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Shanxi Vocational College of Art

Shanxi Vocational College of Art is a new college established in March 2020 through the reform and reorganization of nine units including the former Shanxi Vocational College of Art, the former Shanxi Theatre Vocational College, Shanxi Provincial Jin Theater, and Shanxi Provincial Peking Opera Theater. It is affiliated to the Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and is under the guidance of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education. It is the only higher vocational art college in the province.

The college has strong strength and outstanding results in running the school. The predecessor of the original Shanxi Vocational College of Art was the Shanxi Provincial Art School, which was founded in 1951. It was the first art school in Shanxi. People's artist and famous printmaker Liqun was the first principal. In 1958, it was upgraded to Shanxi Art College (undergraduate), the first independent undergraduate art college in Shanxi. It was jointly restructured into Shanxi Vocational College of Art in 2000, and it was the first art higher vocational college in the country. The former Shanxi Drama Vocational College was founded in 1958 as the Shanxi Experimental Theater Drama School. Ding Guoxian, the famous Jin opera performing art "Xusheng Taidou", was once the principal. In 2002, it merged with Shanxi Provincial Theatre Research Institute to form Shanxi Theatre Vocational College. In the past, both colleges and universities have been adhering to the mission of "producing talents, producing works, and serving the society" in their development, insisting on running "characteristic education, high-quality education, and brand education", and successfully applied for high-quality higher vocational colleges in Shanxi Province in 2019. , Has embarked on an innovative road of "market-oriented, diversified education, practice first, and service to the society".

In the 70 years of development, Shanxi Vocational College of Art and Shanxi Vocational College of Drama have a deep historical relationship. They have been renamed and merged several times, and have cultivated more than 40,000 artistic talents at all levels and various types for the society, becoming the culture and art of our province. An important base for talent training and education.

The college currently has 559 faculty members and 5,704 students, including 4,102 in senior vocational schools and 1,602 in secondary vocational schools. The majors include 32 higher vocational majors out of 6 major categories, including dance performance, music performance, art design, fine arts, drama and film performance, broadcasting and hosting, and radio, film and television program production. Many majors are national and provincial key majors, characteristic majors, national and provincial key training rooms, 1 national professional teaching resource library, 1 national quality course, and 12 provincial quality courses. There are more than 80 visiting professors including dozens of experts contacted by the Ministry of Culture and the provincial level, well-known scholar Yu Qiuyu, and national first-level editor Zhang Jigang. The college actively invites famous experts in the industry to preach and teach, and has established more than 20 famous studios including "Wang Ai'ai Studio", "Wuzhong Studio" and "Four Big Bangzi Studios". The college arranged and created a series of fine repertoires such as "Handful of Wild Jujube", "Ink Spring and Autumn", and "Liberation". It has successively won the "Five One Project" award, the top ten fine repertoires of the National Stage Art Project, the Wenhua Award, and the Cultural Award. He has made outstanding contributions to telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese voices. Due to the outstanding achievements of the college, since 2014, it has been designated by the Ministry of Culture as the “National Training Base for Cultural Cadres” and “National Basic-level Cultural Team Training Base”, and by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture as the “Research on the Inheritance of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage”. Participate in colleges and universities in the training program", and achieved outstanding results in talent training, artistic creation and service to the society.

Standing at a new starting point, the college is advancing to learn Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, actively implement the decisions and deployments of the provincial party committee and the Promoting reform and innovation, we are striving towards the three major goals of "remodeling reform, new campus construction, and vocational undergraduate construction" determined by the Provincial Party Committee, and strive to build the college into "a distinctive, internationally influential, domestic "First-class high-quality art professional undergraduate colleges" rank among the best among similar colleges in the country, providing intellectual support and talent guarantee for the construction of a major cultural province, a major cultural heritage province, and a major cultural and tourism province.