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Shuozhou Teachers Technical College

—— School history

The school was founded in March 1949 and is an earlier normal school in Shanxi Province. Since November 1949, it has successively been called Shuoxian Normal University, Shuozhou Normal University, Shuozhou Branch of Yanbei Normal University, and Shuozhou Normal Branch of Shanxi Datong University; on September 15, 2012, the provincial government approved the school to be upgraded to Shuozhou Normal College School; On May 15, 2013, the Ministry of Education replied with a letter and officially approved the establishment of Shuozhou Teachers College on the basis of the original Shanxi Datong University Shuozhou Normal Branch.

Shuozhou Teachers College is an ordinary college of higher learning at the junior level. It is led by the Provincial People's Government and managed by the Shuozhou Municipal People's Government. The teaching work is inspected and guided by the Provincial Department of Education. At present, the school has 13 internal institutions, including Chinese, foreign languages, mathematics, natural sciences, political history, preschool education, physical education, art, music, 9 departments and ideological and political education teaching departments. There are 5,125 full-time students in the school. The school has successively trained and transported 40,000 talents for party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and schools of all levels and types in northwest Shanxi and surrounding areas.

——Advanced school concept

Development orientation: The school adheres to the direction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implements the party's educational policy, firmly establishes the central position of teaching work, and implements the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality. In accordance with the development strategy of "stabilizing scale, optimizing structure, improving quality, and enhancing efficiency", we will continuously improve school conditions, strengthen the building of the teaching team, standardize education and teaching management, improve the quality of talent training, and achieve comprehensive coordination and sustainable development.

Talent training orientation: Adhere to the service-oriented and employment-oriented direction of running schools, and cultivate teachers of elementary schools and kindergartens with high ideological quality, solid professional foundation, and strong vocational skills, as well as applied and skilled talents that meet the needs of local economic and social development.

Professional orientation: Taking teacher education majors as its advantages and characteristics, and at the same time setting up non-teacher education majors according to its own conditions and the needs of local economic and social development, and gradually constructing a professional layout of "highlighting teacher education and appropriate development of non-teaching education".

——Strong teachers

The school adheres to the strategy of “strengthening itself, introducing foreign talents, and sharing the society” to strengthen the school, and comprehensively optimizes the teaching staff. The school has 435 faculty members and 240 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 116 postgraduates with master's degree or above, 1 professor, 28 associate professors, 12 senior lecturers, 119 lecturers, 67 teaching assistants, 1 associate researcher, 21 librarians, provincial and municipal academic leaders and backbones There are 58 teachers and 30 visiting professors are hired from Nankai University and other institutions.

In March 2018, the school sent more than 160 full-time teachers and management personnel to East China Normal University, Southwest University and other schools for training and learning, innovating education and teaching concepts, and improving the education, teaching and management capabilities of all types of personnel.

——Perfect teaching facilities

The school covers an area of 552 acres, with a construction area of nearly 230,000 square meters, including a comprehensive teaching building, an art center, a library, a training center, a multi-functional restaurant, a life service center and six student apartments. The comprehensive teaching building has a construction area of 78,000 square meters, integrating the functions of party and government office, education and teaching, internship and training; a total of 102,000 square meters of teaching, experimental and administrative rooms; 46,000 square meters of student apartments; art center and comprehensive The teaching building has a performance hall, a piano room, an electric steel room, a studio, a dance room, a language room, a computer room, a multimedia classroom, and 22 physical, chemical and biological laboratories; the library has 400,000 paper books and 100,000 e-books. There are more than 500 kinds of periodicals and newspapers, and the large electronic reading room has 200 computers; the sports area is composed of standardized stadiums, basketball courts, tennis courts, etc., totaling 25,000 square meters; the green area of the campus accounts for 40% of the total campus area. The configuration of teaching equipment complies with the standards issued by the Ministry of Education.

The kindergarten affiliated to Shuozhou Teachers Technical College serves as a practical training base for preschool education students in our school. It conducts trials of generalized kindergartens in accordance with relevant national and provincial regulations to promote the development of generalized kindergartens in the city.

-Rich campus culture

The school has established 28 student clubs, with a total of 2,840 registered young volunteers. In 2017, the “Shooshi Fluorescent Volunteer Team” won the “Popular Team Award” in the national “Hundred Groups of Public Welfare Campaign, Ten Thousands of Hearts Doing Public Welfare” activity. One. The young volunteers carried out a variety of volunteer service activities and participated in the "Suozhou City Building a Civilized City Activity". 60 volunteers took to the streets together with the city traffic police to maintain traffic order and participated in the voluntary activities of the Municipal Youth League Congress. Volunteer service activities in the museum, participation in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and walked into the nursing home to carry out the "Caring for the Elderly" volunteer service activities. The volunteer service activities participated in 6,380 person-times throughout the year.

——Good social reputation

The school strengthens applied research and establishes a scientific research work pattern in which basic education research and Shuozhou local cultural research go hand in hand: Shuozhou Branch of Shanxi Academy of Social Sciences and Zhongshan Painting and Calligraphy Academy of the Chinese Revolution have successively settled in our school to establish child psychology, elementary education and other disciplines The Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles listed our school as a base for listed art creation. In the past five years, more than 400 academic papers have been collected by CNKI and 12 books have been published. There are 4 provincial-level topics under research.

The school continues to innovate the talent training model, build a brand for running a school, and condense the characteristics of running a school: the junior college students have participated in the selection examination for college promotion, and have been among the best in the province for 14 consecutive years. The employment rate of students has been stable at more than 90%.

The remarkable benefit of running a school has won wide recognition from all walks of life. Extensively carry out social practice and public welfare activities such as cultural going to the countryside, voluntary services, professional internships, on-the-job teaching support, social surveys, culture and art. It has received more than 90 visits and exchanges from the Ministry of Education, provincial and municipal leaders and brother colleges. The school has been awarded the honorary titles of "Middle and Western Education Consulting Unit", "Education Innovation Demonstration Unit" and "Primary Education Research Base" by the state , Won dozens of awards such as the provincial "Safe Campus" and "Green Campus".