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Qinghai Police Officer Vocational College

Qinghai Police Vocational College was established in March 2000. It was formed by the merger of the original Qinghai Provincial People’s Police School and Qinghai Provincial Judicial Police School, two technical secondary schools merged and upgraded. Talent education and on-the-job police training tasks are organized at the deputy department level, with 7 administrative departments and 10 teaching and teaching auxiliary departments. At present, the college covers an area of 90,900 square meters, with a total construction area of 43,100 square meters and fixed assets of 92.7 million yuan. There are 242 enrolled faculty members, including 208 party members, accounting for 87% of the total faculty and staff; 12 professors, 50 associate professors, and 41 lecturers; 70 graduate students with master's degree; 68 teachers with dual teacher qualifications; Kojima award winners 15 people, 22 provincial-level key teachers; 33 college-level key teachers; 18 professional leaders; 17 professional leaders and assistants; 10 domestic visiting scholars. "Five teachers"; 5 teachers in the second round of "135 High-level Talents Training Project in Colleges and Universities in Qinghai Province" (under review). In addition, 113 part-time instructors are hired outside. There are 25 teaching classes, 1384 students, and the initial employment rate of graduates in 2016 was 86.62%. The average number of in-service police training is over 3,500 per year. In 2004 and 2011, it passed the evaluation of the talent training level of the Ministry of Education. Enrollment is for Qinghai and 9 provinces including Yunnan, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Shandong. In 2016, the public security professional program enrolled 245 students, and 1129 candidates participated in the interview. The overall acceptance rate was 100%; the public security management major enrolled 95 single exams, running schools The scale is gradually expanded.

The college offers public security management (including Chinese-Tibetan bilingual teaching), traffic management, information network security supervision, special police, police management, police command and tactics, criminal science and technology, criminal investigation, domestic security, and judicial assistants (including Chinese-Tibetan bilingual teaching) , Legal secretarial (former clerk major), legal affairs, criminal execution, community corrections, judicial appraisal technology, and other 15 major public security and justice majors; and 1 major medical major for psychological consultation.

Since its establishment, the college has closely focused on serving the needs of public security, political and legal team building, based in Qinghai, facing Tibetan areas, adhering to the school policy of "building a school with politics, building a police with politics", and adhering to the school motto of "Creating culture and martial arts, and fostering morality." , To implement the four strategies of “building schools with characteristics, building schools with quality, building schools with culture, and strengthening schools with science and technology”, to create a distinctive brand of Chinese-Tibetan bilingual teaching, promote connotation construction, and continuously improve the quality of education and training. Especially in the second National Public Security College Teaching Skills Competition in 2016, 9 teachers who participated in the competition won 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, and 5 third prizes respectively, and 10 students’ comprehensive quality assessments won the third prize of the group. prize. Tibetan alphabet playing cards obtained the national design patent certificate. While doing a good job of professional academic education, the college actively expands the training of on-the-job police, and strives to serve the public security political and legal organs. It has successively built the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Police Education and Training Base, the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Police Mental Health Service Center, and the Qinghai Provincial Forest Public Security Police Education There are five provincial-level education and training bases, including the training base, the police education and training base of the Xining Public Security Department of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau, and the Xining judicial administrative cadre education and training base. October 2013, May 2015, July 2015, the Ministry of Public Security National Public Security Police Sino-Tibetan Bilingual Training Base, National Anti-Computer Intrusion and Anti-Virus Research Center Qinghai Teaching Base, and National Civil Affairs Commission Sino-Tibetan Bilingual Training Base in 3 countries Level training bases have been listed in the college one after another, and the college’s public security education and training work has ushered in new development opportunities.