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Shanxi Vocational College of Information Technology

Shanxi Vocational and Technical College of Information Technology is a full-time college approved by the People's Government of Shanxi Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It implements higher vocational education at the junior college level, enrolls students in a national enrollment plan, and has the qualification to independently issue academic certificates.

The college has three departments: Information Engineering Department, Information Management Department, Art Design and Media Department. There are 22 majors that are in short supply and popular fashion, including mobile Internet application technology, cloud computing technology and application, and digital media technology. Mega campus broadband network, H3C network college training center, software development studio, mobile APP development studio, campus TV station, animation production studio, e-commerce trading platform, etc. 14 experimental training rooms, established in Beijing, Shanghai and other places There are 9 training bases and employment training centers for graduates, and it has carried out long-term cooperation with more than 30 large and medium-sized enterprises and employers, implemented order training, and has more than 3,500 students. The college adheres to the school-running philosophy of "learning professional skills and being a Chinese in capital", holding high the banner of "our mission is to provide education for employment", highlighting the core skills of skills education, and attaching importance to the cultivation of humanities. Higher employment rate.

In recent years, the college has won 11 national awards such as "National Top Ten Higher Vocational Colleges with Best Employment Rate", National Advanced Units of "Self-discipline and Integrity Construction", "National Demonstration Schools with Most Employment Competitiveness", and Shanxi Province has won five consecutive national awards. In the "Safe Campus" in 2015, students won more than 100 national and provincial skill competition awards.

On April 14, 2012, the headline of the "China Education News" was titled "Small Vocational College Breaks into the Big Shanghai Financial Employment Door". It truthfully reported that our college has been deeply integrated and developed with many financial companies in Shanghai, and graduates are well received by enterprises. Favored news has aroused widespread heated discussion in the society and spread as good news.