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Ya'an Vocational and Technical College

Ya’an Vocational and Technical College is located in Ya’an City, which is known as the “Lung Panda Hometown of Abundance”, “West Sichuan Throat”, “Tibet Gateway” and “Ethnic Corridor”. A full-time general higher education school formed by the merger of the Health School and Ya'an Education College. The college has 70 years of school-running background, accumulated rich school-running resources, school-running experience, and strong school-running strength. It is a national vocational college employment competitiveness model school, the best civilized unit in the province, a provincial civilized campus, and a provincial-level model. Higher vocational colleges, provincial high-quality vocational colleges.

The college currently has three campuses, namely the Economic Development Zone Campus, Qingnian Road Campus and Yucai Road Campus. It covers an area of 860 acres and has more than 17,300 students. It recruits students from nearly 20 provinces and cities nationwide. The college has established a long-term and stable internship and employment cooperation relationship with more than 230 households in the education, medicine, health, tourism and other systems and industrial and commercial enterprises in and outside the province. Graduates are well received by the society, and the initial employment rate has remained above 90% for many years, showing a good development trend of "smooth exports, prosperous imports, and guaranteed intermediate quality".

The college has a clinical medical school (affiliated hospital), a school of nursing, a school of pharmacy and laboratory, a school of traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation, a school of basic medical school, a normal school, a school of intelligent manufacturing and information engineering, a school of economics and management, and a teaching department of ideological and political theory There are 9 teaching colleges (departments) and 51 higher vocational colleges. Medical imaging technology majors and preschool education majors are characteristic leading majors supported by the central government. Nursing majors are listed as national training programs for skilled talents that are in short supply. The three majors of medical imaging technology, nursing and pharmacy are provincial key majors. The college has 26 training centers. Nursing training bases and pharmacy biopharmaceutical training bases are national-level vocational education training bases supported by the central government. There are national non-genetic inheritors Black Sand, Tibetan Tea Master Studio, National Skills Master Studio, Provincial Nursing Master Studio, Ya'an Academician (Expert) Workstation, etc. More than 10 bases have been established, including the Sichuan Provincial Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Base, Sichuan Rural Doctor Training Base, and Sichuan High-Skilled Talent Training Base, as well as a national vocational skill appraisal station. Medical education coordinated to build the "West Sichuan Medical Education Center" and "West Sichuan Disabled Children Rehabilitation Center", becoming an important training base for medical and educational talents in the western ethnic minority areas.

The college adheres to the tenet of service, employment-oriented, takes the road of school-enterprise cooperation, industry-education integration, actively adapts to local economic and social development, and actively explores the formation of "government-led, school-based, industry guidance, enterprise participation, and overseas cooperation" The five-party cooperative education system of "politics, schools, banks and enterprises" has been innovated to form a talent training model that combines "students to become talents, colleges to cultivate talents, and social talents." The professional group structure of manufacturing, information technology, teacher education, and economic management coordinated development. The college actively connects with the "Healthy China" strategy and key industries of provinces and cities, and has formed a large health industry professional cluster composed of 28 majors, forming a large health professional cluster with the most complete and influential majors in the province. The college meets the needs of regional industries, deepens school-enterprise cooperation, and integrates production and education. It has established Dingli ICT Industry College, Tuoge Robot Industry College, Mengdingshan Tea Industry College, and Community College, and has led the formation of the Chengdu-Chongqing Double City Economic Circle. Vocational Education Industry-Education Collaborative Education Alliance, West Sichuan Medical and Health Vocational Education Industry-Education Collaborative Education Alliance, Ya'an Vocational Education Alliance. The college actively responds to the "Belt and Road" initiative, recruiting international students, and continuously expanding international exchanges and cooperation with traditional Chinese culture such as tea art, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage.

Under the leadership of the party committee of the college, the teachers and students of the college are working hard to create a "leading innovation, integration of industry and education, distinctive features, and a first-class national The goal of high-level and high-quality vocational colleges closely integrated with industry and region is to make unremitting efforts.