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Shanxi Sports Vocational College

Shanxi Sports Vocational College was established with the approval of Shanxi Provincial People's Government on April 14, 2004, and the superior authority is Shanxi Provincial Sports Bureau. The college is currently the only sports higher vocational college in Shanxi Province, and it is also a training base for high-level sports reserve talents that the State Sports General Administration focuses on the Olympic strategy. At present, the number of students in the college has reached more than 3,000.

The college now has 8 party and government management departments, 2 group organizations, 7 teaching departments, and 3 teaching assistant centers. There are currently 7 leaders in the whole hospital, with a total of 24 middle-level cadres (deputy division level) and 25 middle-level deputy cadres (deputy division level). The school currently has 192 registered employees, including 133 full-time teachers and coaches. Among the professional and technical personnel, 39 have senior titles (3 professors and 38 associate professors; 8 senior coaches and 2 associate senior professional and technical personnel) People), 69 people with intermediate titles and 15 people with junior titles. Among the full-time teachers, 2 have a doctoral degree, and 85 have obtained a master's degree. There are 2 international referees and 9 national referees in our institute.

In terms of professional settings, the college cooperates with Shanxi University to run a full-time undergraduate education in sports training; the junior college level now offers sports training, social sports, leisure sports, golf sports and management, traditional national sports, sports art performance, and sports operations. And management, sports health and rehabilitation, marketing, e-sports sports and management, fitness guidance and management, international standard dance, dance performances, infant care services and management, flight attendants, civil aviation safety and security, civil aviation safety technology management, Aviation logistics management, broadcasting and hosting, sports data analysis, physical training, and drone application technology also have a five-year consistent system: sports training, sports health and rehabilitation, and other 24 majors. At the secondary school level, there are two majors in sports training, leisure sports service and management. In addition, the college also undertakes the teaching tasks of the Shanxi Correspondence Station of Beijing Sport University.

The college is not only an important training base for competitive sports reserve talents in Shanxi Province, but also a high-level sports reserve talent base for the Olympic strategy of the State Sports General Administration. Some projects represented Shanxi directly undertaking the task of participating in the national sports games. The college currently covers an actual area of 276.22 acres, and the total area of various buildings on the campus is about 29,200 square meters.