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Xi'an Medical College

[School Overview] Xi’an Medical College is a full-time general college approved by the Ministry of Education. The school is located in Qindu Town, Xi'an City, covering an area of 783 acres, with a construction area of about 424,000 square meters and more than 15,000 students of various types. The school has been identified as the National Health Vocational Skills Appraisal Station, the National Training Base for Shortage Talents, the country's first batch of clinical medicine (3+2) outstanding doctor training program pilot universities, Shaanxi Province Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges and Shaanxi Province Double First-Class College Construction unit.

   [Professional Features] The school offers majors in nursing, clinical medicine, stomatology, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, medical imaging technology, midwifery, and rehabilitation technology. Among them, the majors of nursing and stomatology are the key majors of higher vocational education in Shaanxi Province; the major of pharmacy has been approved as a provincial-level first-class professional construction project; the majors of stomatology and medical examination technology have been approved as a provincial-level first-rate professional training project; the major of nursing (elderly service) It has been identified as the "first batch of national vocational colleges and universities' senior care service demonstration professional sites", and it is currently one of only two colleges and universities in Shaanxi Province.

[Infrastructure] School affiliated hospitals, multi-functional teaching buildings, multimedia classrooms, training buildings, apartment buildings, large restaurants, plastic sports fields, libraries, baths, swimming pools, cultural activities centers and other learning and living facilities are complete for students. The growth and success of the school provides a reliable guarantee. The school library has a collection of about 900,000 books, and an electronic reading room is built in the library, which can meet the different reading habits of teachers and students and broaden their horizons.

   The school affiliated hospital is located on the west side of the campus, covering an area of about 300 acres. The first phase has 1,200 beds. It has an elegant environment and advanced equipment. It is a modern three-level general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and rehabilitation. The affiliated hospital has introduced an advanced hospital management team and authoritative professors and experts in various fields to be responsible for the daily management and diagnosis and treatment of the hospital. It not only provides high-quality medical services for the general public, but also provides reliable guarantees for school students’ internships, internships, and employment. It has formed the school-running characteristics of "integration of school and college, integration of medical and education", which is unique among similar colleges and universities.

The school training center has a building area of approximately 120,000 square meters, with internal medicine laboratories, surgical laboratories, gynecology laboratories, pediatric laboratories, anatomy showrooms, oral treatment rooms, dental technician laboratories, radiology laboratories, and first aid simulation experiments. There are 134 medical professional laboratories such as laboratories, which can accommodate 2,600 students for training, experimentation, and internship at the same time. The school nursing experimental training base and clinical experimental training base were rated as the demonstration training base for higher vocational education in Shaanxi Province.

   The human life science museum of the school covers an area of about 300 square meters, with a total investment of more than 3 million yuan. The museum collects more than 500 pieces of various human tomographic specimens, human plasticized specimens, anatomical casting specimens, and systematic anatomy specimens. They are used for anatomical experiment teaching, scientific research, academic exchanges, exploring the mysteries of the human body, and promoting life science and health education. Important base.

[Teaching and research] The school implements the strategy of “strengthening the school with talents” and vigorously introduces high-level talents. The school has 774 faculty members and 575 full-time teachers, of which 286 are “dual-qualified” teachers, accounting for 49.74% of full-time teachers. There are 128 people with above professional titles, accounting for 22.26% of full-time teachers, and 360 part-time teachers outside school.

The school adheres to the teaching philosophy of "promoting learning with competition, promoting teaching with competition, and promoting reform with competition". It takes various skill competitions as the starting point and highlights the cultivation of students' practical and practical ability. It has been in the national and provincial skill competitions for many years. Won a number of awards.

   The school adheres to the guiding ideology of "researching the school and rejuvenating education through scientific research", established a clinical medical research laboratory, and established an "innovative three-dimensional medical research fund" to vigorously support teachers in education, teaching and research. In recent years, the school has completed 28 research projects, declared 4 invention patents, and 6 utility model patents. The scientific research and innovation capabilities have been significantly improved.

[Campus Culture] The school regards the construction of campus culture as a systematic project, adheres to the work philosophy of "student-oriented, realistic and innovative, management according to law, and practical education", constantly innovating the management system, optimizing the operating mechanism, strengthening the construction of associations, and vigorously Strengthen the ideological and political education of college students, and guide them to establish the values of "love the motherland, uphold the truth, serve the society, and contribute to the people". The school vigorously develops a series of campus cultural themed activities of "three elegance" (elegant students, elegant teachers, and elegant campus). Through a variety of campus cultural activities, students can develop their specialty and improve their comprehensive quality. The school campus culture construction achievements have won the Shaanxi Provincial University Campus Culture Construction Outstanding Achievement Award for six consecutive years.

[Foreign Exchanges] The school attaches great importance to foreign exchanges and continuously deepens international exchanges and cooperation. It has successively visited educational institutions, medical industries, and higher education institutions in South Korea, Japan, Germany, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and other countries, and signed agreements with some institutions and institutions. A cooperation agreement was established to carry out multi-level and all-round exchanges and cooperation in personnel training, cooperation in running schools, student exchanges, teacher visits, etc., to enrich and deepen the international training system for innovative talents, to carry out international scientific research cooperation, and to enhance teachers’ international vision. Construct the school's internationalized curriculum system, and comprehensively enhance the school's international competitiveness and influence.

  [Employment Placement] The school has established an employment guidance center, which is responsible for the entire process of employment guidance, employment placement, and employment tracking services for graduates. The school actively seeks employment channels through expanding the foreign employment market, school-enterprise cooperation, order-based training, campus job fairs, and internships to promote employment, and strives to broaden employment channels, effectively promoting the employment placement of graduates. The school’s solid student employment services and the good comprehensive quality of the students make each year’s graduates in short supply. It has cumulatively delivered more than 30,000 high-quality, technical and professional staff to medical and health institutions at all levels across the country, as well as pharmaceutical enterprises and institutions. Medical and health professionals.

[Student financial aid] The school has established a comprehensive and comprehensive assistance program such as national grants, scholarships, tuition-free subsidies for rural students in difficulties, temporary hardship subsidies, work-study subsidies, tuition reductions and exemptions, and China Education Development Foundation subsidies. The learning system ensures that every impoverished student can get the necessary funding, and has achieved the goal of "not letting a student drop out of school due to family poverty".