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Taiyuan Vocational College of Tourism

Taiyuan Vocational College of Tourism is the earliest institution of tourism professional education in Shanxi Province. It is a model vocational college of Shanxi Province. It is a high-quality school construction unit of Shanxi Province. Council member unit, Taiyuan Regional Center Branch of International Golden Key College, member of Chinese Vocational Education Association, member of China Vocational Education Association, standing director unit of the 4th Council of China Vocational and Technical Education Association, member of Shanxi Vocational Skills Appraisal Association, member of Shanxi Tourism Standard Committee, The president unit of the Tourism Education Professional Committee of Shanxi Vocational and Technical Education Association, the vice president unit of Shanxi Hotel Association, the vice president and secretary-general unit of Shanxi Tourism Association, the vice president unit of Shanxi Convention and Exhibition Association; the college is organized by the Taiyuan Municipal People's Government, Taiyuan Managed by the Municipal Education Bureau, and accepted business guidance from the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education. Its predecessor was Taiyuan Tourism School, which was established in June 1984. It recruited tour guides and hotel service students, and officially opened tourism professional education; in April 1994, Taiyuan Tourism Vocational School was reorganized into Taiyuan Tourism Vocational Secondary Vocational School; 2000 Jointly run a school with Beijing International Studies University in 2004, and established the Higher Vocational Department of Beijing International Studies University Taiyuan Vocational School of Tourism. It is the first institution in Shanxi Province to offer tourism professional education; in May 2004, approved by the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government, The Ministry of Education filed the establishment of higher vocational colleges at the specialist level and was renamed Taiyuan Vocational College of Tourism.

The college is located at No. 19, Dachang South Road, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City. The campus covers an area of 344.12 acres (including 313.82 acres for the new campus of Dachang South Road and 30.3 acres for the No. 1 Middle School), with a building area of 140049.8 square meters and fixed assets of 35.205 million yuan. It has a national second-level gymnasium (which hosted the Second Youth League Women's Volleyball Competition), 48 on-campus training bases; a collection of 371,000 paper books and 1.028 million e-books. The average teaching and administrative room per student is 16.9 square meters per student, the average value of teaching and research equipment per student is 14,200 yuan per student, and the average per student book is 80.2 books per student. The maximum bandwidth of the campus network backbone is 400 megabytes, and 100% indoor teaching venues are covered by multimedia.

The college has 389 faculty members and more than 6,400 students. Among them, there are 248 full-time teachers. Master's degree teachers account for 89.4% of full-time young teachers (under 45 years old). Teachers with titles of associate professor and above account for 33.87% of full-time teachers, with a student-teacher ratio of 16.69; teachers with associate professor or higher titles 84 people; 40 teachers have studied overseas (36 of them studied abroad); 165 "dual-teacher" teachers, including 2 national-level excellent tour guides; 5 provincial-level "dual-teacher" teaching teachers; 9 excellent teachers with “dual qualifications”; 5 top-notch talents of “Three-Jin Talents”; 17 “dual-qualified” teacher training projects of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ten Thousand Talents in Tourism Program, and 10,000 Tourist Talents in Practice Service Type 20 talent projects.

The college ranks firmly in the forefront of the core professional competitiveness rankings of national tourism vocational colleges. The college has 7 departments, including Hotel Management Department, Tourism Management Department, Tourism Foreign Language Department, Information Management Department, Planning and Art Department, Humanities and Social Sciences Department, and Ideological and Political Department. There are 41 majors in management, exhibition planning and management, tourism English, applied Korean, tourism management, tour guides, flight attendants, modern logistics, and marketing, among which 33 are enrollment majors. At present, there is 1 second prize of national teaching achievement, 1 national quality course, 8 provincial quality courses, 7 municipal quality courses, 55 college-level quality courses; Ministry of Culture and Tourism Tourism Vocational Education School-Enterprise Cooperation 1 demonstration base; 2 national-level vocational education training bases, 8 provincial-level training bases; 1 national-level demonstration major, 2 national-level key construction majors, 2 national-level central financial support professional construction projects, There are 5 provincial-level key construction majors, 5 provincial-level backbone majors, and 2 provincial-level characteristic majors; 1 provincial-level modern apprenticeship pilot unit; 1 provincial-level teaching resource bank; 8 provincial-level vocational education high-quality training bases. In the past three years, students have won 15 first prizes, 23 second prizes, and 33 third prizes in the national skill competitions sponsored by the Ministry of Education, National Tourism Education Commission and other national ministries and industry associations. It is the vocational college with the most awards in Shanxi Province in the National Skills Competition in Tourism; there are more than 130 internship units that have cooperated for more than two years, and the one-time employment rate in 2019 reached 82.88%; At present, the college has established cooperative relations with more than 10 overseas schools. In the past two years, 110 students of our college have gone abroad for further studies, internships and training.

