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Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College

Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College is a full-time general higher education institution with a Hong Kong-funded background and registered by the Ministry of Education with independent qualifications to issue academic diplomas. It also carries out multi-level and diversified continuing education.

The college currently has Department of Electronic Information, Department of Construction Engineering, Department of Transportation Engineering, Department of Economic Management, Department of Social Management, Department of Art and Sports, Dingli College, from aviation to electronic information, from foreign languages to economic management, from logistics to 4G communications , Involving emerging industries such as communications and information, modern service industries such as finance and logistics, and regional pillar industries such as aviation and machine repair, and a total of more than 40 popular social demand majors and directions.

This is a college next to the metro

Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College is located in Chenghua District, Chengdu. It is currently the closest university to the city center in the new campus of Chengdu University. It is in front of the exit of Chengdu Metro Line 4 under construction and the planned Metro Line 9 transfer station; separated by a wall, China The high-end commercial and residential real estate of Vanke Real Estate, a leader in the industry, has emerged; to the east, the Qinglong Lake Scenic and Recreation Area has taken shape; to the south, the Chengdu East Railway Station is getting busy; to the west, it is the largest high-end commercial complex in Chengdu, China Resources Vientiane City; Menqian Metro Line 4 and buses are fully covered. Hold to live in the Chunxi living circle in ten minutes, allowing us to experience the prosperity of Shu County from zero distance.

Here, the college is employment-oriented, takes advantage of the geographical advantages of Chengdu East Third Ring Road, reforms the talent training model with modern vocational education concepts, extensively develops school-enterprise cooperation, work-study integration, and promotes talent training by relying on the "College Students Hong Kong Tour" project; Advocate and encourage students to strengthen vocational ability training in various forms such as work-study alternation, part-time work-study, modern mentoring, order training, teaching internship, and internship, etc., enhance students' practical and entrepreneurial and innovative capabilities, and realize practical training-internship- Graduation-employment seamlessly.

This is a university with a Hong Kong-funded background

Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College has included the social practice activities of "College Students' Hong Kong Trip" into the recognition of social practice credits. In the bustling business district of Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, the "Yangtze River Home" has been established as a habitat for students visiting Hong Kong. The home is small and well-equipped. HOUSE. The college hopes that more students will travel from Hong Kong to come into contact with, experience, and experience a different life, travel far away through Hong Kong, broaden their horizons and set the ambition of seeing the world. The social practice activities of "College Students' Hong Kong Tour" have been included in the province's college exchange program by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, and have received funding from the Youth Affairs Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the support of the Central Government Liaison Office in Hong Kong. The college has established the Friends of Sichuan Association in Hong Kong and the Friends of Hong Kong Association in Sichuan, and has established good interaction and cooperation with various youth organizations in Hong Kong. While Sichuan students came to Hong Kong to exchange, study, intern, study, and find employment in Sichuan, students from both sides shared the differences in life and study between the two places, discussed academic and employment puzzles, strengthened their cognition, and realized their dreams together.

This is a brand-focused university

Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College pays attention to the all-round development of students, and pays attention to general education based on subject knowledge, because this is the basis of the entire field of knowledge and the basis of all the qualities of people. High-quality education, humanistic care, professionalism, employment and entrepreneurship, and social reputation are the key points of the college's brand strategy. Make every effort to make the college the eternal hometown of the spirit, soul, memory and longing of Changjiang students.

The college has set up a home for graduates-"post-post for college students". The standard student apartment configuration and the same accommodation standards as the current students make newcomers in the workplace say Byebye to the economic pressure! The warm alma mater campus, lovely teachers and younger brothers and sisters, lectures by famous experts, and club activities. My dream of Chengdu, my dream of starting a business, and my dream of getting rich in my family are no longer unattainable "I have a Dream!"

This is an international university

Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College cooperates with many universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions to introduce high-quality teaching resources, launch study abroad, summer (winter) camps, short-term study visits, overseas employment and other academic expansion The project provides comprehensive consultation and services tailored to overseas study and employment. International exchanges and the environment have become part of campus life. The college advocates to find one's love with "world vision, Chinese feelings", to transcend sensual self, to assume social responsibilities, and to be a professional with an international vision and social needs.

This is a college that pays attention to student differences

Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College has built a broad professional platform for students: from aviation maintenance to Internet communication, from construction engineering to art design, from accounting and financial management to leisure sports, from human resources to hotel management, a variety of majors and directions are available for you to choose ! The multi-functional training room and professional classrooms use projects as the carrier and the teaching method of "integration of teaching and doing" makes learning no longer boring; The teaching philosophy of "transforming natural life into value life" makes learning no longer a matter of three years in high school.

The college is guided by the theory of multiple intelligences and implements differentiated education. Taking social needs as the starting point, it focuses on the development of students’ core professional abilities such as “self-management, communication with others, cooperation with others, problem solving, information processing, technology application, and innovative thinking”. Advocate "Think more for students, no matter how much students think, but also more think for students", "all for students, for all of students, for all students", "for students who have differences, there are differences in implementation Education to achieve differentiated development".