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Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College of Posts and Telecommunications

Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College of Posts and Telecommunications is a full-time public general higher education institution approved by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government. It is the only independent higher vocational technical college of communication and information in Northwest China. Over the years, the college has cultivated tens of thousands of high-quality and skilled comprehensive talents for the communications industry and society, and enjoys the reputation of "Whampoa Military Academy in Shaanxi Communications Industry". The college is the second batch of “modern apprenticeship” pilot units of the Ministry of Education, “the pilot institutes (departments) of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in colleges and universities in Shaanxi Province” and “the first batch of crowd-creation space incubation bases in Shaanxi Province”, and has been awarded the “Civilized Campus of Shaanxi Province” successively "Shaanxi Province Vocational Education Advanced Collective", "Higher Vocational Education Information Construction Demonstration Campus" and other honorary titles.

The college covers an area of 140,800 square meters, with a construction area of 86,600 square meters. It has a comprehensive teaching building, a training building, a training building, an academic lecture hall, an electronic reading room, a student activity center, a standard track and field stadium, a gymnasium, and a student apartment building. , Student dining halls and other teaching and living places, the library has a collection of 280,000 books. The college currently has more than 8,100 students, more than 1,400 adult students, and more than 300 faculty members. Senior professional titles account for 31% of the total number of teachers, "double-qualified" teachers account for 52% of the total number of teachers, and masters and above account for 65.5 of the total number of teachers. %, the structure of the teaching staff is reasonable, capable and efficient.

Based on the goals of higher vocational education and the needs of enterprises, the college has established modern communication technology, modern mobile communication technology, industrial robot technology, computer network technology, software technology, digital media technology, cloud computing technology applications, big data and financial management, and large Data and accounting, e-commerce, and other 26 popular majors, covering communications engineering, information engineering, economic management and other fields. The college continues to innovate the talent training model, and builds a talent training system based on the core competence of professional positions. The graduates trained with solid theory and skilled skills have been widely praised by employers. In recent years, the employment rate has ranked among the best in similar colleges and universities.

The college organizes campus culture and art festivals and skill festivals every year, and holds a variety of campus cultural activities and various skill competitions at all levels to promote the overall growth of students. In the past three years, students have repeatedly achieved good results in various competitions at all levels, and various skill competitions have won more than 700 awards. The college has established a complete scholarship system and implemented an incentive system that combines awards, grants, loans, exemptions, and subsidies to provide a full range of services for students in financial difficulties to ensure that each student successfully completes their studies.

As the post and telecommunications training center of Shaanxi Province, the college is doing its best to do refined and excellent day school education, and it closely meets the needs of the market, and strives to build its own training brand. In recent years, it has organized more than 370 various training courses for enterprises and institutions, and trained 13 students. More than 10,000 people/day. Over the years, it has provided a large number of training services for enterprises and institutions, and has achieved remarkable results in employee training, scientific and technological consulting, and skill appraisal. It has made positive contributions to the development of the industry and service to the local economy, and has been widely praised.

For more than sixty years, he has been educating and educating people, and for more than sixty years, the peaches and plums are fragrant. The school is based on morality, and always adheres to the school motto of "Ming Morality, Energetic, Enterprising, and Creativity" and the teaching style of "Education, love for students, moral integrity, and professional excellence". It insists on both day school education and social training. The school-running philosophy of “wheel drive” follows the road of “integration of production and education, leading by characteristics, and development of connotation”. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the college fully implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping and the spirit of the National Vocational Education Conference. Under the strong leadership of the party, it fully implemented the party's education policy, followed the development law of vocational education and the growth law of technical skills. The college will be built into a "double high school in Shaanxi Province" and a "smart campus".