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Lu'an Vocational and Technical College

Shanxi Province Lu’an Vocational Secondary Vocational School was formerly known as Lu’an Mining (Group) Company Vocational High School (formerly known as Lu’an Mining Group Company No. 2 Middle School). It was approved by the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education on January 28, 2014 to establish the “Lu’an, Shanxi Province”. Vocational secondary professional school" is affiliated to Shanxi Lu'an Mining Group Co., Ltd. The school is located at No. 2 Binghua Road, Changzhi City (formerly the site of the July 21st Workers College of Lu Bureau). It is a self-run school that integrates academic education and skills training.

The school covers an area of 123.71 acres, with a building area of 83,400 square meters, and can accommodate more than 4,000 students to study and live at the same time. The school teaching building, comprehensive number, training building, apartment building, lecture hall, restaurant, bathhouse are scattered with each other, sculptures, promenades, pavilions, fountains complement each other, playground, basketball court, badminton court, taekwondo room, sports room, outreach training The base layout is reasonable, modern teaching and training facilities are readily available, and broadband Internet achieves full coverage. The campus is interspersed with flowers and trees, and the lawn is like a green lawn. It is a modern national key vocational school with beautiful environment, first-class facilities and complete functions.

The school has a total of 223 faculty members, including 154 full-time teachers. The school currently has 3,200 students. It trains more than 10,000 employees for the Lu'an Group every year. More than 2,000 students have been upgraded to "Send Education to Mine". Major coal mine majors such as chemical technology, computer application, mine ventilation and safety. Among them, the major of mine electromechanical, chemical technology and computer application are the provincial demonstration majors.

The school has established an electrical and electronic training base supported by the state finance, a chemical process training base, a computer application training base, an electromechanical training base, and a self-funded outreach training base, and other internal training bases supported by the provincial finance; established Several off-campus training bases relying on Lu'an Group.

In 2013, the school was awarded the honorary title of “Management Five-Star School”; in April, the model school construction plan successfully passed the review by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Finance, and successfully ranked third in the National Model School Construction Plan Approved the establishment of the project construction unit; in June, the national "second-level production safety training institution" qualification was approved for approval.

The school will establish a national high-skilled personnel education and training base and build a national secondary vocational education reform and development model school as the goal of achieving a new round of transformation and development.