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South Sichuan Preschool Teachers College

Southern Sichuan Preschool Teachers College was approved by the Provincial People’s Government and officially filed by the Ministry of Education. It was established on the basis of the original Longchang Preschool Teachers’ School in Sichuan Province. The school is an important preschool education talent export and training base in Sichuan.

The predecessor of    school was Longchang County Rural Normal School founded in 1932. After more than 80 years of hard work and persistent pursuit, the school has continued to grow and develop. It has delivered nearly 20,000 outstanding talents for early childhood education and elementary education in Sichuan and even many parts of the country, and has emerged as a national education system model worker and a national special-grade teacher. Outstanding alumni such as National Outstanding Teachers and Outstanding Teachers of Sichuan Province. The school has been successively rated as "National Civilized Unit", "National Standardized Model School of Characters", "National Eleventh Five-Year Education and Scientific Research Advanced Unit", "National Campus Culture Advanced Unit", "National Youth Civilized Etiquette Education Demonstration Base", "National Youth Law Education Advanced Unit", "National Primary and Secondary School Teachers' Distance Network Training Advanced Unit", "National Primary and Secondary School Advanced Library", "Provincial School Style Demonstration School", "Provincial Greening Demonstration School", "Provincial Health Honorary titles such as "Advanced Unit" and "Red Flag Youth League Committee of Sichuan Province's May 4th Movement". Graduates of high quality and excellent quality have been in short supply for 12 consecutive years. Employment has expanded to 17 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. The school's "good employment, good employment" situation and unique education characteristics have been reported many times by the media such as Sichuan TV Station, "Sichuan Daily", "West China Metropolis Daily", and "Education Herald".

The school has 255 faculty members, including 218 full-time teachers, 2 full-time teachers, 56 associate senior titles, 63 lecturers, 26 postgraduates, 31 masters of education, 58 graduate courses, and provincial backbones There are 5 teachers, 22 city-level backbone teachers, 11 provincial-level Mandarin testers, and 27 visiting professors and scholars are employed throughout the year. There are nearly 6000 students in school.

The new school covers an area of 400 acres, with a total area of teaching buildings, art buildings, training buildings, science and technology buildings, libraries, performing arts centers, life centers, student apartments, professional function rooms, various teaching and living auxiliary rooms, and a total area Reach 134,600 square meters. The library contains 258,000 paper books, 100,000 digital books, and more than 280 types of periodicals. It has 360 teaching computers, 361 pianos, 251 digital pianos, and 142 organs; there are professional function rooms such as Orff music training, children's sensory integration training room, games and teaching training room, which can meet the needs of school Students need to learn and live.

   Southern Sichuan Preschool Teachers College insists on being based in Southern Sichuan, radiating to the Southwest, serving the whole country and facing the world. There are six majors in three-year junior college pre-school education, music education, elementary education, art education, Chinese education, and science education at the starting point of high school; two majors in five-year junior college pre-school education and elementary education at the starting point of junior high school are available to five provinces (cities). ) Admissions. The school is a training center for early childhood teachers in Neijiang City, a scientific research center for early childhood education in southern Sichuan, and a training base for early childhood teachers in southern Sichuan built by the Provincial Department of Education. The school conducts educational exchanges and cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions inside and outside the province throughout the year, constantly updating educational thoughts and concepts, and promoting the professional development of teachers. The school has 11 provincial-level research topics, and 8 provincial, municipal, and county awards for educational research results. Teachers independently compiled and published 15 textbooks of the National 12th Five-Year Plan for preschool education, participated in the compilation and publication of 33 textbooks, and published more than 400 papers. Students participated in provincial and municipal science and art competitions and won more than 700 first and second prizes.

The school adheres to the school-running characteristics of "rigorous management, scientific training, enhanced skills, and outstanding expertise", starting from "humanization, refinement, and modernization", building a "campus cooperative system" and pre-employment integration, adhering to the "teacher ethics" The tenet of “first and academic first” integrates teacher education and professionalism. Through the teacher moral character cultivation system, teacher quality improvement system, talent cultivation and growth system, and student self-development system, we can cultivate the high moral character required by modern early childhood education. Multi-ability, one-specialty and suitable talents, to train qualified preschool and elementary school teachers at the junior college level for the vast cities and towns.

Under the leadership of the province and the city, the Southern Sichuan Preschool Teachers College will unite cadres and employees, insist on connotative development, characteristic development, and innovative development, and continuously improve the quality of talent training and the level of school running. A high-profile and influential modern kindergarten teacher college that is in line with international standards.