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Ziyang Vocational College of Dental Stomatology

Ziyang Dental Vocational College is owned by Sichuan Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Sichuan Investment Group is a state-owned asset management entity authorized by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, one of the financing entities and investment entities of key construction projects, and a wholly state-owned company managed by the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission). Sichuan Yaguyuan Education Management Co., Ltd., which is the controlling shareholder (70%), is invested and constructed, and belongs to state-owned private colleges and universities (second-class public institutions). It is an independent full-time general higher vocational college approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government and reported to the Ministry of Education for the record and established under the supervision of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education.

1. The "first national" higher vocational college named after oral cavity is an important support for "China Dental Valley" and the talent training base of Sichuan Investment Group's big health industry-"China Health Valley"

The college is located in the "Chinese Dental Valley" in Ziyang City. It is the first higher vocational college in the country that specializes in dentistry and serves the entire dental industry chain and the big health industry; it is a key project of Sichuan Province's industrial transformation and development-"China Dental Valley". Production, learning, research, medical, breeding, and marketing talent training base; it is the talent training base of Sichuan Investment Group to build the "China Health Valley" in the 800-kilometer golden altitude concentrated area of Qing, Leya, and Panxi.

2. "Huaxi Dental" expert team leads the construction and development of the college

The school is run by a core management team composed of experts and professors from West China School of Stomatology appointed by Sichuan University. The college strictly follows the teaching standards of higher vocational colleges, scientifically organizes the teaching team, strictly controls the quality of teaching, and creates a diversified internship platform to meet the needs of the society for talents in the dental industry and the general health industry. The industry provides strong talent support.

3. "Marketing" scientifically set up majors and build "four modernizations and double high" vocational colleges

Based in Sichuan, serving the west, and radiating the whole country, the college serves the entire dental industry chain and the big health industry with the characteristics of dentistry; adapts to the development needs of high-end manufacturing, high-end service industry, and big health industry in Sichuan Province; it is set up in accordance with the "market employment orientation" Professional, focusing on practical operation, taking the road of "characterization, skill-based, informatization, and internationalization", and is committed to cultivating high-quality technical and technical talents with good professional ethics and professionalism. Strive to build the college into a "double high" higher vocational college with "China's first-class and world-renowned" after 5-10 years of hard work.