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Shaanxi Vocational College of Tourism and Cooking

Shaanxi Tourism and Cooking Vocational College was founded in 1994. It is an ordinary higher education institution approved by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, registered by the Ministry of Education, enrolled within the national plan, and issued a nationally recognized academic certificate. It is the only national cooking training demonstration base of the Chinese Cuisine Association in Northwest China. The college has a long history, strong teachers, complete facilities, and integrates teaching, scientific research, and vocational skills appraisal. More than 40,000 talents with applied skills in tourism and cooking have been trained for the country.

The college takes it as its mission to open up a wonderful career path and a rich life journey for every student. The majors in cooking technology and nutrition, tourism management, hotel management, catering management, housekeeping management, food processing technology, e-commerce, etc. The teaching concept, rich curriculum, lively teaching methods and real training environment, to create high-skilled and innovative talents with international vision and fashion taste, and provide young students who are interested in the tourism industry with pride Growth platform.

The college adheres to the road of exquisite education under the international outlook, and has gone through 23 years of development. Now there are more than 3,000 students; the total construction area of the college is 42,000 square meters, the library has more than one million books, and more than 100 types of periodicals. It has modern standard track and field courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, football courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and other sports facilities. There are complete living facilities such as baths, student dining rooms, and life service centers. The campus is tree-lined, clean and tidy, reflecting the beauty of harmony between man and nature. The teaching building, training building, apartment building, office building, library building and other buildings are beautiful and practical, which provide good conditions for students to study and live.

   The college has a strong faculty, with more than 120 teachers and 30 professors. There are more than 20 Chinese culinary masters and famous Chinese culinary masters represented by "Chinese veteran cooking master" Qin Guifang, and nearly 20 experts and professors represented by Professor Zhang Yuan, Professor Ran Chongshan, Dr. Ma Tianyou, and Zhu Wenli. Also hired domestic well-known culinary theorists Li Yaoyun, Liu Jingxian, Gao Bingyi, Lu Yongliang, and Li Chuanglun as visiting professors of the college.

The college has five departments and one department, namely, the Department of Culinary Studies (including the three majors of Chinese cuisine, Western cuisine, and international), the Department of Tourism (including the two majors of Tourism Management and Hotel Management), the Department of Computer Science (including the major of e-commerce), and the Department of Food. Including two majors: food processing technology and food inspection), management department (including two majors of catering management and housekeeping management). The cooking technology and nutrition majors and hotel management majors of our hospital were successively rated as key vocational majors of the province by the Provincial Department of Education. The cooking technology and nutrition were also listed as comprehensive pilot majors by Shaanxi Province, and the cooking technology courses were rated as national by the Ministry of Education. Class quality courses. In the National Cultural Inheritance and Innovation Sub-bank of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance—Culinary Technology and Nutrition Inheritance and Innovation National Teaching Resource Database Construction Project, our institute independently undertook the research and establishment of the "Chinese Famous Spot Training Database", which fully demonstrated The industry status and research strength of our institute. In 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2016, our students won consecutive national group gold medals and individual gold medals in the National Culinary Skills Competition for Colleges and Universities.

  The teaching equipment of the college is first-class. It has modern computer and electronic classrooms, multimedia classrooms, foreign language speech teaching rooms, training multi-functional demonstration halls, food composition analysis laboratories, and 45 large-scale Chinese and Western cooking practice operation classrooms, and other domestic first-class tourism cooking teaching bases.

   The college persists in running schools with distinctive specialties and exerts its advantages in the industry for 21 years, making our college one of the few vocational colleges in the country with no pressure on employment, and the employment rate of graduates is 100%. Graduate students are popular among Beijing Jingxi Hotel, Tianjin Binhai Shengguang Crowne Plaza, Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre, Suzhou Taihu Xiangshan International Hotel, Howard Johnson Overseas Chinese Hotel Ningbo, Hyatt Regency Dongguan Songshan Lake, Guangzhou, and Landison Plaza Hangzhou More than 60 Chinese and foreign hotels and large and medium-sized enterprises, including the Grand Hotel, Shangri-La Golden Flower Hotel, Nanjing Wanda Hilton Hotel, and Sanya Haiquan Bay Kempinski Hotel are widely welcomed.

The college deepened the school-enterprise cooperation model, and successively cooperated with large hotels such as Taiwan Wangpin Group, Xi'an Haoxianglai Wyndham Hotel, Hong Kong China Travel Hotel Co., Ltd., and Qingdao Pengteng International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. (cruise direction) to jointly set up "Corporate Title Class" ", tailor-made talents for enterprises, students can enjoy corporate subsidies and scholarships when they go to school, internships are guaranteed, and zero-distance employment

   Actively carry out international cooperation and exchanges, and continuously improve the space for running schools. As the internationalization of the tourism and catering industry has become more and more recognized by people all over the world, "Chinese cuisine" is a world name card. Strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, responding to the country's new ideas for the development of vocational education, and opening schools have become another major feature of our school. Spreading the traditional Chinese food culture, expanding the channels of international employment exchanges, allowing more students to go abroad for internships, and expanding the school’s reputation in the international community.

   In 2002, our institute was invited to perform Chinese culinary skills for the wife of the US President Bush Laura during her visit to China, and she was well-known at home and abroad. In recent years, the college has successively signed joint education and talent export agreements with Swiss Hotel Management School, Japan Shihe Hot Spring Hotel Association, Korea Kyungsan University, Malaysia Elite University, and Bangkok Home Economics College in Thailand. At the same time, students from the American Institute of Culinary Arts, the National Culinary Association of Israel, Macau Grand Lisboa Hotel and other national organizations have come to our institute many times for exchanges and learning, and have made outstanding contributions to the development of world cuisine.