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Chinese People's Liberation Army Frontier and Coastal Defense Academy

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Frontier and Coastal Defense College is the only frontier and coastal defense higher education institution (deputy military level) in the entire army after the 2017 military academies adjustment and reform. Higher education institutions. The main service area is the commanding officer position of the army's border and coastal defense forces, and training the army's frontier and coastal defense forces at the grassroots level and commanders of ethnic minorities. It is a training base for our military's frontier and coastal defense professionals, a frontier and coastal defense theoretical research and innovation base, a frontier and coastal defense spirit and culture promotion center, and a frontier and coastal defense foreign exchange and cooperation window.

The predecessor of the college was the seventh branch of the Anti-Japanese Military and Political University established in Xingxian, Shanxi in July 1941. It was born during the anti-Japanese war. It came from the cave dwellings in Yan'an and grew up with the Republic. Marshal He Long and the founding general of our army Chen Geng, General Zhou Shidi, Wang Zhen, and Peng Shaohui served as leaders of the college. In September 2011, it was transformed into a border defense college. In July 2017, based on the original Border Defense College, Urumqi Comprehensive Training Base, and Kunming Comprehensive Training Base, the Army Frontier and Coastal Defense College was transformed and reorganized, with a total area of nearly 40,000 acres. The headquarters of the college is located in the ancient city of Xi’an and the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains. The Urumqi campus is located in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt. The Kunming campus is located in the spring city of Kunming and the foothills of Changchun. Over the past 80 years since its establishment, the school has always adhered to Chairman Mao’s "firm and correct political direction, hard work style, flexible and flexible strategy and tactics" and the "unity, tension, seriousness, and lively" anti-university school spirit formulated by Chairman Mao. , Carrying forward the school motto of "Loyal Mission, Defending Frontiers for the Nation", accumulated more than 300,000 military and political talents for the entire army, stepped out more than 200 generals, and emerged "Military Fighting Hero" Pang Guoxing, "Republic Guardian" Wang Jinwei, " Nearly a hundred heroes and models such as "Model Commander Dedicated to Mission" Hu Xiaolong, "Nightingale Award" winner Jiang Yunyan, and "Model Officer of Loyal Mission" Jiang Yong Xirao.

Entering the new era, with the mission of building a strong and stable modern frontier, sea and air defense, our institute vigorously builds two key military disciplines, namely "frontier and coastal defense strategy" and "frontier and coastal defense command." The college currently has four undergraduate majors: Command Information System Engineering, Fire Command and Control Engineering, Chinese Language and Literature, and Combat Command.

The college is rich in talents and has strong teaching and research capabilities. There are currently more than 130 professors and associate professors. There are 10 outstanding teachers in the national army, 10 people enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, 69 military academies and education award winners, and more than 60 experts and professors have entered the whole The military's various expert databases have won more than 200 national and military-level teaching and scientific research achievement awards. The first "Border Defense" won the first prize of the military's outstanding achievements in military science, filling the research gap in the military field of our army. The series of monographs such as "Border Defense", "China's Borderland Economic and Strategic History", "Chinese Border Defense History", "Border Defense Security Strategy Research", "Border Defense Control Science" and other series of monographs, have effectively guided the practice of border and coastal defense construction and management, and also cultivated professional talents in border and coastal defense. Foundation.

It has advanced teaching and scientific research facilities, supporting university physics, language, computer and other basic types, command information systems, fire control engineering professional and combat simulation laboratories. Modern libraries, multi-functional academic lecture halls, online learning rooms, studios, standardized sports fields, indoor sports training halls (integrating basketball, badminton, table tennis, boxing and equipment training fields), swimming pools, etc. And a complete public service system such as catering, supermarkets, fruits and vegetables, express delivery, and hairdressing.

With a new starting point and a new journey, the Army Frontier and Coastal Defense Academy is guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Strengthening the Army, holding high the banner of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, thoroughly implementing the policy of military education in the new era, adhering to the party’s absolute leadership over the military, and serving for the strengthening of the country and the rejuvenation of the military. Establish morality and cultivate people for war, and cultivate high-quality and professional new-type military personnel with both ability and political integrity. Pay close attention to the development of border and coastal defense forces, adhere to facing the troops, facing the battlefield, and facing the future, in accordance with the general ideas of political construction of academies, running academies with characteristics, talents, integration of strong academies, and strict governance of the academies, focusing on improving the quality of frontier and coastal defense personnel training Lay the foundation, practice solid internal skills, gather efforts to create characteristics, vigorously cultivate comprehensive quality junior command officers of the border and coastal defense forces, cultivate loyal and reliable talents from ethnic minorities, and train local critically-needed professional backbones in border and coastal defense. The coastal defense military academies struggled hard.