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Qinghai Qaidam Vocational and Technical College

Qinghai Qaidam Vocational and Technical College is located in Delingha, the "Golden World" in the "Golden World" of the Qaidam Basin, the cornucopia of the motherland. It was once the main post on the famous southern "Silk Road" in history, connecting Gansu, Xinjiang, Tibet and the eastern economic circle of Qinghai. It is the Asia-Europe "land bridge" connecting Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, Europe and other countries along the New Silk Road Economic Belt, adjacent to the resource-rich and promising Qaidam Circular Economy Pilot Zone.

Since the college was established in 2014 with the approval of the Qinghai Provincial People's Government, it is a public full-time higher vocational college jointly established by the province and the state. It is a council unit of the National Higher Vocational and Technical Education Research Association, and has been listed in the "second batch of modern apprenticeship pilot institutions of the Ministry of Education"; a member unit of the Northwest Division of the National Modern Service Industry Vocational Education Group; the National Joint Conference of Principals of Higher Vocational Colleges Member unit; member unit of "Qinghai Information Technology Vocational Education Alliance". The college has an elegant educational environment and convenient transportation. It implements a management system of "one park, two schools, one team, two brands, resource sharing, different management, and integrated operation" with Haixi Vocational and Technical School.

The college covers an area of 900 acres, a building area of 150,000 square meters, more than 150,000 books, and 446 faculty members. Set up "seven departments" (Chemical Engineering Department, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department, Medical Department, Automotive Engineering Department, Education Department, Economic Management Department, Biological Engineering Department), "Two Departments" (Public Basic Department, Ideological and Political Education Department), and "One Center" "(Mental Health Education Research Center) 10 teaching institutions. Relying on the industrial advantages of Qinghai Qaidam Circular Economy Pilot Zone, 26 higher vocational majors and 14 secondary vocational majors have been opened, covering finance and commerce, electronic information, transportation, tourism, energy power and materials, biology and chemicals, food, medicine and grain There are 17 professional classifications in 10 categories, including medicine and health, equipment manufacturing, resources, environment and safety. At present, 1 "double high" major in the province has been cultivated, 4 "1+X" pilot majors, 6 provincial-level superior characteristic majors, 3 provincial-level key construction majors (groups), and a provincial-level modern vocational education quality improvement plan There are 21 majors, and 3 key construction majors at the state level. It has formed a vocational education professional layout with a full range of professional categories with the chemical industry as the brand, electromechanical, auto repair, tourism, finance, medical care, education, etc. as the pillars. ”Vocational education system through education. Up to now, there are 5399 full-time middle and higher vocational school students, 1935 adult enrolled students, and nearly 3000 people/year completed social training.

The college innovated and promoted the reform of the cooperative school running system of the tripartite linkage of government, school and enterprise, and continuously deepened the integration of industry and education, and the school-enterprise cooperation mechanism. It closely focused on the development needs of the Qaidam Circular Economy Industrial Park and signed a cooperation with the Delingha Industrial Park Management Committee. Agreement, the implementation of the "order enrollment, targeted training" talent training model, to open up an ideal channel for students' internship and employment.

The college follows the school-running philosophy of “building up people with morality, innovation and entrepreneurship”, advocates the school motto of “cultivating morals, practicing skills, and strengthening the body”, promotes the school spirit of “unity, diligence, pragmatism, and innovation”, and deepens the integration of industry and education, and school-enterprise Cooperation, to meet the needs of industrial development, promote the effective connection between vocational education and industry, and cultivate high-quality technical and technical talents with innovative spirit and practical ability, adherence to professional ethics and social responsibility.