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Yangquan Teachers Technical College

Yangquan Teachers College (formerly Pingding Normal School) and Shanxi Provincial Special Education Normal School are located in Yuguan Gate, Pingding Shangcheng, Guzhou City, where there are beautiful and talented people. The environment is beautiful and the transportation is convenient. It is adjacent to Yuguan in the east, Liubei in the south, Guanshan in the west, and Xiacheng in the north. It has a long history and outstanding people.

The Yuguan Gate here was where Han Xin, a famous general of the Han Dynasty, stationed troops when he attacked the Kingdom of Zhao; this is the former site of Guanshan Academy, where the “famous state of literature” Guping Dingzhou was popular and enlightened; it was the birth of the first special branch of the Pingding Middle School of the local party organization of the Chinese Communist Party in Yangquan. Ground.

In February 1949, the Shanxi Provincial Pingding Normal School was established here in compliance with the order of the North China People's Government. In 1989, the Shanxi Special Education Normal School was founded at the same site, and the two schools jointly established the school. The school undertakes the task of cultivating qualified primary school teachers and special education teachers. Since its establishment, the school has always fully implemented the party’s educational policy, adhered to the dominant position of teacher education, adhered to connotation construction, cultivated basic education talents with all aspects of moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development, and adhered to the socialist direction of running a school. The excellent school spirit of "diligence and frugality, dedication and truth-seeking", following the school philosophy of "establishing schools with characteristics, establishing schools with quality, strengthening schools with talents, and revitalizing schools with culture", implements one body and two wings, namely, "special teacher education as the main body, ordinary teacher education and The school-running model of "Continuing Teacher Education as Two Wings" has trained more than 27,000 qualified teachers and outstanding talents for the country.

In March 2010, according to the document “On agreeing to establish Yangquan Teachers College” (Jiaofahan [2010] No. 50) issued by the Ministry of Education, Yangquan Education College and Shanxi Pingding Teachers College merged to form Yangquan Teachers College. Starting in 2010, college students from the starting point of high school will be recruited nationwide, with a three-year schooling period. The current school's majors are: Chinese education, mathematics education, English education, modern education technology, art education, music education, physical education, special education, preschool education, community rehabilitation, early education, photography and video art, etc. 12 majors. The counterpart enrollment is aimed at recruiting junior college students from the starting point of technical secondary schools across the province. The current majors are special education, preschool education, language education, mathematics education, modern education technology, music education, art education, and physical education. The school system is 3 years. The five-year college enrolls students starting from junior high school. There are three majors: Chinese education, mathematics education, and English education. , A college diploma will be awarded after graduation. Shanxi Special Education Teachers will recruit 3+2 students from the starting point of junior high schools across the province from this year, major: special education, school system: 3+2, after the students complete the first three years of studies, Shanxi Provincial Special Education Normal School will issue a secondary school graduation certificate and an employment registration certificate , Can participate in the preschool teacher qualification certificate examination; graduates who intend to continue to college, pass the mid-term selection organized by the school, and go directly to the special education major of Yangquan Teachers College to continue their studies. After the two-year academic period expires, they will be awarded a college diploma and register for employment. You can participate in the primary school teacher qualification certificate examination, and the three certificates are complete to participate in the primary school teacher recruitment examination.

Development plan

Adhering to the concept of advancing with the times in the inheritance of history, the school adheres to the school thinking of "building a school with characteristics, building a school with quality, building a school with talents, and building a school with culture", fully implements the scientific development concept, vigorously promotes educational innovation, and continuously deepens teaching The reform has formed a school-running pattern with regular higher normal college education as the main body, and teacher continuing education and special normal education as the two wings. After scientific demonstration, the school has formulated a long-term development plan and is currently implementing the 1235517 project. It is preparing to forge ahead to a first-class normal college with strong teachers, standardized management, beautiful environment, and high enterprising spirit. By 2020, there will be 12 teaching majors, 300 full-time teachers, an area of 500 acres of campus, 170,000 square meters of teaching and administrative buildings, and an enrollment of up to 5,000 students. At that time, a Yangquan Teachers College with reasonable layout, beautiful environment, strict management, high-quality standardization, human culture, landscaping, and digitalization will become a beautiful scenery in Jindong area, which will greatly enhance the local Cultural taste. With strong teachers, standardized management, beautiful environment, and high enterprising spirit, we are forging ahead to a first-class normal college.

Teaching facilities

Our school has complete facilities and a strong modern atmosphere. It now covers an area of 305 acres, with a construction area of 120,000 square meters. There are teaching buildings, comprehensive buildings, Shaw teaching buildings, student apartment buildings, wind and rain playgrounds, studios, training buildings, plastic playgrounds, libraries, gymnasiums, catering centers, etc.; equipped with a computer room, language room, amphitheater, multimedia teachers Preparing classrooms, micro-teaching classrooms, audio-visual reading rooms, etc.; computers and digital projectors are installed in each classroom, which truly realizes modern multimedia teaching. Now it has more than 250,000 books; teaching facilities such as physics, chemistry and biology laboratory are fully functional; piano practice room, braille typing room, rhythm classroom, dance hall, calligraphy and calligraphy activity room and other professional classrooms; the school has a campus network with advanced equipment and functions A complete multimedia teaching system, with more than 700 computers, 6 dedicated multimedia classrooms, and two electronic reading rooms. Digital and networked teaching have been realized, and the conditions for running schools have been standardized.


The school has strong teachers. The school has 289 faculty members and 211 full-time teachers, including 1 special-grade teacher, 78 associate professors, 83 lecturers, and more than 30 provincial and municipal subject leaders and key teachers. There are 92 teaching classes and nearly 4,000 students in the school. It is a comprehensive normal college with large scale, multiple majors, strict management and high quality in Shanxi Province. The number of students in the school, the number of full-time teachers, the ratio of teachers to students, the number of senior professional and technical positions in full-time teachers, the average land area per student, the average school building area per student, the average student books, and the average value of equipment and equipment have all reached the national standards for running a school. .

School goals

Our school has clear goals and outstanding characteristics. The school adheres to the guiding ideology of “laying the foundation for the life-long development of students”. In terms of training goals, it implements education preparation education and employment preparation education in a purposeful manner; in terms of curriculum settings, it focuses on strengthening English and computer teaching; in terms of school characteristics, there are Cultivate students' innovative spirit and practical ability in a targeted manner. Students have "one specialization, multiple abilities, all-round development", "one diploma, multiple certificates", "one import, multiple exports", and they have obvious specialties whether they enter a higher education or get a job. Advantages and competitiveness.


The starting point of high school and the junior college students enrolled this year will have a three-year academic system. Junior high school students have a five-year schooling system. After the end of their studies, they will be issued a college diploma, and they can also participate in the province's "college-upgrading" exam, and go to relevant universities in the province to continue their studies and obtain an undergraduate diploma. In 2016, our school’s undergraduate promotion results were commendable. There were 120 candidates who participated in the undergraduate promotion, and 19 outstanding graduates were admitted to the undergraduate school. The school will actively recommend to employers and hold a recruitment conference to solve students' worries. In the past two years, the employment rate of our school’s junior college graduates has reached over 85%. In particular, the two majors of preschool education and special education are highly favored by employers, and the demand for graduates exceeds demand. English education, preschool education, and special education are our school's characteristic majors. According to the spirit of the Ministry of Education, counties and districts with a population of more than 300,000 nationwide will open a special education school. Our school is the only special education professional in Shanxi Province. The employment prospects of graduates of this major are optimistic.