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Taiyuan Preschool Teachers College

Taiyuan Preschool Teachers College, referred to as "Taiyuan Preschool", is a full-time public general preschool normal college approved by the Shanxi Provincial People's Government in March 2018 and filed by the Ministry of Education in May 2018. It is an important base for training and training teachers of preschool education and art education in Shanxi Province and Taiyuan City.

Taiyuan Preschool Teachers College is located in the Industrial Park of Xugou Town, Qingxu County. The campus covers an area of 366.7 mu, with a total construction area of 189,500 square meters and a total investment of 918 million yuan. The design unit is China Architecture Design and Research Institute, by Cui Kai The academician presided over the design. The construction unit is China Railway Airport Construction Group Co., Ltd. It is a people's livelihood project that promotes the rapid improvement of the quality of preschool education in Shanxi Province and Taiyuan City. The campus has a unique architectural style. The basic shape is a hexagonal honeycomb shape. The design concept reflects the people-oriented, highlighting the image of hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, symbolizing the diligence and unity of teachers and students like bees.

   There are 8 preschool, music, dance, art, sports and other practice training bases, 113 professional training rooms, and 1 high-standard affiliated kindergarten, which can meet the teaching needs of students of various majors for practical training. The Taiyuan Municipal Government and the Municipal Education Bureau have successively invested in the purchase of teaching and research instruments and equipment worth RMB 51,203,900 for the school. At present, they have purchased more than 165,000 paper books and 300,000 e-books, which meet the school-running indicators stipulated by the national higher vocational school. The establishment of specialties provides first-class hardware guarantee. At present, there are 173 full-time teachers in reserve, of which 41 are full-time teachers with titles of associate professor and above, accounting for 23.69%; 92 full-time teachers with postgraduate or above or a degree, accounting for 53.18%. The school has a good teacher base, and through professional transformation, the level is further upgraded, the quality of running a school is improved, in line with the development requirements of the new era, and it provides excellent software support for running a professional school.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the school plans to set up 14 majors, and gradually form three major professional groups with characteristics of preschool education: that is, the professional group led by preschool education: including preschool education, early education, English education, early childhood development and health Management, children's mental health education and other majors; preschool art education as the direction of professional group: including music education, dance education, art education and other majors; professional group assisted by preschool public service: including children's service and management and other majors. In the first year, we plan to open 6 teacher-training majors, namely pre-school education, early education, English education, music education, dance education, and art education. By 2020, it will gradually form a pre-school teacher-training major, and appropriately add some related to the main majors. The professional structure of non-teacher majors.

The school implements the core concept of "beautiful and self-serving, and serving as a model for teachers", and takes "the unity of knowledge and action" as the orientation of student training. Teachers for pre-school education, a model modern teacher-training college.

Our school will be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the spirit of the “run preschool education” proposed by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, actively promote the reform of the talent training model of higher preschool education, serve the society, and promote Employment, follow the path of quality school establishment and connotation development. Taking the pre-school education major as the leader, build a teaching standard system that meets the professional training goals, deepen the major construction and curriculum reform, and make unremitting efforts to improve the quality of talent training in an all-round way!