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Yuncheng Preschool Teachers College

Yuncheng Preschool Teachers College is an independent establishment approved by the Ministry of Education, the first batch of public preschool teachers’ colleges in the country. It is a high-quality vocational college construction unit in Shanxi Province, a national vocational college digital campus experimental school, and a nationwide online learning space application popularization Excellent school. The school is located in Yuncheng City, southern Shanxi Province. Yuncheng was called Hedong in ancient times, connected to Beijing and Tianjin in the north, Huguang in the south, Henan and Shandong in the east, and Qinba in the west. It is known as the "Golden Triangle of the Yellow River" in Shanxi, Shanxi and Henan. The school covers an area of 540 acres, with a building area of 169,000 square meters, a library collection of 604,900 books, 30 on-campus teaching practice bases, 2 affiliated kindergartens, 210 off-campus teaching practice bases, 6 off-campus art teaching practice bases, close contact 14 The provincial model kindergartens cooperated with schools to educate people. The one-time employment rate of school graduates has always been in the forefront of colleges and universities in the province, and the passing rate of graduate teacher qualification examinations ranks first among similar colleges and universities in the province.

The school currently has more than 6000 full-time students, including preschool education, early education, language education, English education, tourism English, music education, dance education, physical education, dance performance, art education, art design, broadcasting and hosting, and children Development and health management (child nutrition and health direction), housekeeping service and management (family education and guidance) and other 14 majors. Among them, preschool education and music education are listed as majors supported by the central government; preschool education, language education, and fine arts education are rated as featured majors in higher vocational colleges in Shanxi Province; early education and dance education are rated as key majors in Shanxi Province; Chinese Education and early education have been rated as key majors in Shanxi Province; preschool education has been identified as a high-level key professional construction project for vocational education in Shanxi Province; early education has been identified as a high-level training base construction project for vocational education in Shanxi Province.

The school has strong faculty, superior conditions for running schools, and continuous improvement in the quality of talent training. In the past two years, art teachers and students have achieved excellent results in various competitions: the school has successively won the second prize of the pre-school education professional education skill competition group of the National Vocational College Skills Competition; the 11th Provincial Vocational College The first prize of the preschool education professional education and teaching skills competition group; the first prize of the folk dance professional group of the sixth "Daisy Award" college student art competition of the province; the second prize of the national college student art exhibition; the excellent art work exhibition of colleges and universities in Shanxi Province Won the first prize in the Shanxi Student Sports Dance League Finals; Won the first prize in the Chinese Dance University Group in the Shanxi Student Sports Dance League Final; Won the first prize in the "Shanxi Post Cup" Letter Culture Design Competition; Won the Shanxi Student Sports Dance Championship The first prize of the small group and the first prize of the large group in the Chinese dance professional college group; won the first prize of the painting group A in the fifth college student art exhibition in Shanxi Province; in the art professional competition of the Shanxi Vocational College Skills Competition Won the first and second prizes in the National Cheerleading League; won the first place in the Open Youth D Group Campus Cheerleading Demonstration Routine and the first place in the Open Youth Group D We have won many awards in the "Power" speech contest, and many people have won awards in the 12th Chinese Tour Guide Competition of Vocational Colleges in Shanxi Province.

Our school adheres to "education-oriented, moral education first", and promotes the implementation of the "1331" six-one construction project (that is, to create first-class majors, first-class courses, first-class teachers, first-class facilities, first-class services, first-class quality). Through continuous exploration and development, the school’s talent training ideas have gradually become clearer, the positioning has become more accurate, the methods have become more scientific, and the measures have become more effective. The quality of training is rising step by step. The school has achieved full coverage of the campus network, installed smart water-saving facilities, shared hair dryers and monitoring equipment, equipped with modern teaching facilities and practical training projects, and improved the quality of life and learning of students. The campus has greenery and a pleasant humane environment. The salaries and benefits of faculty and staff have been greatly improved. The four-in-one prevention and control system of civil air defense, technical defense, facility defense, and institutional defense has been further improved. The comprehensive school-running strength has been significantly improved, and the construction of a harmonious humanistic campus has been achieved. Effectiveness.