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Shanxi Vocational College of Drama

Shanxi Opera Vocational College was founded in 1958, formerly known as Shanxi Opera School. It was upgraded to Shanxi Opera Vocational College in 2002 with the approval of the provincial government and the record of the Ministry of Education.

The college has a complete set of majors and strong faculty. There are 17 majors in 7 departments of opera, music, dance, fine arts, drama, film and television, culture and art management, and tourism management. There are currently more than 2,300 students, more than 300 faculty members, and 9 senior titles, including 6 professors (including 1 second-level professor), 1 first-level actor, 1 first-level performer, and 1 researcher. Enjoy There are 2 government subsidy experts from the State Council, 4 provincial-level industry vice chairmen, 56 deputy senior titles, 73 intermediate titles, and 157 double-qualified teachers, accounting for more than 80% of full-time teachers. In addition, the college also actively invites industry experts to preach and teach in the school, and established opera masters "Wang Aiai Studio", "Wuzhong Studio", "Miao Jie Studio", "Four Bangzi Studios", and music master "Liu Gaiyu". Studio", famous dancers "Jin Xiaoping Studio", "Li Mingzhen Studio", famous artists "Zhang Zemin Studio", "Wang Xuehui Studio", famous calligraphy artist "Han Shaohui Studio", film and television famous "Dong Huaiyu Studio", and "Li Kejian Studio" 14 master studios including the famous folk art artist "Ma Xiaoping Studio", the art category covers 5 key majors such as opera, music, dance, fine arts, and film and television. Over the past 60 years since its establishment, the school has cultivated nearly 20,000 artistic talents of various types, and many outstanding graduates have become famous singers, famous actors, performing artists, dancers, painters, art theorists, etc., leaders of the five major colleges and art backbones in Shanxi Province Most of them are graduates of our college. The college has maintained the title of national key technical secondary school for 22 consecutive years, has been awarded "National Advanced Unit for Cultural Work", has been named "Provincial Civilized and Harmonious Unit Model" for 9 consecutive years, and has been named "Excellent Higher Vocational Education Talent" twice in a row Training Unit", was awarded the title of "Advanced Primary Party Organization" by the Provincial Work Committee in 2018, and the director unit of the music editor committee of the "National Art Vocational Education Series Textbook" by the Chinese Art Vocational Education Society of the Ministry of Culture. It is the only one in the province Art-related provincial-level model higher vocational colleges. At present, the college has entered the ranks of provincial higher vocational "quality colleges".

Since the establishment of the school for more than 60 years, the college has adopted the basic strategy of "producing talents and producing high-quality goods", giving full play to the advantages of human resources, creating and arranging the national symphony "Roots of China", "Four Big Bangzi Symphony Concert", "Sing and Enjoy Shanxi-Classic Folk Songs" Meeting, large-scale rap drama "Liberation", Jin opera modern drama "The Man Who Holds the Sun", children's drama "I Can Be the Monitor", "Red Star Yang", "Before We Get Old", "Hello? Jelly Beans", etc. A series of influential masterpieces. Among them, the large-scale rap drama "Liberation" has been toured more than a thousand times across the country, and won the "Five One Project Award" of the Central Propaganda Department, "National Stage Art Boutique Key Funded Repertoire", "Wenhua New Important national-level awards such as "Repertoire Award" have become a brilliant business card for foreign cultural exchanges in our province. Due to the outstanding achievements of the college, it has been designated by the Ministry of Culture as the "National Training Base for Cultural Cadres" and "National Basic-level Cultural Team Training Base", and by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture as "China's Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Research and Training Program Participating University" . In 2018, the vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Lu Zhangong, visited the college for research and gave full affirmation and high praise to the college's over 60 years of upright innovation and inheritance development.

The college has always adhered to the school motto of "Advocating the good and the beauty, both virtue and art", based on morality, inheritance and promotion of national excellent culture and art, and cultivate high-quality skilled cultural and artistic talents for the construction of cultural tourism and economic and social development in Shanxi. "Based in Shanxi, relying on the industry, radiating the surrounding areas, and facing the whole country" has formed a school that focuses on academic education and industry training, focuses on stage performance art to expand new cultural majors, and focuses on higher vocational education to link secondary vocational education. A new model of multi-level and all-round talent training has gradually explored a path of reform and innovation in the cultivation of artistic talents of "drama-driven, college-troupe cooperation, integration of learning and performance, and service to the society". It has now become the field of cultural and artistic vocational education in our province. A strong team.

At present, the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Government decided that on March 5, 2020, the original Shanxi Vocational College of Art and the original Shanxi Theatre Vocational College will be officially merged to form the new Shanxi Vocational College of Art. This is the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government starting from the overall situation of the comprehensive reform and development of the resource-based economy in the province, in order to further promote the high-quality development of higher art vocational colleges, accelerate the cultivation of cultural and artistic talents, promote the prosperity of culture and arts, and cultivate and expand the strategic pillars of cultural tourism. Major strategic deployments made by the sex industry and the construction of a strong cultural and tourism province.

The future can be expected. In a new era and a new starting point, the college will continue to build on the past, take advantage of the momentum, continue to adhere to the province’s positioning of running schools throughout the country, and strive to become the province’s artistic talent training, artistic creation and production, cultural inheritance and innovation, and service A high-standard and high-level base for economic and social development, it will be built into a domestic first-class high-quality art vocational college with distinctive characteristics, a certain international influence, and rank among the top of the same kind of colleges in the country. The future of Shanxi Vocational College of Art will be Better and more brilliant!