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Yan'an University

Yan'an University is the first comprehensive university named by Comrade Mao Zedong and founded by the Communist Party of China. It is now a university jointly established by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province and the Ministry of Education, a key university in Shaanxi Province, and a high-level construction university in Shaanxi Province.

   In 1941, the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee decided to merge the Northern Shaanxi Public School, China Women's University, and Zedong Young Cadre School to form Yan'an University, with Wu Yuzhang as the president. After that, Yan'an Lu Xun Academy of Arts and Letters, Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy of Nationalities, etc. were merged one after another. In 1947, some teachers and students of Yan'an University went to Northeast, North China and Northwest to run schools. In July 1958, the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government decided to rebuild Yan'an University. In 1998, Yan'an Medical College, Yan'an People's Hospital and Yan'an University merged to form a new Yan'an University, which was listed as a key university in Shaanxi Province. In 2005, the People's Government of Shaanxi Province and the Ministry of Education jointly established Yan'an University. In 2011, the school was listed as a high-level construction university in Shaanxi Province.

Since its establishment 80 years ago, the school has received various forms of attention and support from successive leaders of the party and the country such as Mao Zedong. On May 24, 1944, Chairman Mao Zedong personally attended the opening ceremony of Yan’an University and gave a speech stating, “Our school is A school that includes political, economic, and cultural courses." In December 1970, Premier Zhou Enlai instructed in his own writing, "Yan'an University must not only be run, but also be run well." Deng Xiaoping, Xi Zhongxun, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Hu Jintao, Li Lanqing, Liu Yandong and other party and state leaders have given Yan'an University cordial care in different historical periods. During his work in Fujian, General Secretary Xi Jinping personally coordinated relevant companies to donate funds to Yan'an University to build multimedia classrooms. On September 19, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important instruction to Yan'an University, asking “Don’t forget the original aspiration, keep moving forward, carry forward the Yan’an spirit, be brave to reform and innovate, and make this university with a glorious history more distinctive and more distinctive. In the new era, the graduates of Yan'an University are spread all over the old areas of northern Shaanxi and all parts of the motherland, and they play a special role in promoting the economic and social development of the old areas of northern Shaanxi in particular.

The school has 15180 undergraduates, 1814 postgraduates, and 1423 faculty members; there are 18 secondary schools, 1 independent college and 5 affiliated hospitals, 12 first-level discipline master degree authorization points, and 61 undergraduates Majors, 6 provincial-level advantages and characteristic disciplines, 5 professional degree authorization categories, 1 humanities and social science key research base of the Ministry of Education, 1 National Tourism Administration Red Tourism Innovation and Development Research Base, 7 provincial-level scientific research platforms, 2 Academician workstation. In recent years, the school has undertaken nearly 200 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, won 38 provincial and ministerial scientific research achievement awards, published more than 1,300 high-level papers, and authorized more than 300 patents. Many achievements have been applied in northern Shaanxi. Good economic and social benefits have been achieved. In 2015, the school was listed as an application unit for the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The school has carried out joint training of undergraduates, masters, and doctoral degrees with well-known universities such as Beijing Institute of Technology and Renmin University of China, and has cooperated with more than 30 well-known universities in the United States, Australia, and Taiwan to run schools.

Yan'an University is the dissemination center of Yan'an spirit in the new era. The school relies on the National Youth Revolutionary Traditional Education Base, Shaanxi Province Patriotism Education Base, Shaanxi University Students Yan'an Spirit Education Base, National University Student Cultural Quality Education Base, and Ministry of Education University Counselor Training and Research Base In addition to educational bases such as the Party School Training Base of the Ministry of Education, the "Cave Dwelling University" and the "Zedong Cadre College" have been established to carry out a variety of patriotic education activities for more than 150,000 young people and cadres from all over the country.

With the strong support of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, on April 22, 2016, the school started the construction of a new campus. The scale of the new campus is 13,000, the total building volume is 567,000 m2, and 55 buildings are planned to be constructed. The building is scheduled to be completed in 2018. By then, a modern university campus with complete functions, advanced facilities, simple and practical, open and shared, green and intelligent will stand in the holy land of Yan'an.

At present, the school is deeply implementing the five development concepts, fully advancing the connotation development centered on "double first-class", and fully promoting the extension construction centered on the construction of the new campus, moving toward a distinctive, well-known high-level teaching and research university in China. Goal hard