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Shuozhou Vocational and Technical College

Shuozhou Vocational and Technical College is located in the beautiful southwest corner of Shuozhou City, with Huihe Water Park in the south, Xishan Forest Park in the west, and Jinsha Botanical Garden in the north. Vocational education schools and colleges recruit graduates from junior and senior high schools, technical secondary schools, and technical secondary schools across the province, and mainly carry out secondary and higher vocational education, taking into account various vocational trainings in the society.

The predecessor of the college was Shuozhou Agricultural School in Shanxi Province, founded in 1957. In the 60 years since its establishment, the college has trained tens of thousands of professional and technical personnel and social management personnel at all levels and types for the society, and has made great contributions to the social and economic development of the Shuotong region and the entire province. Since the beginning of the new century, with the strong support of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, in order to adapt to the local economic development, in 2004, in cooperation with Shanxi Agricultural University, the "Shanxi Agricultural University Shuozhou Vocational and Technical College" was established, and the first college level students were recruited. ; In April 2007, approved by the provincial government, "Suozhou Vocational and Technical College" was formally established. It was filed by the Ministry of Education in April 2008, and students were officially enrolled in September.

The college campus covers an area of 370,000 square meters, with reasonable architectural layout, complete facilities, beautiful natural environment, and strong cultural atmosphere. The entire campus is divided into four functional areas: teaching area, living area, service area, and activity area, with a total construction area of 153,000 It is a typical garden-style modern university campus with a green area of 150,000 square meters. There are teaching buildings, libraries, biological laboratory buildings, industrial training buildings, student apartments, teacher apartments, restaurants, stadiums, sports art centers, training buildings, guest houses and other buildings in the school. The school has 60 multimedia classrooms, 6 informatization teaching and training rooms and 3 on-campus training bases; the library has 136,000 paper books and 20GB e-books.

The college currently has 216 faculty members and 20 external teachers. Among the formal faculty, there are 181 full-time teachers, of which 46 are deputy senior titles, 60 are intermediate titles; 84 are dual-qualified teachers; there are 2 national famous teachers, 2 provincial academic leaders, 1 provincial special-level model worker, and brigade. There are 2 American scholars, and 4 senior experts contacted by the Municipal Party Committee.

The college currently has 8 party, government and group management functions and 4 teaching and teaching auxiliary institutions. There are three departments including the basic teaching department, the secondary school teaching department, the biological engineering department, the social management engineering department, and the energy and resource engineering department. Two departments with 5 basic teaching departments. The hospital currently offers 29 higher vocational majors, including animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, veterinary medicine (pet orientation), horticulture, accounting, hotel management, e-commerce, wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, ceramic production, automobile repair, mechatronics, coal chemical industry, etc. There are 7 secondary vocational majors, including 1 provincial characteristic major, 2 central financial support majors, 3 provincial key majors, and 5 provincial demonstration training base majors. The college has 3 research institutes including animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, gardening, and small miscellaneous grains, 5 scientific research and social service institutions including animal epidemic detection center, embryo transfer experiment center, and pet hospital. There are 78 internships in 3 professional training bases on campus. The training room includes 13 animal husbandry and veterinary majors, 5 e-commerce majors, and 3 ceramic production technology majors. There are 45 school-enterprise cooperation practice training and employment bases outside the school. The total value of teaching and laboratory equipment in the hospital is 32.89 million yuan.

Over the years, the college has adhered to the fundamentals of establishing morality, serving development as its purpose, and promoting employment as its purpose, deepening the integration of chemical engineering and learning, integration of production and education, and making every effort to promote school-enterprise cooperation. Focusing on the development ideas of "reform and innovation, cooperation and joint construction, highlighting characteristics, and improving quality", we will innovate the school management system and mechanism, actively adapt to economic and social development trends, continuously meet the needs of regional industrial transformation and upgrading, and adjust and optimize professional settings in a timely manner , With the construction of a provincial-level first-class higher vocational college as the starting point, school-enterprise cooperation as a breakthrough point, increase investment in professional construction, continue to strengthen the connotative development of the college, gradually enrich the school’s characteristics, and greatly enhance the college’s core competitiveness. The level of professional skills and vocational quality has been significantly improved, and the employment rate of graduates and social satisfaction have always been maintained above 80%.

The college has been recognized as a training base for college student village officials in Shanxi Province, a modern agricultural training base in Shanxi Province, a training base for medical personnel in Shanxi Province, a national 3D design talent training base, and a reemployment training base for laid-off workers in Shuozhou. The college has achieved unprecedented results in vocational skills training and professional skills competitions. Since 2013, it has completed more than 25,000 various social trainings for Shanxi Province and Shuozhou City, and successfully held three vocational colleges for teachers and students in Shanxi Province. The Veterinary Professional Skills Competition has won 12 national and 144 provincial skill competition awards, including 1 national first prize, 4 second prizes, 7 third prizes, 38 provincial first prizes, and second prizes. There were 48 second prizes and 58 third prizes.

During the sixty-year history of running a school, we have faced difficulties, forged ahead, and constantly innovated. We have accumulated a strong cultural heritage, nurtured thousands of outstanding students, and earned a reputation for society. Shanxi Province Civilization School, Shanxi Province Safe Campus, Shuozhou Labor Competition Collective First Prize, Shanxi Province Popular Science Education Demonstration School, and other medals and trophies have all witnessed our sacred mission of inheriting civilization, imparting knowledge, spreading morals, and spreading hope And brilliant performance.