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Ningxia Preschool Teachers College

Ningxia Preschool Teachers College (referred to as Ningxia Preschool) is the only normal college in Ningxia that specializes in cultivating preschool teachers, approved by the People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, filed by the Ministry of Education, and organized by the Yinchuan Municipal People’s Government. It is the Ningxia Preschool Teacher Education The location of the training center, the executive unit of the Ningxia Preschool Education Industry Steering Committee, is known as "the cradle of Ningxia preschool education professionals." The school was founded in 1975 and has a history of 44 years.

The school is located in the International Science and Education City, Binhe New District, Yinchuan City, covering an area of 516 acres and a building area of 181,000 square meters. There are nearly 5,000 full-time students. There are 260 faculty members, 227 full-time teachers, 46 associate professors and above, 117 master candidates, and 5 doctoral candidates. The library has a collection of 218,000 books and nearly 110 million yuan in teaching and training equipment. There are 7 majors in preschool education, music education (preschool orientation), art education (preschool orientation), science education (preschool orientation), English education (preschool orientation), early education, and elementary education.

The school’s party committee has 13 party branches with 191 party members; there are party and government offices (discipline inspection and supervision office), organization and personnel office, academic affairs office (research office), student office (admissions and employment office), finance and logistics management office, The Continuing Education and Training Center has 6 administrative agencies at the sub-division level; there are 6 teaching institutions including the Department of Art, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Department of Preschool Education, the Department of Basic Education, the Department of Marxist Teaching and Research, and the Education Information Center; the preschool education group has 3 affiliated kindergartens .

The school is committed to connotation construction, with the 1134 project, the construction of four systems, and the four-oriented school-running philosophy as the overall guidance, adhering to the school motto of "love and responsibility", and always insisting on the purpose of wholeheartedly running the people's satisfaction education, in the school governance ability, talent training Significant achievements have been made in terms of quality, school scale, and social influence. Since the establishment of the school, the school has trained more than 20,000 talents, mainly preschool teachers, for the country. Graduates are spread all over the region and abroad. In recent years, it has maintained a 98% employment rate. The school has successively won the national top ten demonstration schools for campus culture construction; the first batch of national experimental base schools for moral education; the first batch of national standardized schools for language and writing; the national advanced unit for campus culture construction; the autonomous region’s advanced unit of vocational education; the autonomous region’s safe and civilized campus; Advanced unit for employment of graduates of colleges and universities; advanced collective for national unity and progress in Yinchuan City; advanced collective for women's achievements in the autonomous region and other honorary titles. In 2017, it was awarded the first prize of the city's comprehensive evaluation of education quality; won the first prize of the group in the vocational college skills competition of the whole district three times; won the first prize of Group A in the undergraduate chorus art festival participated by 18 universities in Ningxia; The original dance "The Statement of the Rock Sheep" won the gold medal in the National Youth Artistic Talents Selection Competition and Ningxia Division; in the fifth college student art exhibition in the district, the three programs of the three categories selected by our school won the first group of colleges and universities. Prizes and other awards.