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Sichuan International Boasting Vocational College

>>> Sichuan International Biaobang Vocational College is a full-time ordinary university approved by the state. It is the only exclusive higher education institution established in China by the "International Biaobang", the most authoritative educational institution in the fashion styling industry in the world. It is also the fashion styling in China so far. The only higher education institution in the art industry.

The college introduces international advanced educational concepts, advocates the idea of combining modern art, modern technology and modern economy, absorbs and inherits the essence of excellent national culture and folk art, adheres to the school mission of "serving the public and giving back to the society", adhering to the "people-oriented, The educational principle of applying what you have learned to practical use focuses on people's growing demand for healthy life in a well-off society, such as the beauty of life, appearance, and lifestyle, and makes full use of international educational resources to highlight Chinese national characteristics. In terms of discipline construction, it covers the fields of art design, beauty and health care, economic management, foreign language, etc., and has set up thirteen characteristic majors and nine characteristic professional directions.

The college focuses on cultivating high-quality, high-quality senior talents that meet the needs of fashionable society and fashionable life. It adheres to market-oriented and advocates the integration of vocational skills education and humanistic quality education. Cultivate students with high cultural and artistic accomplishment, creative thinking ability, healthy aesthetic taste, fashion acumen, and professional vocational skills to become practical with strong professional competitiveness, better employment prospects and higher quality of life Type and compound talents. Students graduated with national academic certificates, national senior professional qualification certificates and global international advertised certificates, which are fully connected to employment channels, and most students can enter the professional circle of high grade, high remuneration and high quality of life. The college also cooperates with many universities at home and abroad to carry out "college to undergraduate" teaching, and establishes a relationship of mutual exchanges and exchanges of students with some famous foreign universities, which has opened up a broad channel for students to continue to improve and further their studies.

The college is located in the "Sunshine Education City in Western China", Longquanyi District, Chengdu. It has built multimedia classrooms, computer rooms, libraries, learning resource centers, film and television modeling studios, ceramic art studios, design art studios, folk handicraft workshops, hair workshops, exhibition halls, laboratories, training bases, student apartments, Expert building, gymnasium, indoor and outdoor sports grounds, infirmary, student canteen, western restaurant, student supermarket and other complete teaching, scientific research, internship and life support facilities.

Since the establishment of the college, it has always adhered to the idea that building a first-class faculty is the college’s core competitiveness, using its profound international background and flexible management mechanism to form a high-level and stable faculty, breaking through common constraints Faculty bottleneck in the development of private colleges and universities. The college has well-known experts and professors as the professional directors, domestic and foreign industry experts as backbone teachers, and some courses are taught by foreign experts for a long time.

The college was founded in 1993. In the past 10 years, the college has trained more than 10,000 students of different levels. Due to the clear purpose of running the school, the right professional setting, and reliable teaching quality, the graduates are well received by the society. Since the college was approved by the state to issue college diplomas, the employment rate of four consecutive graduates has reached 98%. In particular, the only majors advertised to be opened in China, such as biological beauty, traditional Chinese health and beauty, and identification and restoration of ancient wood products, have been booked for graduates a few years later.

In recent years, college graduates have gradually emerged in the field of fashion. The image design major of the college has participated in the character modeling work of the main characters in more than 40 film and television works such as "The Granary of the World", "Dust Settled" and "Love in the Fallen City". The host and famous film and television literary stars such as Pu Cunxin, Liu Wei, Song Zuying and others have made styling.

The school’s distinctive school-running characteristics, superior school-running conditions and good teaching quality have been highly recognized and widely praised by the government and all walks of life: In 1999, the college officially opened higher academic education, and in 2000, the chairman of the college was awarded the "Most Admired Chairman of Middle School Students" In 2001, the dean of the college won the "Chinese Education Successful Person" award. In 2002, the college was rated as "the most popular private college among middle school students" and "the first batch of educational innovation demonstration units in the country". In 2003, the college was rated as "China "Top Ten Specialized Private Colleges and Universities", "China Credit Unit". At the Sichuan Private Education Work Conference, Zhang Xuezhong, secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, spoke highly of the college's ideas for running a school and teaching results. The college was rated as the "Advanced Collective of Private Education in Sichuan Province" by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and has been established as a major model and window model school for private universities in Sichuan.

>> The college has ten years of experience in running a school, and it is a higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics and good conditions for running a school with a very high recognition rate from the government and society.

>> School-running concept: industrial operation concept, quality development concept, characteristic quality concept, innovation breakthrough concept.

>> School policy: Seek development by characteristics, survive by quality, and be market-oriented.

>> School-running ideas: scientific, cutting-edge and originality.

>> School motto: Mingde, Shangmei, Dedicated Learning, Skillful.