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Tianfu New District General Aviation Vocational College

Tianfu New District General Aviation Vocational College is a non-profit full-time general higher education school approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government in 2018 and filed by the Ministry of Education. The school is organized by Sichuan Tianfu Aviation Education Management Co., Ltd., and is strongly supported by the People's Liberation Army Air Force, Sichuan Provincial People's Government, and the Southwest Regional Administration of Civil Aviation of China. It is the first general aviation vocational college in China.

The school has a beautiful location and first-class facilities. Located at No. 50, Section 3, South Tianfu Avenue, Tianfu New District, it covers an area of more than 1,100 acres, with a construction area of 190,000 square meters, an education design capacity of more than 10,000 people, and has 40 square kilometers of training airspace unique in the industry. The campus is designed by Tsinghua University, with an aviation campus style and a pleasant environment. The school has 4,157 students, 21 majors, and more than 40 majors. It has formed aeronautical majors such as helicopter driving technology, drone application technology, flight attendant, aircraft mechanical and electrical maintenance, etc. as the core, automotive, computer , Management and other professional systems for coordinated development.

The school management team and teachers are strong. The current leaders are professors, doctors and senior education experts who have long-term leadership positions in ordinary universities and are familiar with the management and laws of higher education. They have advanced school-running ideas and education concepts. The school has 235 full-time teachers, among which teachers with senior professional titles account for 21%, and teachers with postgraduate qualifications account for 30%. The school has introduced professors, doctors and masters from well-known aviation colleges and universities at home and abroad, such as the Civil Aviation Flight University of China, and hired first-line engineers and outstanding craftsmen from aviation companies as dual-qualified teachers.

The school’s talent training system has distinctive characteristics. It implements the “two diplomas, three semesters, and four classrooms” characteristic talent training model, and trains “1+X” compound talents through the major and minor system, so that students can achieve multiple abilities in one specialization. The school implements a classified training system, teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, and continuously improves the quality of talent training. The school independently organizes Sichuan Aviation Culture’s campus activities, opens various interest classes and training classes, organizes and encourages participation in various national competitions and competitions, trains outstanding engineers and outstanding craftsmen; establishes a special plan for the healthy growth of girls to provide girls with growth Develop services and cultivate outstanding and outstanding women; set up a special plan for the training of poor students, and set up a number of scholarships and scholarships such as Liu Yazhou to help poor students successfully complete their studies. The school implements a school-running mechanism of professional and enterprise co-construction, experts and entrepreneurs co-management, and cooperates with well-known aviation companies at home and abroad, such as U.S. Embry Aviation University, U.S. Chennault Flight School, Canadian Aviation Institute, Contemporary Education Group, Everest General Aviation Company, etc. Achieve a high degree of cooperation in personnel training and employment, and work with many domestic airlines to set up special customized classes, school-enterprise collaborative education, which can fully guarantee high-quality employment for students.

The school’s vision is to "run a century-old school and cultivate talents in general aviation", serving the country by aviation and serving the people's livelihood. The school insists on establishing morality and cultivating people, insisting on “establishing a school by teaching, building a school with quality, and strengthening a school with characteristics”, insisting on “student-oriented, educating people-oriented, and teaching-oriented”, insisting on opening up schools, and deepening school-enterprise cooperation. Promote the integration of industry and education, base in Sichuan, serve the west, and face the whole country, focus on cultivating first-class high-quality applied technical and technical personnel, and strive to build a distinctive general aviation university.