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Xi’an Vocational University of Information Technology is a full-time undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

The school was founded in 1992. The school adheres to the socialist direction of running a school, adheres to the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality, adheres to the development strategy of “building a school with quality, building a school with characteristics, and strengthening a school with talents”, and gradually forms a school-running model of integration of industry and education with school-enterprise cooperation. The path of characteristic development aims to build the school into an undergraduate university with distinctive characteristics and satisfying the people. Comrade Zhang Ming is the chairman and principal, and Comrade Wu Jiejun is the party secretary.

The school is located in the University Town of Chang’an District, Xi’an. It covers an area of more than 600 acres and has a campus building area of 21.24 million square meters. It has a college of artificial intelligence, a college of electronic information engineering, a college of information and communication engineering, a college of computer engineering, and a college of big data and cloud computing. , School of Software, School of Economics and Management, School of Transportation Engineering, School of Architecture, School of Science and Technology, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and 11 secondary colleges and engineering training centers, computer training centers, electronic experimental training centers, urban rail transit training centers And other teaching institutions, teaching, internship (training) facilities are complete, and living facilities are complete.

The school adheres to the school motto of "Strengthening by virtue, innovation and dedication" and the school ethos of "Aspiring to be high and seeking truth from kindness", forming a school philosophy of "people-oriented, moral education, emphasizing theory, and strengthening practice", and promotes "the courage to innovate, The school spirit of “continuous self-improvement” actively creates an educating atmosphere of “vigorous, scientific accomplishment, public service without regrets, and harmony and nature”, and follows the development strategy of “establishing schools with quality, strengthening schools with talents, and rejuvenating schools with characteristics” to continuously deepen reforms. Improve connotation construction.

The school has been rated as "China's Top Ten Institutions with the Most Development Potential" and "China's Top Ten Characteristic Institutions". In 2014, the school won the title of "Most Employment Competitiveness" in the Shaanxi List of the National Quality Media Education Alliance General Evaluation. In the second (2011) moving Shaanxi educational figures (institutions) promotion activity, it was rated as "the most characteristic professional college", and in the 4th (2015) Shaanxi educational figures (institutions) moving promotion activity, it was named "The most employable college" and Dean Zhang Ming won a series of awards including two honors of "Outstanding Contributor to the Development of Shaanxi Education".

The school has distinctive features of disciplines and professions. In accordance with national strategies such as “Made in China 2025”, “Internet+”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Cloud Computing Technology”, and “Big Data”, the school proactively adapts to the needs of regional economic development, industrial upgrading and technological progress. According to the Shaanxi Electronic Information Industry The development direction of other strategic emerging industries, the overall planning and optimization of the school’s professional system, and the guidance of the latest changes in industry, technology, and occupation in Shaanxi. There are 10 urgently needed undergraduate majors in Shaanxi including engineering, big data technology and application, intelligent manufacturing engineering, rail transit signal and control, and e-commerce, and 36 higher vocational majors.

The school docks with the industry chain to form 6 disciplines and professional groups focusing on intelligent manufacturing engineering, software engineering, electronic information engineering, computer application engineering, e-commerce, and transportation. Build a professional system that focuses on engineering, features information majors, and specializes in high-level vocational technology in the industry. Leading by electronic information engineering technology, software technology, communication technology, applied electronic technology, e-commerce, and other provincial key majors, first-class majors, and backbone majors, with microelectronics technology, information security and management, industrial robots, and drone applications School-level key majors such as technology and characteristic majors are the starting point, and radiation drives the simultaneous development of other majors in the school.

The school has a gathering of famous teachers and talents. The school has established the concept of people-oriented, teachers are the core competitiveness of the university, and has a team of teachers with noble ethics, reasonable quantity, high quality, and optimized structure. There are 421 full-time teachers. In accordance with the "Measures for the Introduction of High-Level Talents", our school has introduced a group of teachers with associate senior titles or above; vigorously strengthened the construction of the "dual-qualified" faculty team, and supported enterprise personnel to participate in the evaluation of professional titles in the school. Teachers have achieved excellent results in scientific research projects, patent applications and publications.

Strong teaching force and higher teaching level. The school has vigorously deepened the school-running model of "integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation", actively promoted the reform of education and teaching, and has long been committed to innovatively building "specialties based on social needs, foundations based on disciplines, and modules based on employment, so that students can be transferred horizontally, Vertically upgradeable" talent training system, and constantly improve the education mechanism of "school-enterprise cooperation, school-bank cooperation, school-government cooperation", and strive to achieve the connection between majors and industry, curriculum content and professional standards, teaching and production processes, The academic certificate and the vocational qualification certificate are connected, and the talent training mode of "three cooperation and four connections" has been innovatively formed. The enterprise is deeply involved in the whole process of talent training: the training plan is jointly formulated by teachers and enterprise personnel; the curriculum system is adjusted and transformed according to the actual production of the enterprise, and reformed at any time according to the progress of industrial technology; the practical teaching links such as experiment, training, and internship are specially hired from The company’s "dual-qualified" teachers participate in the guidance. Companies such as Xi’an BYD Electronics Co., Ltd. and Xi’an ZTE Corporation have integrated some production processes into school teaching and jointly developed teaching materials with the school to enable students to better and faster adapt to the working environment and positions.

