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Ningxia Police Officer Vocational College

Ningxia Police Vocational College is the only police-related higher vocational college in the autonomous region. It was founded in 1980, Ningxia Political and Law Cadre School (1980-1983), and passed through Ningxia Judicial School (1983-1987) and Ningxia Law School (1987-1999) ), Ningxia Judicial Police School (1999-2002), Ningxia Judicial Police Vocational College (2002-2017), in March 2017, the autonomous region’s party committee and government decided to adjust the college’s management system from the Department of Justice to the Department of Public Security, and changed its name to Ningxia Police Officer Vocational College. In May 2019, the functions of the Police Training Corps of the Public Security Department were transferred to the college. Since the establishment of the school 39 years ago, the college has always adhered to the school-running principles of political school establishment and political education of the police, upholding the school motto of "Chong Mori knows well, upholds the law", and actively obeys the service of political law and public security work. It highlights professionalism, actual combat, and industry-oriented school running. It has formed distinctive characteristics in talent training, professional construction, scientific research, on-the-job police training, cultural construction, etc., and has cultivated a college of "loyalty, responsibility, and struggle" Spirit, has trained and delivered more than 40,000 specialized talents for the political, legal and public security organs of the whole district. Since 2008, more than 900 police officers have been trained and recruited for Xinjiang, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia and other western provinces. Basically, a school-running system with law and public security vocational education as the main body, combined with in-service civilian (cadre) police training and various social trainings has been formed, which has made positive contributions to regional economic and social development and the harmony and stability of ethnic regions.

The college is a sub-department-level institution directly under the management of the Public Security Department of the Autonomous Region. In 2018, it was approved for the construction of a high-quality junior vocational college in the Autonomous Region. The college covers an area of 455 acres, divided into two campuses, east and west. There are 10 administrative agencies and 11 teaching and teaching auxiliary agencies. There are 245 faculty members, of which 180 are on the staff (160 people's police status); 65 are employed, including 2 doctors, 6 doctoral candidates, and 98 masters or above. There are 11 professors and 25 associate professors. There are more than 4160 students in school. There are 17 majors, including 7 majors in judicial national control and 5 majors in public security national control. Applied law, traffic management, criminal investigation, and judicial information are high-level majors in the autonomous region. There are 23 on-campus training laboratories, including digital teaching courts, criminal investigations, video investigations, electronic physical evidence, traffic management, and network attack and defense, and 50 off-campus training bases. It recruits students from 13 provinces and regions including Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang, and has established an order-based police personnel training cooperation framework with Xinjiang and other places. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 93%. It undertakes more than 7,000 person-times of in-service civilian (cadre) police and various types of training every year. The existing collection of books is 280,000 volumes, and the fixed assets are 300 million yuan.

In the new historical development period, the college will be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the Central Political Law and the national public security and education work conferences, and insist on the "loyal to the party, loyalty to the party, The general requirements of serving the people, impartial law enforcement, and strict discipline are the general guidelines for school management and personnel training, and always adhere to the fundamental political attributes of the "Public Security Surname Party", and implement the fundamental task of cultivating people with virtue and morality. Intensify the connotation, deepen the reform, and implement the development strategy of "informatization, actual combat, and policing", aiming at the requirements of the "four iron general" public security iron army construction standards, and continuously deepen the reform of the talent training model that integrates teaching, training and combat, and comprehensively improve The quality and level of schooling. According to the position of the Ministry of Public Security and the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and the Party Committee of the Public Security Department, we insist on party building as the leader, professional construction as the leader, public security demand as the guidance, talent training as the foundation, reform and innovation as the driving force, and team building as the driving force. Guarantee and steadily promote the transformation and development of the college's career. Efforts will be made to build Ningxia Vocational College of Police Officers into a training base for public security reserve talents, a training base for in-service civilian (cadres) police, and a think tank for politics, law and public security research.