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Weinan Vocational and Technical College

Weinan Vocational and Technical College is a higher vocational school approved by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. Its predecessor was the former Shaanxi Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine School, Shaanxi Dali Normal School, Shaanxi Pucheng Normal School, and Shaanxi Weinan Agricultural School. The school history can be traced back to the "Tongzhou Industrial Middle School" founded in 1905. Over the past 100 years, a large number of professionals of various types have been trained, which are widely distributed in various industries such as education, health, agriculture and forestry, and animal husbandry, and have made important contributions to economic and social development. Well-known alumni such as Han Qide, former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Wang Shuangxi, former vice governor of Shaanxi Province, Zhang Kejian, former director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, and Chen Wuyu, former president of Xi’an Jiaotong University, have emerged. The "Abstract of Chinese Medicine Research Documents" compiled by Liu Shoushan, a researcher of Chinese medicine literature at the school, has opened a precedent in modern Chinese medicine research. It is another comprehensive Chinese medicine literature masterpiece in my country after the "Compendium of Materia Medica". It was awarded the National Science Conference in 1978. prize.

The school is located in Weinan City, the east gate of Shaanxi, with Huashan Mountain to the east, Weishui River to the north, Chang'an to the west, and Qinling Mountains to the south. It has beautiful scenery, convenient transportation and rich historical and cultural heritage. The school has two campuses, Gaoxin and Chaoyang, covering an area of 880 acres and a building area of 331,000 square meters. There are 887 faculty members, including 517 full-time teachers, 211 professors and associate professors, 317 doctoral and master students, and 401 dual-qualified teachers. It employs 118 part-time teachers, 73 visiting professors, and 17 outstanding talents at the provincial and municipal level, including Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Rising Stars and Provincial Teaching Teachers. The collection of books is 991.9 thousand. 1,600 computers for teaching. There are 217 experimental training rooms in the school, 5 national-level training bases, and 2 provincial-level training bases. There are 215 off-campus training bases. There are more than 14,700 students in school. There are 12 teaching units, including the School of Nursing, School of Medicine, Normal University, School of Economics and Management, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Agriculture, 3D Printing School, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, School of Civil Engineering, Basic Courses, School of Continuing Education, and School of Marxism. There are 43 three-year higher vocational majors, 7 five-year higher vocational majors, 5 key majors of the Ministry of Education, and 7 first-class majors in Shaanxi Province. It covers six disciplines including medicine, education, agriculture, engineering, management, and economics.

The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "indomitable, internally and externally", adheres to the school-running idea of "following the law, cultural guidance, reform and innovation, and open integration" and "professional-oriented school, close to industry-oriented school, aiming at employment-oriented school, government-school-run-enterprise cooperation The idea of running a school has established the “six industry integration” (professional, academic, occupation, employment, entrepreneurship, and career integration) and the “six integration” (school and society, education and life, talent and era, philosophy and practice, knowledge Integrate with skills, technology and culture) talent training system, implement the “three connections” of “professional chain and industrial chain docking, curriculum standard docking with professional standards, teaching process and production process docking” and “in-school experimental training resource teaching” The "double-folding" talent training model of "process production and management, production process teaching of off-campus cooperative enterprises" and "five-oriented (on-site teaching, contextual teaching, case-based teaching, project-based teaching, engineering teaching) one system (modern Apprenticeship)” talent training process, and constantly practice the “three services” school mission of “serving students’ growth, talent and success, serving industries, enterprises and industries, and serving economic and social development”, and comprehensively promote quality education and teaching innovation to improve Comprehensive school-running strength and talent training level, build the school into an important base for the training of high-skilled talents and the application and development of science and technology. The school adheres to the equal emphasis on general full-time education and adult continuing education, and simultaneously develops training and training, builds a three-dimensional interoperability platform for school students, social candidates, and vocational skills training, and carries out "multi-certificate" education for vocational qualifications and professional skills. In addition to independently holding higher education, it also cooperates with Shaanxi Normal University, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and China Medical University to jointly develop modern distance education to provide candidates with a wealth of diverse choices.

In recent years, the school has adhered to the path of connotative development, scientific development, and transformational development. The overall strength of the school has been significantly enhanced, and the quality of talent training has been steadily improved. In 2015, the school was awarded the title of "National Civilized Unit"; it was identified as the provincial model higher vocational college construction unit by the Provincial Department of Education; in 2016, it was rated as the national high-quality professional higher vocational college construction unit; in 2017, it was determined as the modern by the Ministry of Education Apprenticeship pilot unit; in 2018, won the Shaanxi Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration School, and was identified by the Provincial Department of Education as a "double first-class" construction college for higher vocational education in our province; in 2019, the school successfully passed the verification and acceptance of the Shaanxi Provincial Demonstration Higher Vocational College by the Department of Education , Approved by the Ministry of Education of the first batch of "1+X" certificate pilot institutions in the country. In 2020, our school’s construction of high-level colleges and high-level professional groups, namely "dual colleges and universities", and the action plan for quality improvement and training, have been successfully applied for and approved by the Ministry of Education for the construction of high-level schools and high-level professional groups. 26 action plan projects for quality improvement and excellence. Currently, it is actively applying for undergraduate majors in higher vocational education, and it is expected to become the first batch of higher vocational undergraduate professional education colleges in our province in the short term.