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Guangyuan China Nuclear Vocational and Technical College

Guangyuan China National Nuclear Vocational and Technical College is the only full-time general higher vocational college in the country that is approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The school is China's nuclear industry skilled personnel training base and the first batch of national-level high-skilled personnel training bases. Adhering to the nuclear industry spirit of "two bombs and one star", "four all", "strong nuclear service, innovation and dedication", it has cultivated a large number of outstanding high-skilled technical personnel for China's nuclear industry and regional economic development.

The school is located in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, the hometown of the Queen. It covers an area of more than 300 acres and has a building area of 160,000 square meters. It has a nuclear power construction training center, a welding processing training center and other teaching and practical training centers supporting various majors. 40 There are more than 100 off-campus training bases; there are more than 100 employees, 41 teachers with deputy senior titles or above, 19 master degree teachers; 32 specially-appointed experts from China National Nuclear Corporation, including 2 experts enjoying special government allowances from the State Council , 8 chief technical experts of China National Nuclear Corporation.

The school has a nationwide unique nuclear power plant power equipment operation and maintenance, electromechanical equipment installation technology (nuclear engineering direction), electrical automation technology (nuclear engineering direction), welding technology and automation (nuclear engineering direction), engineering measurement technology (nuclear engineering direction) ), safety technology and management (nuclear engineering direction) and other majors, to meet the development of the nuclear industry and adapt to the strategic needs of "four-way expansion and global openness", and fill the vacancy of China's higher education in the nuclear industry.

China National Nuclear Corporation is an important state-owned backbone enterprise directly managed by the central government. It is composed of more than 200 enterprises, institutions and scientific research institutes, covering fields such as nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear technology application, and nuclear environmental protection engineering. The United Kingdom, Pakistan, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and other countries have cooperative projects. They are the main body of the national nuclear science and technology industry and shoulder the dual mission of national defense construction and national economic and social economic development. As a designated training unit for skilled personnel in the nuclear industry, the school "coordinates education, order training, and targeted employment" with China National Nuclear Corporation. After graduation, students are targeted to China National Nuclear Corporation for employment.

Enter a new era and write a new chapter. The school will fully and thoroughly implement the Jinping New Era Socialism Thought with Chinese Characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress and the 19th Plenary Session of the Party, insist on contributing to the nuclear industry and regional economic construction to fully reflect the new development concept, give full play to brand advantages, and value society Service and promote the modern vocational education and training system. With firm confidence, heroic courage, and hundred-fold efforts, the school’s core competitiveness is comprehensively improved; with “strong nuclear service for the country, innovation and dedication” as its own responsibility, it is in the realization of the “two centenary” goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Create new brilliance on the new journey of dreams!