The school adheres to centering on talent training, deepens the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, continuously increases teaching investment, strengthens the construction of laboratories and internships and training bases inside and outside the school, and the basic construction of teaching materials such as course materials. Teaching quality and teaching level are steadily improved. In 2013, it passed the evaluation of the talent training work of higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education. In 2014, our school's inspection and diagnosis work in Shaanxi Province fully affirmed the school's conditions and level of running a school.

The school not only strengthens the training of students' professional qualities, but also makes great efforts to cultivate students' comprehensive qualities, and enhance students' sense of social responsibility, innovation spirit and entrepreneurial ability. Graduated students can take root in Sanqin, love their jobs and work hard, "get down, keep, use, and do well." The follow-up questionnaire shows that our graduates have high professional relevance and strong employment competitiveness. According to statistics from the Talent Exchange Center of Xi'an High-tech Zone, our school has provided more than 5,000 skilled talents to the district in the past five years. Many of them have become corporate backbones and middle and high-level management cadres. Graduates are highly praised by employers for their "high ideological quality, strong professional skills, good collaboration spirit, and fast adaptation speed". In the past three years, the employment rate of our graduates has remained above 96%, and has cultivated a large number of applied and technical talents for the economic and social development of Shaanxi and the region.

The school has complete infrastructure and excellent teaching conditions. In 2005, the school moved to a new campus. After ten years of hard work, it has built a modern campus with various functional buildings including teaching, scientific research, office, sports, and life, as well as complete facilities and a beautiful environment. There are 2 teaching buildings, 16 student apartment buildings, 2 experimental training buildings, 3 engineering training center buildings, 1 library building, 1 gymnasium, 1 student restaurant and 1 bathing center building. 3 sports fields. The collection of books is rich. In 2015, 36,000 square meters of engineering training center building was completed. In 2013, it was successively identified as a "skilled talent training base" by the High-tech Zone and Xixian New District. All kinds of teaching and living facilities are well-equipped, with perfect functions, and meet the needs of coordinated development of content construction.

The school has a strong campus culture. Regarding the construction of campus culture as a systematic project, adhering to the school spirit of "Aspirational High, Seeking Truth from Goodness" and a culture of "Vigorous, Scientific Accomplishment, No Regrets, and Harmonious Nature" as the core, according to the "Exquisite Large-scale Event" The idea of "medium-sized activities characteristic; small-scale activities regularization" will improve the content and level of campus cultural construction.

The Youth League Committee, the Sports Department, the Student Union, and various student associations regularly organize healthy and colorful activities to provide a broad space for the development of students’ personalities and expertise. The entire campus presents a vibrant and vibrant scene, allowing students to stay in school In addition to practicing professional cultural knowledge and vocational skills, try to show his personality and expertise as much as possible, so that he can fully develop and grow into talents. Our school has a sunny and youthful campus cultural life, and various clubs are present, such as Xuanying Electronic Information Association, Internet + Association, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association, ZTE, Huawei, IBM, Gengyun Literature, etc. 38 A student club is competing for beauty. In 2012, the school was awarded the "Third Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Campus Culture Construction in Shaanxi Province" by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education of the Communist Party of China.

The school has invested more than 100 million yuan to build a gymnasium, which provides conditions for the teaching of physical education and the development of sports competitions. In recent years, the school’s football, basketball, track and field, roller skating and other sports teams have competed in various competitions across the province and have achieved many outstanding results.

The school awards and aids the needy system is perfect. The school actively implements the policy of scholarships, grants and student loans for ordinary universities. There is a national scholarship of 8,000 yuan/year; a national inspirational scholarship of 5,000 yuan/year; a bursary for extremely poor students of 3500 yuan/year; a general student bursary of 2,500 yuan/year; and an interest-free student loan of 8,000 yuan/year for students with difficult families.

The school has established a five-in-one student aid system of "reward, loan, subsidy, reduction, and exemption". There are work-study positions inside and outside the school to encourage students to become self-reliant, and to encourage and help students grow into talents.

Standing at the historical starting point of the reform and development of vocational education in the new era, we will not forget our original intention and continue to move forward. Take on the glorious mission of undergraduate-level vocational education reform pilots, take the responsibility of establishing morality and fostering people, and train batch after batch of large-scale craftsmen and skilled craftsmen for the four modernizations of our country. The school always maintains the attributes and characteristics of vocational education, adheres to the school-running model of integrating production and education with school-enterprise cooperation, improves the education mechanism of combining morality and technology, and combining work with learning, and takes the development path of "connotation, specialization, and standardization", and strives to build the school "Shaanxi is inseparable, recognized by the industry, and internationally communicable." An undergraduate university with distinctive characteristics and people's satisfaction, promotes the development of higher quality and higher level of vocational education, and develops and builds Shaanxi's economy, society and information industry as a strong province of higher education in Shaanxi Make new and greater contributions to provide solid talent guarantee for the realization of the "two 100-year" goals and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.