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Shenmu Vocational and Technical College

Shenmu Vocational and Technical College is a full-time public general higher education institution approved by the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is under the management of Yulin Municipal Government and its teaching business is managed and guided by the Provincial Department of Education. The predecessor was Yulin Vocational and Technical College Shenmu The campus began to enroll students in 2010. In 2015, it successfully passed the evaluation of the Ministry of Education's talent training work and the inspection and diagnosis of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee colleges and universities. In 2018, it achieved independent school operation.

The college is located in Binhe New District, Shenmu City, with convenient transportation. It is planned to cover an area of 1028 acres, with a total construction area of 320,000 square meters, and a construction area of about 260,000 square meters has been completed and put into use. The college has a plan of 5,000 full-time students, 320 faculty members and 4492 students. The college has four departments and one department: Management Engineering Department, Electromechanical Engineering Department, Chemical-Electric Engineering Department, Mining-Architectural Engineering Department, Public Course Teaching Department, and 23 majors: Coal Mine Intelligent Mining Technology, Applied Chemical Technology, Mechatronics Technology, thermoelectric power engineering technology, intelligent control technology, mine electromechanical intelligent equipment, safety technology and management, industrial automation instrument technology, coal chemical technology, power generation operation technology, construction engineering technology, environmental monitoring technology, surveying and mapping engineering technology, automobile inspection and maintenance Technology, new energy vehicle technology, infant and childcare services and management, nursing, rehabilitation treatment technology, pharmacy, digital media technology, cross-border e-commerce, big data and accounting, pre-school education, has formed a specialty that focuses on energy and chemical engineering , Supplemented by majors in accounting, education, and new energy technology, combined with liberal arts and sciences, a three-year and five-year parallel professional system.

The college pays attention to practice and dual-core training in education and teaching, adheres to "student-centered and employment-oriented", and makes full use of the advantages of the national energy and chemical industry base to vigorously carry out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, which has trained Shenmu and surrounding enterprises and institutions in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Mongolia. A large number of professional and technical backbones and first-line production managers provide strong talent support for regional economic transformation and development and supply-side structural reform; adhere to complementary advantages and integration of production and education in school-enterprise cooperation, and have already cooperated with Shanghai Zhonglian Energy Innovation and Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Company, United Laboratories (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd., Shenhua Shendong Electric Power Company, Shaanxi Coal Group Shennan Industry Company, Shaanxi Coal Chemical Beiyuan Group, Hengyuan Group and more than 60 well-known state-owned and private enterprises have established school-enterprise cooperation; in terms of international cooperation Insisting on facing the world and openly running schools, it has maintained a relationship with well-known domestic and foreign universities such as Neuss School of Economics and Information Technology, Clausthal School of Economics and Technology, Baltic University, Latsim University of the Philippines, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China University of Mining and Technology, etc. Cooperation and exchanges in various ways, such as exchanging teachers and exchanging students.

Shenmu City and its surrounding central, provincial, and municipal industrial enterprises gather. The tertiary industry is complete in categories and large in scale, and there is a strong demand for skilled and applied talents. Moreover, the Shenmu Municipal Government organizes Chinese, provincial, and municipal enterprises in Shenmu and various municipal enterprises to hold large-scale special recruitment fairs for Shenmu Vocational and Technical College every year to promote the employment of graduates. In the past three years, the employment rate of our school’s graduates has been above 90%. Among them, more than one-third of the graduates in the energy and chemical industry are employed in state-owned enterprises in the central and provincial governments. , The employment stability rate is high."

Adhering to the philosophy of higher education institutions serving the society, the college makes full use of the advantages of teachers and teaching venues in the school to serve the regional economy, and conducts comprehensive and reasonable arrangements and arrangements for training, so that the corporate training model is diversified and diversified, and the curriculum is integrated and individualized. change. According to the characteristics of the training enterprise, the best training mode should be selected according to local conditions and time. In 2018, the advantages of training services have been further highlighted since the independent school, 25,950 people have been trained for the society, and the social service capabilities have been further enhanced.