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Ningxia Vocational and Technical College

Ningxia Vocational and Technical College (Ningxia Radio and Television University) is a multi-discipline and multi-disciplinary public comprehensive higher education school directly under the People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. , Continuing education and community education and other school-running tasks.

In December 2019, the school stood out from more than 1,400 vocational colleges across the country, entered the first echelon of vocational education in my country, and was successfully selected as the top 56 high-level vocational school construction units with Chinese characteristics. In March 2020, the school launched the "dual colleges" construction project in an all-round way, and concentrated efforts to promote the construction of a high-level vocational school with Chinese characteristics that leads the reform of vocational education in the western region and has a certain international influence. Higher vocational schools provide "Ningxia Vocational Model" and provide "Ningxia Plan" for accelerating the high-quality development of vocational education in the western region, opening a new journey in the history of school development.

The school is also the first national demonstration higher vocational technical college in Ningxia, the presiding unit of the higher vocational education animal husbandry and veterinary professional resource bank, the national high-quality higher vocational college, the national high-skilled personnel training base and the national professional and technical personnel continuing education base, nationwide The first batch of "Digital Campus Construction Experimental Schools in Vocational Colleges", the national pilot schools for oriented training of noncommissioned officers, the first batch of "modern apprenticeship" pilot units of the Ministry of Education, and the first batch of "Internet + Education" demonstration schools in Ningxia, successively won the "National High Skills Outstanding Contribution Award for Talent Cultivation, "Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent School Award", "National Civilized Unit" and other honorary titles, won 3 second prizes for National Teaching Achievement and 1 "National Skill Master Studio". The Engineering Technology Research Center for the Development and Utilization of Chinese Medicinal Materials was selected as the second batch of talent small highland construction units in the autonomous region.

The school was first established in July 2004 by the merger of Ningxia Radio and Television University, Ningxia Heavy Industry Workers’ University, Ningxia Workers’ College of Science and Technology, and Ningxia Mechanical and Technical School. In 2005, Ningxia Agricultural School was merged into our school. In 2015, Ningxia Agricultural Reclamation Secondary Professional School for Workers , Ningxia Light Industry School merged into the school, and Ningxia People’s Armed School merged into the school in 2019. There are currently three campuses: the new campus covers an area of 1583 acres, the old campus of the TV University covers an area of 37 acres, the original light industry school campus covers an area of 30 acres, and a comprehensive agricultural training base of 508 acres has been built.

The school currently has 755 faculty members, including 312 senior titles, 9 doctoral candidates, 228 postgraduate or master's degree teachers, and 26 overseas students. Relying on national and autonomous region-level teaching teachers, "313" talent training programs, 1 national model worker, 1 national "Five" labor medal winner, 3 "Outstanding Teacher Award" of Huang Yanpei Vocational Education, and national high-skilled 1 Outstanding Contribution Award for Talent Cultivation, 2 “313 Talents in the Autonomous Region, 1 Famous Teacher in the Autonomous Region”, 1 Model of Teaching and Educating People in the Autonomous Region, 1 Model of Teacher Ethics in the Autonomous Region, 26 Famous Teachers in Ningxia Colleges and Universities, selected as young people in the Autonomous Region There are 4 key talents in the project, 3 philosophical and social science and science support talents, and 5 science and technology support talents.

The higher vocational education part of the school (Ningxia Vocational and Technical College) currently offers 50 majors (directions), covering 10 major categories such as agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, chemical technology, equipment manufacturing, modern textiles, and health services. There are 9244 full-time students in school. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% after six months, and the quality of employment has improved year by year. The school adheres to the concept of "cooperative development, cooperative education, cooperative education, and cooperative employment", taking the modern apprenticeship pilot work as an opportunity, continuously deepening the integration of industry and education, insisting on building majors with leading companies, and adjusting professional settings in line with the needs of corporate talents. The goal of talent training and the direction of professional development are more in line with the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading and economic and social development, effectively improving the overall level of professional construction.

