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Dazhou Vocational College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dazhou Vocational College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a public full-time general higher education school approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, registered by the Ministry of Education, and organized by the Dazhou Municipal People's Government. The college is located in the Southwest Vocational Education Park of Dazhou City, at the foot of the Rhino Mountain and on the shore of the Zhouhe River, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The college covers an area of 535 acres, with a building area of more than 120,000 square meters, more than 45 million yuan in teaching and research equipment, 31 professional laboratories, 180,000 books, 62 standard multimedia classrooms and language rooms, and 1 standard sports field.

The college currently has 288 high-quality, high-level full-time and part-time teachers and counselors, of which 40% are graduate students; 31.25% are senior titles; and 78.47% are dual-qualified teachers. Currently, there are 7 majors in nursing, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology and traditional Chinese medicine production and processing, rehabilitation treatment technology, medical examination technology, and medical imaging technology. The college currently has a directly affiliated hospital—Dazhou Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, which is a national tertiary-A hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, and rehabilitation.

The college adheres to the policy of “equal importance to Chinese and Western medicine, promotes the overall development of Chinese medicine education, promotes the characteristics of Chinese medicine, and serves the people's health”, and cultivates high-quality skilled talents for the Chinese medicine and health industry, the Chinese medicine industry, and the medical care and health care industry.