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Sichuan Sanhe Vocational College

Sichuan Sanhe Vocational College is a full-time general higher education school approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education.

The college is located in the half-hour economic circle of Chongqing, the eastern outskirts of Luzhou, the wine city, and Hejiang, where the Yangtze River, Chishui and Xishui meet. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, the outstanding people, the rivers and the sea, and the quasi-crossing all directions, there is the famous Fubao National Forest Park, the ancient town of Yaoba, a famous historical and cultural town in China, and the hometown of high-quality late-maturing lychees in China; the existing Luyu (Luzhou) To Chongqing) and Luchi (Luzhou to Chishui), two highways under construction pass by the school, connecting large and medium-sized cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Guiyang, etc., with convenient transportation and bright development prospects. In this magical and beautiful land, the rise and take-off of Sanhe Vocational College is conceived.

The school covers an area of more than 800 acres, with a building area of more than 300,000 square meters. The magnificent building sits on the banks of the Yangtze River and overlooks the Yangtze River for thousands of miles. The teaching facilities are complete, the use functions are complete, and the landscape garden-style campus environment is unique. There are all kinds of sports venues in the school. The teachers are strong, and the teachers are rich in experience. The daily management of the college is paramilitary, humane, and refined, highlighting the characteristics of modern management. At present, the college has five training centers for computer, architecture, numerical control, automobile, and electronics, and the value of practice equipment is more than 65 million yuan. The student apartments are equipped with air-conditioning, broadband network, hot water system and other facilities, creating a good living and learning environment for students.

The college adheres to the school-running philosophy of "respect for things and poor principles, the unity of knowledge and action", and the education thought of "bright courtesy, morality, honesty, and performance". Promote the talent training model of basic theory + qualified academic qualifications of skills and comprehensive quality + vocational qualification certification, so that students can learn something, learn something, and combine learning with application. The college’s superior conditions for running a school, rigorous academic management, perfect employment system, and profound cultural connotations welcome students from Guangxi University for further studies.