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Yuncheng Teachers Technical College

Our school is a public full-time higher normal college officially approved by the Shanxi Provincial People's Government and the Ministry of Education. The school is located in the university town of Shun Emperor Mausoleum in Yuncheng City, adjacent to Yuncheng College and Yuncheng Nursing Vocational College. It covers an area of more than 450 acres and is a high-standard and modern teachers' college.

As its predecessors, Yuncheng Normal School and Jishan Normal School were both well-known old schools in Hedong and Sanjin. Over the past century, he has trained the country’s first ambassador to the United States, Chai Zemin, former Deputy Secretary-General Zheng Siyuan, CPPCC Standing Committee Member, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, Vice Governor of Shanxi Province Zhang Ping, and former General Political Commissar of the Chengdu Military Region Zhang Zhijian. Party, government and military cadres and tens of thousands of outstanding elementary and middle school teachers. After the reform and opening up, our school strives for survival by quality, management for development, scientific research as the forerunner, employment as the orientation, and training of junior high school teachers with innovative spirit and practical ability as the foundation, consolidates the foundation of higher normal education, and highlights the characteristics of teachers. Deepen teaching-centered reforms, continuously improve the school's school-running level and comprehensive strength, and provide a powerful force for the east and west economic development of Shanxi and the development and overall progress of the social economy and local education in the golden triangle of Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and the Yellow River. Talent support and intellectual support have won wide recognition from the society, and successively won the "National Quality Education Hundred Banners", "National Art Education Advanced Unit", "National Sports Work Advanced Unit", "National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee", "Shanxi "Provincial Excellent Normal School", "Shanxi Province Civilized School", "Shanxi Province Primary and Secondary School Teacher Training Advanced Unit" and many other awards.

The school has a beautiful environment and advanced facilities. There are 15 high-standard buildings such as teaching building, laboratory building, art building, library, studio hall, gymnasium, office building, student apartment building and restaurant. Equipped with modern teaching facilities such as a computer room, campus radio and television station, language room, e-book reading room, psychological consultation room, physical and chemical laboratory, plastic playground, etc., all classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching equipment.

The school has strong teachers. There are 429 full-time and part-time teachers, including 2 doctoral students, 125 postgraduates, 4 foreign teachers, 3 special-grade teachers, 2 national model teachers, 7 provincial-level academic leaders, 8 provincial-level backbone teachers, and associate professors 107 people, 203 lecturers, is a national-level subject research experimental school.

The school has 10 functional offices, 8 teaching business departments, 3 teaching assistant institutions and 3 group organizations. The functional offices include the Party Committee Office, the President’s Office, the Organization and Personnel Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the Student Office, the General Affairs Office, the Finance Office, the Employment Guidance Office, the Veteran Office, and the Security Office; the teaching business departments include the Education and Research Office, the Chinese Department, and the Department of Statistics. Department, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Music, Department of Fine Arts and Art Design, Department of Physical Education, Department of Education and Psychology, Department of Ideological and Political Education, Department of Public Service; teaching auxiliary institutions include audio-visual education centers, libraries, and training offices; group organizations have labor unions , Youth League Committee, Women's Committee.

The school has always adhered to the "people-oriented" philosophy of running a school, and actively explored a new type of talent training program that integrates imparting knowledge, cultivating ability, improving quality, and developing personality, highlighting the characteristics of teachers, and focusing on the training of students' basic skills. Every student is required to pass the national Putonghua test, the simple stroke pass test, and the standard character writing level assessment. Actively organize students to participate in the primary school teacher qualification certificate, English Band 4-6 examination, computer grade examination and college promotion examination.