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Shandong Cultural Industry Vocational College

Shandong Cultural Industry Vocational College was established in 2009 and was invested and founded by Dazhong Newspaper Group. It is a full-time general university approved by the People’s Government of Shandong Province, filed by the Ministry of Education, and qualified for higher education. The development of cultural industry is a comprehensive university that cultivates application-oriented talents. After more than ten years of development and construction, the college has established the school thinking of "quality school, talented school, distinguished school, industry-based school". It is employment-oriented, aims at regional economic development and industry construction needs, and takes connotation The road of running a school based on development and combining production, education and research. The college takes cultural research and inheritance as the main line of discipline construction, and strives to create a "highland of cultural development and an innovative cradle of cultural industry", strives to build a number of distinctive key disciplines, and builds a training base for practical professionals in the cultural industry in Shandong Province.

The college is located in Laixi High-speed Railway New Town, Qingdao, with a planned area of 4260 acres and a total investment of 5.6 billion yuan. It was planned and designed by Tongji University. The campus has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The north gate is the Jiaodong Peninsula high-speed rail hub-Laixi Station. The Qingrong Intercity Railway, Wei-Lai High-speed Railway, Lai-Rong High-speed Railway and the planned Pengxi High-speed Railway meet here, reaching the main city of Qingdao and Weifang. , Yantai only takes half an hour, and there are many direct trains to major cities such as Jinan, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Xi'an. The new campus is only a 5-minute drive from the Laixi exit of Qinglong Expressway. At present, the first group has built nearly 200,000 square meters of modern teaching buildings and supporting training and living facilities, which can accommodate nearly 10,000 teachers and students; the total construction area is about 90,000 square meters, and the largest comprehensive library in a domestic university is also It will break ground in March 2021.

The college currently has nearly 3,000 full-time students, including business schools, media schools, aviation and railway schools, economics and management schools, rail transit schools, intelligent technology schools, art schools, percussion schools, dance schools, undergraduate education schools, and international exchanges. The 11 second-level colleges including the college have opened more than 30 college majors and more than 50 professional directions. At the same time, as a pilot college for practical undergraduate professional assessment in Shandong Province, it has opened 9 practical undergraduate majors, advocating "college admissions" , Graduated from a bachelor’s degree", enrolling students from all over the country.

Schooling Superiority

1. Advanced school-running philosophy and distinctive cultural industry characteristics.

The college adheres to the people-oriented, culturally strong school, leads the development of the cultural industry, focuses on cultivating the traditional cultural temperament of filial piety, respect for relatives, and knowledge and courtesy. It has won the recognition of students and parents and won the honor of "2020 Shandong Province's Best Social Reputation University" title.

2. Obvious location advantages and happy growth in a superior environment.

Qingdao is one of the world's most suitable coastal tourist cities for human living. The college is located in Lacey, the world's leisure and sports capital and a model city in the north of Qingdao. The campus has a modern architectural style. The teaching building is equipped with air-energy central air-conditioning and multimedia smart classrooms, combined with first-class property services and professional catering management, to provide students with superior conditions for a happy study and life.

3. Outstanding professional characteristics, and innovatively cultivate talents in the country.

The professional design of our school fully meets the market demand, has distinctive features, and focuses on cultivating self-learning ability, humanistic literacy and professional quality. While mastering knowledge and technical skills, students learn to behave and do things, which are deeply favored by enterprises and society.

4. School-enterprise order training, high-end high-paying precise employment.

Integrate social high-quality resources to cooperate in running schools, set training goals based on positions, implement pilots of the "1+x" certificate system, and order-oriented training to achieve high-end, high-quality and precise employment for graduates.

Teacher Development

The college implements the strategy of “administering the school by experts, pursuing academic research by professors, and strengthening the school by culture”, focusing on the cultivation of teacher ethics and coaching level training, and is committed to building a team of experts with strong teaching and research strength and excellent teaching style.

At present, the college has more than 200 faculty members, among which 35% are professors, associate professors, senior engineers and other teachers with associate senior titles or above, 82% of full-time teachers have master's degree or above, and a team of full-time counselors with strong political quality .

Teaching innovation

Focusing on cultivating students’ innovative spirit and practical ability, the college implements the project of "education school spirit, learning style, and orthodox style", strengthens teaching organization and management, deepens classroom teaching reforms, and guides students from simply learning knowledge and mastering skills to being knowledgeable and comprehensive in doing things. The improvement of quality, the return from the utilitarian employment type to the high-quality and humanized humanistic education.

Skill training

Our school insists on strengthening skill training, implementing teaching and research integration, excellent and advanced training equipment, with various training rooms and training workshops, 26 school-enterprise training bases, and 38 school-enterprise training bases, laying a foundation for students' employment and entrepreneurship A good foundation. Rail transit training train, high-speed rail intelligent logistics management training room, new energy vehicle off-campus training base, railway communication 5G laboratory, industrial robot training room, railway communication and information technology training room, smart elevator training room, Experiment and training facilities such as dancing and body rooms are all available.

Harmonious campus

The college attaches great importance to the construction of campus culture, cultivates hobbies, inherits excellent culture, and enhances the cultural self-confidence of contemporary college students. More than 20 student clubs such as basketball, photography, martial arts, cross talk, performing arts, etiquette, etc. flourished, and cultural and sports activities such as singer contests and track and field games were splendid. In 2020, our school has successively hosted the National Youth Campus Football Summer Camp, the 7th Qingdao International Percussion Arts Festival, Qingdao Adult Education Cooperation Development Summit and other large-scale activities inside and outside the school, which have won wide praise from all walks of life.