The distance open education part of the school (Ningxia Radio and Television University) is the Ningxia branch of the National Open University, and it is the backing unit of the Ningxia Lifelong Education Credit Bank. So far, it has opened 56 open education majors, including 16 undergraduate (starting from junior college) majors and junior college majors. 40. Distance open education is a new type of higher education institution that is guided by the idea of life-long education, fully utilizes modern information technology, and innovates the form of running a school, the organizational model and the operating mechanism. With its abundant high-quality teaching resources, advanced teaching conditions, flexible learning system and perfect school-running system, it provides important support for the construction of a learning society and an important guarantee for the development of human resources. Since 2012, the transition to Ningxia Open University has been accelerated. Ningxia Radio and Television University (Ningxia Branch of the Open University of China) currently has 23 grassroots school-running units, including 3 colleges, 7 branch schools, 11 teaching sites, 2 learning centers, distributed in all cities, counties and major industries in the district, forming It is a modern distance education network system that takes Ningxia Radio and Television University as the leader, and city, county (district) TV universities and teaching sites as the backbone, and is reasonably deployed, covering urban and rural areas in the district. From the establishment of Ningxia Radio and Television University in 1979 to the end of 2019, a total of 143799 graduates of various higher education have been trained. Among them, 1,452 were in general colleges, 146 were in the five-year system (specialties), 48,018 were in adult colleges, 37,124 were in open undergraduate courses, 53223 were in open colleges, 3,727 were registered audition students (specialties), and 109 were in the Central College of Education for the Disabled (specialties). . From 2017 to 2019, there were 19246 students of various types.

The secondary vocational education part of the school (Ningxia Agricultural School) is a public secondary vocational college that cultivates high-quality skilled talents. It is the first batch of national key secondary vocational schools in Ningxia recognized by the Ministry of Education. It was rated as the national secondary vocational education reform in 2015. Develop model schools. Ningxia Agricultural School adheres to the motto of "Advocating Agriculture, Honesty, and Strong Skills", adhering to the education concept of "Moral education is the basis for learning, and skills are used to do things". Excellent graduates who meet the needs of the job market. Since the establishment of Ningxia Agricultural School in 1949, it has trained more than 26,500 technical secondary school graduates, more than 5,500 correspondence students with a bachelor's degree, and more than 29,000 professional skills appraisers. The school-running level and the quality of education are highly praised in the district's secondary vocational education.

Ningxia Vocational and Technical College (Ningxia Radio and Television University) leads the school’s work with the brand of "Ingenuity and Dreams", adheres to the craftsman spirit of "pursuing excellence and striving for perfection" as the soul of the school, inherits and develops "openness, cooperation, tolerance, The school-running tradition of "development" creates a vocational education atmosphere of "skills becoming talents, skills entrepreneurship, and skills enrichment". It has established the educational mission of "believing in learning and aspiring to live the people". It has advanced school concepts, innovative systems and mechanisms, and excellent training quality. A large number of high-quality technical and technical personnel with international vision, innovative and creative abilities and craftsmanship have made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Ningxia.

Interpretation of the school badge: The main design of the school badge is based on the initial letter "n" of the word "Ning" in "Ningxia" as the creative element. The letter "n" is a combination of "book" and "hand". The book represents knowledge, theory and school, and the hand represents skills, practice and business. The combination of the two implies equal emphasis on knowledge and skills, the combination of theory and practice, as well as "school-enterprise cooperation" and "combination of work and study", which reflects our school's philosophy of "cooperative development, cooperative education, cooperative education, and cooperative employment". Therefore, higher vocational colleges aiming at cultivating skilled talents. The slanted and elegant shape of the letter "n" resembles a rushing Yellow River, alluding to the proverb "The Yellow River in the World is Rich in Ningxia", which reflects the geographical attributes and cultural characteristics of the college.

The overall circular design of the logo takes the meaning of unity and consummation, and the green tone symbolizes the school's hope, vitality, development and dreams.

Interpretation of the school motto: "Be faithful to learn, and aim to live the people." Selected from the article "The Morality of Revolution" by Zhang Binglin, a great master of Chinese studies. Meaning: Have a firm belief in ethics and career, study diligently, and be determined to contribute to the country, the nation, and the people.

"Believing in learning and ambition to live the people" requires teachers to be loyal to the party's educational cause, adhere to the principle of educating people and moral education first, and take morality and cultivating people as the fundamental task of education. As a student, you must study hard, be determined to become talents, and pursue the truth; you must learn professional knowledge, be skilled and capable, and learn to be useful, and make due contributions to the country, the nation, and the people.

The school motto of "Believe in learning and live the people" is very much in line with the school philosophy of Ningxia Vocational and Technical College of "Quality and skills, and the integration of school and society" and Ningxia Radio and Television University's school mission of "Facing the grassroots, opening schools, and serving the society". Compatibility is the concentrated expression of the school's education direction, academic spirit, training goals, campus culture, and school-running characteristics. It has become a banner guiding the school's teachers and students to self-educate and work together.