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Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College

Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College was established in 2004, approved by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education, and sponsored by the Hanzhong Municipal People's Government. The teaching business is managed and guided by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education. In 2010, the college passed the evaluation of talent training by the Ministry of Education. In 2019, it successfully passed the teaching diagnosis and improvement inspection and review of Shaanxi Vocational Colleges. It is a provincial-level model higher vocational college in Shaanxi Province. The college has been awarded the Shaanxi Safe Campus and Shaanxi Province The civilized campus of the provincial education system, the advanced collective of teacher ethics education in Shaanxi Province, the demonstration school of standardization of language and writing in Shaanxi Province, etc.

The college is located in a charming city with world characteristics, an excellent tourist city in China, a national historical and cultural city, and the most beautiful city in Shaanxi Province-Hanzhong. It covers an area of more than 690 acres, with a construction area of 290,000 square meters, and more than 15,000 students People, the total value of teaching equipment is 150 million. The campus has an elegant environment and pleasant scenery. It is an ecological park-style higher education institution integrating Han culture and modern elements. It is an ideal place for students to aspire to become talents.

The college has 11 party and government management departments and the college of agricultural and forestry technology and bioengineering, the college of automotive and mechanical and electrical engineering, the normal college, the clinical college, the college of nursing, the college of pharmacy and medical technology, the college of economics and management, the college of civil engineering, and basic courses. Teaching and teaching auxiliary institutions such as the Teaching Department, the School of Continuing Education, the School of Marxism, the Library and Information Center, and the Sports Management Center. There are 6 professional groups including medicine, economics and management, agriculture and forestry, education, electromechanical, and civil engineering, 38 junior college majors, 6 provincial key majors, 3 provincial first-class training majors, and are supported by the central government. There are 5 training bases and provincial demonstration training bases, 4 vocational skills appraisal stations, 1 expert workstation in Hanzhong City, and 10 comprehensive training centers in the school. It also has established clinical molecular biology key laboratories, higher vocational education institutes and affiliated hospitals, and Hanzhong vocational car driving training school. It has cooperated with enterprises and industries to build more than 200 stable off-campus training bases.

The school has 488 full-time and part-time teachers, including 127 professors and associate professors, 218 masters and doctorates, accounting for 44.6%, and "dual-teacher" teachers accounting for 68.3%. In recent years, more than 20 teachers have won honors such as Excellent Teachers in Shaanxi Province, Famous Teaching Teachers in Shaanxi Higher Education Institutions, Models of Teacher Ethics in Shaanxi Province, Experts in Teaching Ideological and Political Courses in Shaanxi Province, Backbone Teaching Staff in Ideological and Political Courses in Shaanxi Provinces, and Outstanding Instructors in Universities in the Province Title, more than 10 people were selected as visiting scholars of the West Light, Shaanxi Provincial Youth Science and Technology Program, Shaanxi Province Innovative Talent Promotion Program Young Leading Talents, Shaanxi University Young Outstanding Talent Support Program, Hanzhong City "Three One One" talents. The Ph.D. team project of College 1 was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Science Foundation. Teachers have won more than 200 awards in national and provincial education and teaching ability competitions, published more than 150 books, edited more than 150 textbooks, and published more than 1,600 papers.

The college attaches great importance to the improvement of the quality of talent training, and has formed a talent training model of "simultaneous ethics and ability, position-led, integration of production and education, and integration of science and practice", and has constructed a curriculum system that is close to the requirements of vocational positions and professional qualification standards, and created the "work-learning alternation" , Task-driven, project-oriented, on-the-job internship" teaching mode, and many companies jointly opened more than 20 "curriculum co-construction, co-management, cooperation in running schools, collaborative education" order classes. In the past two years, students have won more than 400 awards in national and provincial skill competitions. The student "dual certificate" acquisition rate has reached more than 85%, and the graduate employment rate has remained above 94%. Many graduates were rated as a good model around me in the education system of the province, a national outstanding Communist Youth League member, and a Chinese college student of the year.

The college is the chairman unit of Hanzhong Vocational Education Group. It has Hanzhong Vocational Education Center, Shaanxi Province and Hanzhong City Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Training Base, Shaanxi Province Adult Continuing Education Community Education Training Base, Shaanxi Province Elderly Care Worker Training Base, Hanzhong Middle School Teacher Training Center, Hanzhong Language Training and Testing Center, Hanzhong Community Education and Guidance Center, Hanzhong Vocational Education and Skills Training Center for Retired Soldiers, etc. The college actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation, and has established international exchange and cooperation relationships with universities such as Thomas Moore University in Belgium, Zhiyuan College of Education in Singapore, and Frankfurt School of Nursing in Germany.

The college adheres to the school-running philosophy of "education-oriented, pragmatic and innovative, quality-based school, talent-based school, characteristic school development, and open and lively school", adhering to the school motto of "being morality, self-reliance, joyful work, and innovation", and carrying forward the "good morals" Shangxing’s traditional self-cultivation and education, the pursuit of excellence by the craftsmen of a great country, and the spirit of continuous self-reliance to innovate" the academy spirit, while improving the construction of hardware facilities, pay close attention to connotation construction, and comprehensively improve the quality of talent training and core competitiveness; With the goal of "double first-class" creation, we will focus on creating characteristic majors, building key majors, developing emerging majors, highlighting school-running characteristics, focusing on creating high-quality first-line technical and skilled talents at the grassroots level needed for regional economic and social development, and striving to build a high-level characteristic of Shaanxi Province Higher vocational colleges and strong schools in western vocational education. (Updated in September 2020)