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Shanxi Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Trade

Shanxi Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Trade is a full-time junior college level public higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education and Shanxi Provincial People's Government and affiliated to the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education. Founded in August 1978, it was formerly known as Shanxi Finance and Trade School. In October 1993, it was rated as provincial and ministerial-level key technical secondary school. In November 1994, it was rated as a key technical secondary school of the Ministry of Domestic Trade. In May 2000, it was rated as a national-level key technical secondary school. In April 2002, it was upgraded to Shanxi Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Trade, which is a "Shanxi Province Demonstrative Higher Vocational College".

The college is located at No. 26, Minhang South Road, Taiyuan. It covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters, with a school building area of more than 90,000 square meters. It has teaching buildings, student apartments, restaurants, auditoriums, standard sports fields, and 11 electronic reading rooms. There are 58 advanced modern experimental training rooms that are matched with majors, and all teaching activities adopt multimedia teaching methods. The library currently has a collection of more than 262,000 books, more than 236,000 e-books, 67,000 e-journals, 250,000 dissertations, and 200 hours of audio and video. Equipped with 1,920 computers and 142 sets of multimedia equipment. The campus network structure is reasonable and standardized, and the office, teaching, experiment and training areas are covered by the entire network. There are more than 5330 students in the school. There are currently 250 teachers, including 3 senior professors, 70 associate professors, and 160 postgraduates. There are 8 teaching units, including accounting department, economics and trade department, internet of things technology department, cultural tourism department, engineering and art design department, public course basic teaching department, ideological and political theory teaching department and school-enterprise cooperation training department, and a total of 17 majors . Among them are: accounting, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, 2 key construction majors supported by the central finance, 1 provincial-level teaching reform pilot major in marketing, 2 provincial-level specialty majors in accounting and chain operation management, accounting, marketing, e-commerce, and logistics Manage 4 majors in Shanxi Province's higher vocational colleges, 5 key construction majors in provincial demonstration schools, including accounting, logistics management, advertising design and production, tourism management, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, and 2 provincial-level majors in investment and financial management, and computer network technology Key construction majors, environment and art design 1 high-level key major of vocational education; 1 logistics training base supported by the central finance, 1 refrigeration training base supported by provincial finance, 2 provincial demonstration training bases, 2 Provincial-level key construction training base, 1 provincial-level high-level training base. It has a group of outstanding teachers, including the winners of the "May 1st" Labor Medal and the outstanding teachers of Shanxi Province, including the "double-qualified" teachers. Successive students have been among the best in the national and provincial college student culture and vocational skills competitions, with outstanding results.

The college continues to explore and innovate education and teaching methods and education models. It has achieved remarkable results in education and has won a good social reputation. It has successively won the "Provincial Civilized Unit", "Shanxi Province Demonstrative Higher Vocational College", and "Shanxi Province Moral Education Demonstration School" ", "Shanxi Province Model Unit", "Shanxi Province Democratic Management Model School", "Shanxi Province College Student Ideological and Political Education Advanced Collective", "Shanxi Province Vocational Education Advanced Unit", "Shanxi Province to Create a Safe Campus Advanced Unit", "All "Advanced Group for the "Three Governance" of Provincial Universities", "Advanced Unit for University Archives", "Advanced Unit for Food Work in Shanxi Province", "Advanced Unit for Computer Application Ability Assessment in Shanxi Province", "Advanced Group for Putonghua Testing in Taiyuan City", etc. Honorary title. In recent years, the college has been awarded as a national and provincial pilot unit for modern apprenticeship; a model higher vocational college in Shanxi Province; an advanced unit of vocational education in Shanxi Province; and a high-quality school cultivation and construction unit in Shanxi Province.

Adhering to the school motto of "Knowledge, ethics, integrity, and innovation", the college advocates and cultivates the school spirit of "harmonious truth-seeking, pioneering and enterprising", the teaching style of "devotion and love for students, moral education" and "inspirational learning, knowledgeable". The "exquisite" style of study strives to create a "harmonious, honest, and lively" campus culture atmosphere and a "first-in-class" work atmosphere, and strive to become a first-class higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics in the province.