inscription for New China's sports work: "Develop sports and enhance the people's physical fitness." Since then, the national sports industry has flourished, and the sports and athletes of the basketball volleyball team of the Southwestern District Sports Association have gradually increased. It was also renamed "Southwest Sports Training Class", "Athletics Guidance Department of Southwest Sports College", "Chengdu Sports Institute Competitive Guidance Department", "Sichuan Sports Team", and "Sports Department of Chengdu Sports College" until it was officially named in 1971 "Sichuan Provincial Sports Team".

With the implementation of reform and opening up, in 1978, the State Sports Commission proposed the development direction of "excellent sports teams transitioning to schools" and actively advocated the gradual realization of outstanding sports teams (sports teams) from provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) that undertake the main tasks of national competitive sports. Schoolization, the implementation of the "combination of athletics system and education system" system. In 1981, with the approval of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, the Sichuan Provincial Sports Technical College was formally established on the basis of the Sichuan Provincial Sports Work Team. It is affiliated to the Sichuan Provincial Sports Committee (now the "Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau") and enjoys the level of provincial colleges and universities. Remuneration, the main task is to train sports professionals with a college degree, and carry out training, competition, management and athlete cultural education for sports such as track and field, gymnastics, swimming, "three small balls", "three small balls", heavy athletics, and martial arts , To train and transport top athletes for the national team. In 1986, the college was approved by the State Education Commission as an adult higher education school (holding adult higher education at the junior college level). On March 4, 2018, with the approval of the provincial government, the college was officially restructured into the Sichuan Sports Vocational College, and the development of the college entered a new era.

2. Main results

It was born in the early stage of the growth of New China, grew up in the struggle of the Republic, and continued to grow in the period of reform and opening up. Since the establishment of the basketball volleyball team of the Southwestern District Athletic Association, the college has traversed a long history and traversed a difficult road of educating people. Peach and plum fragrance, fragrance everywhere. Encouraged by the school motto of "Passion, Struggle, and Transcendence", the academy does not wait to raise the whip for self-reliance, and has achieved one after another that the Sichuan people are proud of and the Chinese sports are proud of. A large number of athletes have come out from here. He and the coaches were successively approved and cordially received by successive party and state leaders from Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Dong Biwu, Deng Xiaoping, He Long, Peng Zhen, Chen Yi, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and Xi Jinping.

(1) The blue wisp of the road (1951-1981)

With the cordial care and strong support of leaders such as Deng Xiaoping and He Long, Sichuan's sports industry has made great progress. In the meantime, the athletes trained by the college brought a good start to the development of Sichuan competitive sports and laid a solid foundation. The "Five Tigers of Sichuan" Wang Pingyi, Ye Chunquan, Huang Fuyang, Lan Hai, and Zhang Genquan are well-known in the national basketball circle. Li Baiyu broke the national heavyweight and heavyweight records hundreds of times. Chen Jiaquan's 10-second 100-meter sprint national record is a full national record. It took 51 years to be broken. Yang Ying was happy to win the first world championship in Sichuan table tennis. Ning Xiaolin became the first champion of Sichuan Women’s Gymnastics Asian Games. Yu Ping broke the women’s freestyle record seven times in the same National Games. Jinpu was defeated. Known as the "Asian Frog King"...They not only win glory for the country and Sichuan, but also create precious spiritual wealth for the development of Sichuan sports, adding full of positive energy.

(2) Cumulative accumulation (1981-2018)

Competitive sports have achieved fruitful results. With the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the economy and society of our province, the development level of Sichuan's competitive sports has improved significantly. As the main force in Sichuan's competitive sports, the college has represented Sichuan in major sports competitions at home and abroad, and has made great contributions to Sichuan's dominance in the western region. In particular, the 29th, 30th, and 31st Olympic Games and the 12th and 13th National Games in Sichuan ranked first in the central and western regions, and the college contributed a lot. Since its establishment, the college has won 16 Olympic champions, 108 world champions, 137 Asian champions, and 991 national champions. Zhang Rongfang, Liang Yan, Zhu Ling, Gao Min, Chen Longcan, Tang Lin, Chen Jing, Zou Kai, Feng A large number of competitive sports leaders such as Zhe, Ren Qian, Zheng Jie, Yan Zi, Chen Xingdong, Zhou Jian'an, Jiang Wenwen, Jiang Tingting, Qiu Bo, Zhu Yuling, Zou Jingyuan, etc., have made significant contributions to the development of competitive sports in Sichuan and even China. In 2009, the college was awarded the collective third-class merit by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government for its outstanding contributions to the Beijing Olympics and the 11th National Games. At present, the college has sports teams covering 18 Olympic events, and 23 departments (centers) and functional departments, including track and field, football and other sports, and an education center that specializes in cultural education services for athletes.

