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◆Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Ministry of Education, and National Ethnic Affairs Commission jointly build universities

◆The National Education Modernization Promotion Project 100 application-oriented undergraduate colleges and universities construction units

◆The Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League awarded the "Socialist Core Values Military and Civilian Joint Construction and Co-education Base"

◆Advanced collectives in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities in Sichuan Province

◆Sichuan Province Excellent Talents Training Program Universities

◆Sichuan Province College Graduates Employment Advanced Collective

◆Sichuan Province's garden-style campus colleges

◆Sichuan Civilized Campus

◆ “Five Ones” in Sichuan’s poverty alleviation efforts to help advanced collectives

Xichang College is located in Xichang City, Sichuan Province, a national-level excellent tourist city. It has beautiful mountains and rivers, picturesque scenery, and spring in all seasons. It is "a city inhabited in spring" and is known as "Moon City"; Xichang is still a satellite rising The place is known as the "Space City". The school started in 1939 as the National Xikang Technical College, which was relocated to the Peiyang Institute of Technology in 1939. After several changes, in 2003, approved by the Ministry of Education, Xichang Agricultural College, Xichang Teachers College, Liangshan University, and Liangshan Education College were merged to form Xichang College. In 2015, it was listed as the first batch of pilot units for overall transformation, development and reform in Sichuan Province. In 2017, it was listed as one of the 100 applied undergraduate college construction units in the National Education Modernization Promotion Project. In 2020, it will officially become the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, Ministry of Education, and National Civil Affairs Commission. Build colleges and universities together. The school upholds the "prudent and clear" academic spirit, carries forward the school motto of "bright morals, eagerness to learn, truth-seeking, and perfection", practices the concept of "demand-oriented, service-oriented", and highlights "applicability, locality, and nationality". Features, providing talent, technology, and cultural support for poverty alleviation and sustainable development in ethnic areas. It is a talent training base for Liangshan development, a research base for resource development, and an inheritance and innovation base for excellent national culture.

The school currently has North, South, and West campuses, covering an area of nearly 2,000 acres, more than 20,400 full-time students, more than 1,100 faculty members, including more than 330 senior titles, and more than 690 doctoral and master students. There are 17 secondary colleges, 69 undergraduate majors, covering nine disciplines, focusing on agriculture, education, and engineering. Crop science and ethnology were approved as key disciplines of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission; e-commerce, Chinese minority language and literature majors were approved as national first-class undergraduate majors, agronomy majors were approved as national comprehensive reform pilot majors, and animal medicine and agronomy majors were approved Approved the national-level outstanding agricultural and forestry talent education and training program. Agronomy, Chinese minority language and literature, animal medicine, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, materials science and engineering, food science and engineering, computer science and technology, horticulture, civil engineering, animal science, elementary education, 11 majors were approved as provincial-level first-class undergraduate majors Construction point. Five majors including agronomy, Chinese minority language and literature, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, civil engineering, and automobile service engineering were approved as provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors, agronomy, Chinese minority language and literature, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, animal medicine, horticulture, and food 6 majors including science and engineering were approved as provincial characteristic majors, 6 majors including agronomy, civil engineering, animal medicine, animal science, materials science and engineering, and horticulture were approved as provincial applied demonstration majors, and agronomy majors were approved at provincial level "Curriculum Ideological and Political" model major. In the past five years, he has won 56 national and provincial teaching achievement awards. It has won 71 provincial and state scientific and technological progress awards, and promoted and transformed 50 scientific and technological achievements. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, 22 national-level scientific research projects were established and 21 new scientific research platforms at all levels were added. In 2020, the Department and the State will jointly build the "Panxi Characteristic Crop Research and Utilization Laboratory" and become a key laboratory of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

Facing the future, the school will adhere to the party’s leadership, adhere to the socialist direction of running a school, take Lide’s cultivation of people as its fundamental task, base itself in Liangshan, face Sichuan, and radiate to the southwest. Strive hard to build a domestic first-class high-level applied university with distinctive characteristics!

Campus Environment

The school covers an area of nearly 2,000 acres. The campus has a beautiful environment and shades of green trees. It has built a garden-style ecological and cultural campus. It has been awarded the title of "Garden-style Campus" by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education and the "Sichuan Provincial Civilized Campus" by the Sichuan Provincial Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee "title. The school building covers an area of 460,000 square meters. The South Campus is located at the foot of Lushan Mountain, a national AAAA-level scenic spot and on the shore of Qionghai. The North Campus is located near the highway exit and beside the airport road.

Employment and entrepreneurship

In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has exceeded 90%, ranking among the top universities in the province. Since 2005, in the selection activities for college graduates’ employment organized by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, the school has been rated as the “Advanced Collective for Employment in Sichuan Province” for 5 consecutive times.

The school attaches great importance to the innovation and entrepreneurship of college students and conducts innovation and entrepreneurship training. Students participated in college student innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and subject competitions and won more than 200 national and provincial awards.

Exchange and cooperation

Actively carry out foreign cooperation and exchanges, and develop school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education with more than 100 enterprises inside and outside the province, such as Geely Automobile Co., Ltd., Pangang Group Xichang Steel and Vanadium, Sichuan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Xunfang Technology Co., Ltd. , Implement order-based talent training, and jointly build a new engineering industry college; cooperate with Minzu University of China, Guangzhou University, Sichuan Agricultural University, China West Normal University, Chengdu University of Information Technology, Geely College and other universities to develop talent training and scientific research; and Italy The University of Palermo, Putra University of Malaysia, and Thailand Zhengda School of Management have signed a cooperation agreement and selected nearly 100 key teachers and management cadres to go abroad for exchange visits; existing Tajikistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Rwanda, Gabon, Chad, Morocco, etc. International students are studying at school.

Scholarship and bursary

National scholarship: once a year, 8,000 yuan per student;

National Encouragement Scholarship: It will be assessed once a year, 5,000 yuan per student;

National bursary: It is assessed once a year, and is divided into three levels according to the degree of financial difficulties of the students' families: the third grade is 4500 yuan, the second grade is 3300 yuan, and the first grade is 2100 yuan;

National Student Loan: Candidates are mainly handled at the Student Financial Aid Management Center where the student source is located, with a maximum loan of 8,000 yuan per year;

Principal's Special Award: It will be assessed once a year, 5,000 yuan per student;

Scholarships for outstanding students: it will be assessed once every semester, with special, first, second and third prizes;

There are also a variety of scholarships and bursaries set up by domestic and foreign companies and individuals.

In 2020, our school will issue a total of more than 40 million yuan in various scholarships and grants to students.

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