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Jinzhong Teachers Technical College

Jinzhong Teachers Technical College is a municipal university that mainly trains teachers for elementary school and preschool education. The predecessor of the school was Taigu Normal School of Shanxi Province, which was the same age as the Republic of China, and Taihang Normal School of Shanxi Province, which was established in 1985. In March 2010, the school took the lead in independent upgrades among the province’s 16 primary and secondary normal schools, and was approved by the Ministry of Education to be established as a normal professional school, achieving leapfrog development. Over the past 70 years since the establishment of the school, the school has always adhered to the school motto of "Love the whole world", the style of study of "playful learning, good thinking, and practice" and the teaching style of "rigorous, liberal and exemplary", and delivered 54536 qualified talents to the society. Among them, 23,926 college students have been trained since the upgrade, and they have made important contributions to economic and social undertakings, especially the reform and development of local basic education.

The first phase of the school covers an area of 261 acres, and the second phase reserves 157.76 acres of land. The school building covers an area of 142395.72 square meters. The campus has a novel architectural design, complete facilities, and complete functions. It has an office area, a teaching area, a living area, and a sports area. The total value of fixed assets of the school is 47.123 million yuan, the asset value of teaching and research equipment is 41.53 million yuan, and the asset value of information equipment is 3.217 million yuan. The school has 578,000 books and 85,000 electronic books.

At present, there are 571 faculty members, 385 full-time teachers, 2 professors, 99 associate professors, 204 teachers with a master's degree or above, 31 school-level professional leaders, 45 key teachers, 1 three-year-old talent, colleges and universities 1 teaching teacher. The school's faculty and staff have won 60 national honors, 125 provincial honors, and 60 municipal honors.

There are 8489 students in school. The school recruits students from the whole province and western provinces such as Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, etc., with a total of 34 majors, including 14 teacher-training majors, 20 non-teacher-training majors, 2 majors supported by the central government, and top 100 provincial backbones There are 2 majors, 1 provincial-level key major, and one provincial-level high-level key major. A number of professional groups with "teacher-based, teacher-trained and non-teacher-trained majors mutually supporting each other" are being formed, and there are 215 off-campus practice bases, and there are There are 256 training rooms (bases).

There are 87 cadres at or above the deputy section level, including 5 members of the leadership team, 29 cadres at the deputy section level, 14 cadres at the department level and 38 cadres at the deputy section level. There are 25 functional departments, including 6 party committee departments, 9 administrative departments, 2 teaching assistant departments, and 8 teaching departments. There are 8 general party branches, 26 party branches (including 3 retired party branches), and 364 party members, including 238 party members on the job, 58 retired party members, and 68 student party members.

In recent years, the school has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, earnestly implemented the party’s educational policy, and closely focused on the provincial party committee’s “four as four, high and two simultaneous” overall ideas and the municipal party committee’s “three, four, five, one” strategic goals. Closely follow the fundamental task of Lide’s cultivation of people, adhere to the mission of “educate people for the party and cultivate talents for the country”, comprehensively strengthen the party’s leadership, comprehensively promote the modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities, comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training, and comprehensively improve the service for local economic and social development Ability to make great progress in the new journey of creating a first-class higher vocational college in the country.

——The school's orientation, philosophy, and ideas for running a school have been further clarified. Since its promotion, the school’s party committee has insisted on taking root in China’s territorial education and consciously aligning the school’s development with the economic and social development of Shanxi and Jinzhong. The forefront of the development of basic education", with "adhering to the teacher-based, diversified development strategy, and creating a first-class vocational college in the country" as the positioning of the school, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, focus on the new development pattern, and high-quality development Teacher majors, high-standard construction of non-teacher majors, high starting point to build arts and crafts majors, comprehensively promote the modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities, comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training, comprehensively enhance the ability to serve local economic and social development, and make the school's development goals more specific and more connotative Clear.

