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Shaanxi Vocational College of Industry and Commerce

Shaanxi Vocational College of Industry and Commerce is a public full-time general higher vocational college sponsored by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, in charge of the Provincial Department of Education, and recorded by the Ministry of Education.

The main campus of the school is located in the University Town of Chang'an District, Xi’an City, connected to the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone to the west. The surrounding environment is elegant and the roads extend in all directions. The campus has advanced facilities, complete functions, beautiful landscapes, and tree-lined trees, which is created for students. A quiet and comfortable learning environment. The school has six campuses, including Guodu and Taibai, with a total area of 698 mu, a building area of more than 380,000 square meters, and a total fixed asset value of more than 800 million yuan, of which the total value of teaching equipment is more than 100 million yuan.

The school has more than 800 faculty members, including 321 associate professors, senior engineers, senior laboratory technicians and other associate professors, and 406 doctors and masters. At present, it has formed a team of high ethics, professional skills, and structure. Reasonable and energetic teachers.

The school has the School of Accounting and Finance, the School of Logistics Management, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management in China, the School of Architecture and Engineering, the School of Information and Intelligent Technology, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automotive Technology, the School of Public Management, the School of Cultural Communication and Art Design, and the pre-school There are 10 secondary colleges such as the Normal College and the College of Nursing. The school focuses on modern service industry majors, with coordinated development of related majors. It offers 44 three-year higher vocational majors, 11 five-year higher vocational majors, and 14 secondary vocational majors, including 3 national-level backbone majors. Support 2 key construction majors, 3 provincial-level professional comprehensive reform pilot majors, 2 provincial-level first-class majors, 3 provincial-level first-class cultivation majors, 5 provincial-level key construction majors, 4 school-level first-class majors, and first-class cultivation majors There are 6 majors, 4 modern apprenticeship pilot majors; 2 national-level training bases, 1 key construction training base supported by the central government, and 3 provincial-level demonstration training bases. In 2020, 41 majors of the school will participate in the comprehensive evaluation and enrollment of Shaanxi Province Classification Examination.

The school is based on the "high starting point, high standard, high level" orientation, with the purpose of serving the development of Shaanxi's modern service industry, and adheres to the school management of "taking career as the foundation, survival by quality, building brand with characteristics, and promoting development with innovation" Philosophy, vigorously promote an open school running model, adopt the "three-in-one" teaching method combining classroom teaching and workplace training, vocational skills training and vocational qualification appraisal, and academic evaluation and job evaluation, classroom learning, workplace actual combat, and competition field At the same time, we will cultivate professional people with good professional ethics, strong professional skills, university cultural literacy and innovative spirit needed for the development of modern service industry.

In recent years, the school has taken the improvement of the quality of talent training as the core, actively explored and perfected the professional training model of “dual main body” training between the school and the enterprise. Through the implementation of a series of effective reform measures, various undertakings have achieved leap-forward development. The effect is remarkable. The school won 2 special prizes, 16 first prizes, 35 second prizes, and 57 third prizes when participating in the National Higher Vocational Skills Competition; participated in the Shaanxi Provincial Higher Vocational Skills Competition and won 42 first prizes and second prizes There are 69 awards and 91 third prizes. The award-winning level and number rank among the top universities of the same kind in the province.

The school is based in Shaanxi and recruits students from all over the country. There are currently more than 10,000 students in secondary and higher vocational schools. 60% of the high vocational students and 80% of the secondary vocational students in the school received national scholarships, school scholarships, corporate scholarships and tuition-free subsidies. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has been above 95%. Graduates are very popular among employers, and many professional students are in short supply.

The school insists on taking teaching as the center, promoting teaching with scientific research, and continuously strengthening the innovation of teaching and scientific research. Undertake more than 100 teaching and scientific research projects at or above the provincial and departmental level, more than 250 at the school level and above, and published more than 500 papers; won more than 50 national university-wide teaching resource competition level awards, and 6 teaching achievements at or above the provincial level. There are 6 humanities and social science awards, and 5 excellent textbooks for colleges and universities.

The school actively carried out "hygienic campus", "conservative campus", "green campus", "civilized campus", "safe campus" and other creation activities, and won the "Civilized Campus in Shaanxi Province", "Safe Unit in Xi'an City", and "Excellent Unit in Sunshine Sports of Shaanxi Colleges and Universities". And other titles.

The school actively carries out foreign exchanges and cooperation in running schools. It has successively received educational institutions, universities, and enterprises from all over the world, including Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, the United States, and South Korea, to visit the school. Cooperate with a number of well-known companies in running schools, and establish student internship bases, innovate the “win-win” school-enterprise cooperation form of running schools, and establish the "InterContinental Hotel Group Talent Training College Shaanxi Vocational College of Business", and build a number of championships with companies Famous class and order class, cooperated with well-known enterprises such as Suning Tesco Sales Co., Ltd., Xi'an Crowne Plaza, China Haicheng Bangda Logistics Group Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises to run schools, in-depth cooperation with more than 220 enterprises, achieving 100% coverage of professional construction cooperative enterprises.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the school fully implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee. It is important to study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s visit to Shaanxi. The important instructions of the speech, the implementation of the spirit of the National Education Conference of the whole province, the comprehensive implementation of the party’s education policy, the fundamental task of establishing morality, the purpose of serving development, the promotion of employment, and the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of our province. , Continuously optimize the talent training model, deepen the reform of education and teaching, comprehensively strengthen the connotation construction, accelerate the construction of high-level vocational colleges with Chinese characteristics, and strive to write a new chapter in the pursuit and surpassing of school undertakings in the new era.