Cultural education has achieved remarkable results. The college’s cultural education has fulfilled its historical mission creatively despite the constraints of the school-running system and school-running model. In 2006, in order to comply with the development trend of education reform, the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau integrated the College Academic Affairs Office, the Department of Physical Education and the Sichuan Provincial Sports School into the college education center, in accordance with the requirements of relevant national ministries and provincial departments, and closely integrated with the actual situation in Sichuan. Follow the laws of physical and mental development of athletes to update educational concepts, carry out educational reforms in a timely manner, continuously improve educational and teaching conditions, and adjust and optimize teaching content, teaching methods and teaching methods. In particular, the college affiliated school (the only affiliated school established among all sports technical colleges in the country, as reported by CCTV), approved by the educational administration department of Chengdu in 2008, has fundamentally solved the problem of compulsory education for school-age athletes and made precocious Projects and junior "athlete students" can enjoy high-quality educational resources and participate in systematic cultural learning just like ordinary school students of the same age. At present, the college has established a four-level education system including junior colleges, technical secondary schools, compulsory education and other trainings, providing cultural and educational guarantees and intellectual support for Sichuan athletes to climb the world sports summit. In terms of cultivating Sichuan athletes’ sports vocational skills Also plays an active role. So far, nearly 10,000 graduates have been trained, and nearly 1,000 students have been sent to regular colleges and universities such as Sichuan University and Chengdu Institute of Physical Education. In 1997, the college was appraised as a "Good School for Adult Higher Education Evaluation" by the Sichuan Provincial Education Commission.

The infrastructure continues to improve. The funding of the college has been increasing year by year, and the infrastructure has grown from nothing to more. Since its establishment, more than 1 billion yuan has been invested to improve basic conditions. At present, it has five campuses including Taiping Temple, Huaxiba, Xipu, Dujiangyan, Shuangliu, and Panzhihua Hongge Training Base. The total construction area including office and teaching rooms, training venues, athletes' apartments, and rehabilitation center rooms is up to 241,000. Square meters, all kinds of training, teaching, scientific research equipment and facilities are improving day by day, especially the hardware facilities of training venues have greater advantages compared with ordinary colleges and universities in China. Among them, the main campus, Taipingsi campus, was once listed as one of the “Ten Major Spiritual Civilization Construction Iconic Projects” in Sichuan Province during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period. Undertakes the daily training management tasks for many projects of the college. The Sichuan Swimming Hall on the campus was once a landmark in Chengdu; the Xipu campus, as the "National Track and Field Team Training Base of the Chinese Athletics Association", has the largest indoor track and field gym in Sichuan; Dujiangyan The campus is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club after the Wenchuan earthquake. It is a modern campus integrating training and teaching; Shuangliu campus is named as the "National Badminton Training Base" by the State Sports General Administration, and its training facilities and equipment have reached the current international first-class training venue level. , Has undertaken many training and competition tasks for the national badminton team; Panzhihua Hongge Training Base is a sub-plateau comprehensive training base that can meet the training needs of more than 500 students at the same time. The provincial track and field schools, gymnastics schools, and swimming schools distributed in the above-mentioned campuses are the "national high-level sports reserve talent base" named by the State Sports General Administration.

Comprehensive protection is increasingly strengthened. The college’s talent team has been continuously optimized, the faculty has been strengthened, the level of scientific research and medical care has been improved, and the logistical support has been improved day by day. The comprehensive support including human, financial and material has been significantly improved, which has promoted the overall progress of the college’s various undertakings and promoted the development of sports and education. Coordinated development. The rehabilitation center has reached a certain scale. Through sports scientific research, it provides physiological and biochemical scientific basis for athletes' injury prevention and physical health care, and escorts their scientific training.