——The scale, structure, quality and efficiency of the school have been further optimized. The school insists on building first-class majors, first-class courses, and cultivating first-class talents. It has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Taiyuan Normal University, and signed a cooperative education agreement with the "Five Halls" of Jinzhong City to continuously expand educational resources; it has also cooperated with Zuoquan County Vocational High School and many other middle schools. The vocational school signed an enrollment cooperation agreement, opened up the "secondary vocational-higher vocational" direct promotion channel, vigorously implemented the "five enrollment", and achieved simultaneous development of enrollment scale and school-running benefits. At the same time, vigorously promote the transformation and development, build a "preschool education + special education" talent training model, use the entire school to establish preschool education majors, and actively promote the development of non-teacher majors such as flight attendants and e-commerce. The school currently has 34 majors in 14 education majors, and 20 non-teacher majors. It has gradually established a professional development pattern of "teacher-oriented, teacher-trained majors and non-teacher majors support each other", and formed pre-school education 7 professional clusters including, language education.

——The school practice teaching link has been further deepened, and the ability of students to obtain vocational skills certificates has been continuously improved. The school has increased the construction of various laboratories, more than 60 advanced multimedia classrooms have been put into use, and the construction of small smart classrooms is also stepping up. The school communicated closely with localities and enterprises, and signed more than 260 professional internship training bases for teachers and non-teachers. All these meet the needs of education internships and internships for teachers majoring in education and internships and training for non-teaching majors. The school vigorously advocates the reform of the "college degree education + vocational skills certificate" talent training model, and strives to improve students' practical ability. The rate of obtaining vocational skills certificates for graduates has greatly increased, and they have repeatedly won in the National Mathematical Modeling Competition and various provincial vocational skills competitions. Jackpot.

——The school further demonstrates its characteristics of educating people and educating people. Taking the opportunity to implement the "Outline for the Implementation of Patriotism Education in the New Era", with the loyalty to practice the core socialist values as the main line, we will vigorously promote the spirit of the school motto "Love the whole world", and explore cultural connotation, cultural carrier construction, cultural brand building, and cultural activities Focus on the development of cultural environment, adhere to the study of ceramics, adhere to the "local excellent culture into the classroom" teaching reform project research, adhere to the basic skills training of teacher students, adhere to the development of festival cultural education activities, "using knowledge and culture to create the soul of the teacher"" The characteristics of cultural education, such as strengthening teachers' aspirations with local excellent culture, "improving teachers' ability with teacher education culture", and "making teachers' morals with festival culture", are increasingly manifested. "China Education News" and "Shanxi Daily" respectively carried out special reports on our school's insistence on carrying out festival cultural education activities and in-depth promotion of the "local excellent culture in the classroom" teaching reform project.

——The school's social reputation and ability to serve local economic and social development have been further improved. In recent years, the school's liberal arts and science enrollment scores have consistently ranked among the forefront of similar institutions in the province, and the one-time investment rate of students has reached 100%. The school gives full play to its intellectual and talent advantages, is committed to cultivating high-quality skilled talents that are urgently needed for local economic and social development, and actively inherits and develops Zuoquan folk songs, Xiaohua Opera, and local excellent cultures such as Xingyiquan, ceramic art, lacquer art, and Jinzuo furniture. . The Department of Fine Arts actively created and named the first municipal-level vocational education master studio. Based on the intangible cultural heritage of Jinzhong-Pingyao lacquer art, it is committed to the inheritance and innovation of Pingyao lacquer art; at the same time, it founded the "Jinshi Cultural and Creative Micro-pattern" "Tang", actively serving the local economic and social development. In the fight against the epidemic prevention and control and the overall battle, teachers and students actively participated in the fight against the "epidemic" organized by the University Volunteer Alliance, and made outstanding contributions to local epidemic prevention and control.

The school has successively won the "National Standardized Demonstration School of Language and Characters", "National Standardized Demonstration School of Calligraphy Education", and "National Advanced Unit of Education and Research" by the Ministry of Education; it was awarded "Shanxi Provincial Model Worker Advanced Collective" and "Shanxi Provincial Civilized School". , "Shanxi Province Model School of Administering Schools According to Law", "Shanxi Province University Graduates Employment Apprenticeship Provincial Model School"; won Jinzhong City "Civilized and Harmonious Unit", "Vocational Education Advanced Collective", "Four-Star Party Organization", etc. Multiple honors.