The various honors won by the college include: National Model Unit for Women Models, National March Eighth Red Flag Collective, National School-Enterprise Cooperation Demonstration Base, National Cheerleading Club, Advanced Collective of Shanxi Province Tourism System, Shanxi Province Model Labor Unit, Shanxi Province Provincial civilized unit, advanced unit of vocational education in Shanxi province, advanced unit of comprehensive governance in Shanxi province, five-star trade union in Shanxi province, advanced grassroots party organization, Taiyuan civilized unit model unit, Taiyuan dual support model unit, Taiyuan advanced grassroots party organization, The International Golden Key China Service Contribution Award, the police and civilians jointly built a drug-free campus, and the home of model workers in Taiyuan, etc., are known as "the cradle of Sanjin tourism talents" because of the earliest establishment of tourism education and the highest market share of talents.

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"Shanxi Province Model Labor Unit", "Shanxi Province Vocational Education Advanced Unit", "Shanxi Province Civilized Unit", "National March 8th Red Flag Collective"; 1 National Teaching Achievement Second Prize, Provincial Teaching Achievement First Prize 3 Items; 18 first prizes in national professional competitions by the Ministry of Education and China National Tourism Administration.

Excellent school conditions

The college has built 2 national-level training demonstration bases; 3 national-level central financial support professional construction projects; 8 provincial vocational education demonstration and training bases; 3 operational professional entities; the only one in the country that is managed and operated by a professional college The scenic spot-Hougou scenic spot.

Professional coverage

Tour guides, hotel management, tourism management, flight attendants, international cruise attendants, English, Korean, Japanese, German, logistics management, exhibition planning and management, accounting, marketing, western food crafts, etc. cover the main job groups of the tourism industry, and new tourism formats are derived 41 professions of the post.

Deep school-enterprise integration

The college has established long-term cooperative relations with 206 top domestic and foreign industry companies, including the permanent venue of the Asia Forum, international brand hotel groups, and large international travel agencies in and outside the province. Internship and employment projects in Singapore, South Korea, and Germany have helped students achieve zero-distance docking with industry companies and high-quality employment.

Curriculum system

The college has established a work process-oriented curriculum system based on the direction of "wide foundation, strong skills, and high adaptability" to realize the docking of curriculum content with professional standards, and the docking of learning and work processes. The college now has 1 national-level quality course, 3 provincial-level quality courses, 5 provincial-level quality resource sharing courses, 7 municipal-level quality courses, and 55 college-level quality courses.

Strong teaching teacher

The college has a number of national outstanding teachers, provincial double-teaching teachers, 19 provincial-level outstanding teachers, 17 outstanding double-teaching teams of the National Tourism Administration "Excellence Program", and 1 provincial-level outstanding teaching team. Ninety-five percent of the teachers of professional courses are "double-qualified" teachers. More than 100% of foreign language teachers with intermediate titles or above have foreign learning experience. Many professional teachers have won many honorary titles such as "National Outstanding Tour Guide" and "National Outstanding Instructor" in professional competitions. Traditional professions such as tour guides and hotels lead professional training and professional competitions in the province. Britain, Germany, Japan, and South Korea Many foreign teachers are often employed in various languages.

Wide international cooperation

The college has established friendly cooperative relations with many overseas universities such as North Hesse University of Applied Sciences in Germany, East Asia University in South Korea, Canadian Falls College, and Tula Normal University in Russia. It has selected trainees and au pair for five consecutive years. In the past two years, more than 100 overseas study graduates have graduated.

High social reputation

For 36 years of professional education, the province has the highest market share of tourism talents and is known as "the cradle of tourism talents in Sanjin". The employment rate of our graduates has always remained above 94%. The school performance has not only been recognized by students, parents and the society, but also has been highly praised by the then Minister of Education Zhou Ji and other national, provincial and municipal leaders who visited the school.