Initial results have been achieved in innovation and development. The college fully relies on its own resource advantages and actively explores new development models such as "combination of sports and education" and "provincial and municipal joint management". Through the successful cooperation of the Provincial Athletics School and Chengdu Huayang Middle School in the track and field project, the first "combination of sports and education" model was created, and then successively cooperated with Beijing Sport University and Beijing University of Science and Technology in track and field projects. In addition, projects such as the Beijing Normal University Youth Women's Basketball Team, Nanjing Sport University fencing, the tennis of Songshan District of Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia, and the tennis of Nanshan Middle School of Mianyang City have also moved towards a road of co-construction and cooperation. In particular, the tennis project of Nanshan Middle School in Mianyang City, as a representative of the model of "combination of sports and education", has expanded the selection of Sichuan tennis teams, bringing the youth tennis training of our province back to the training model of "integration of elementary school, junior high school and high school", and strengthened The integration of tennis and school sports has truly realized the transition from "athlete student" to "student athlete". It has been fully affirmed by the State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education and is being actively promoted. At the same time, joint cooperation with Mianyang City Judo, Deyang City Women's Boxing, Liangshan Prefecture Men's Boxing, Zigong City Diving, Suining City Diving and other projects have also achieved initial results.

(3) Leapfrog development (2018-present)

On March 4, 2018, the provincial government issued the "Approval on Approving the Restructuring of Sichuan Sports Technical College into Sichuan Sports Vocational College". The restructuring of the college was a complete success and became the only public full-time general higher sports professional in Sichuan Province School.

Professional construction of deep chemistry department. The college has established the Department of Physical Education and Training, the Department of Sports Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department of Sports Human Sciences, and the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching. There are five majors in physical education, social sports, sports operation and management, sports health and rehabilitation, and sports training. Obtained a separate enrollment qualification for sports training and sports health and rehabilitation in February 2020. Efforts will be made to build specialty brands with advantages and characteristics, and to further optimize the setting of disciplines and majors through the integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation to achieve dislocation development and running schools with characteristics.

Consolidate the strength of the teaching staff. The college currently has 92 full-time teachers (including 36 dual-qualified teachers), 26 associate professors and above, 21 intermediate titles, and 39 masters and above. Since the reform, teachers of the college have made breakthroughs in teaching research, presided over 1 provincial education reform project, published 1 monograph, published more than 30 academic papers, including 7 SCI papers; participated in the 2019 National Higher Physical Education Teacher Skills Competition, won The second and third prizes of the group, 4 people won the third prize of the individual.

Optimize the talent training system. Through the evaluation of the credit system reform pilot, a talent training curriculum system centered on "student development" has been constructed. Promote the construction of the "1+2+X" certificate system, expand the professional qualification certificate training courses, and cooperate with various provincial sports management centers (associations), provincial social sports guidance centers, provincial Mandarin test centers and other units to obtain relevant admissions for students Qualification certificates build a platform and create conditions. Deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, school-school cooperation, education and training integration, build 36 off-campus internship training bases, combine teaching, production and internships to carry out social practice, "three rural areas" social practice activities, etc., and encourage students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship Contest. Negotiate and cooperate with Chengdu Institute of Physical Education, Sichuan Institute of Tourism, and Sichuan College of Arts and Sciences to open up a channel for higher vocational students to upgrade their undergraduate qualifications. To sing the "Tale of Two Cities" in Chengdu and Chongqing, and to sign cooperation channels for teachers and students to upgrade their academic qualifications, teaching, scientific research and projects with Southwest University and Chongqing Sports Technical College.

The builder generates a long platform. Form an institutional system with the characteristics of the "Three All-round Education" with the characteristics of the college, and strive to achieve full-staff education, all-round education and full-process education. Strengthen safety education, legal education, gratitude education, labor education, and life and health education. Improve students’ psychological crisis intervention and assistance mechanisms, set up a mental health education office, and establish key students’ mental health files. Do a good job of "reward, grant, loan, diligence, exemption, and compensation".

Looking back on the past, we have achieved remarkable results; looking forward to the future, we have a long way to go. New era, new goals; new normal, new requirements. At present, the college is sincerely united, is in a good state of mind of not waiting for the time, striving for the day and night, earnestly implement the "123456" strategic deployment of the development of sports in Sichuan, adhere to the direction of socialist education, adhere to the "face to modernization, face the world, face the future", adhere to People-oriented, reform and innovation, improve quality, comprehensively and continuously improve the comprehensive strength of competitive sports, the teaching level of higher vocational education, the basic conditions of sports training and the ability to serve the economy and society, and promote the construction of the college with the development pattern of "two-wheel drive" of competitive sports and physical education National first-class sports vocational colleges, first-class athletic training centers, first-class national fitness complexes, first-class sports centers "Four First Classes" achieved results, and cultivated more outstanding sports professionals for the construction of Sichuan's sports province and the development of national sports. , Continue to write a new chapter in the great Chinese dream sports!