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Xinhua College of Ningxia University

Xinhua College of Ningxia University is located in Yinchuan, a national historical and cultural city. It is a full-time general undergraduate college organized by Ningxia University in accordance with a new mechanism and a new model. It was established in March 2002 with the approval of the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region. Education in January 2004 Officially confirmed by the Ministry of Education, in 2016, it was designated as an application-oriented overall transformation university by the Education Department of the Autonomous Region.

The college now covers an area of 252 acres, with a building area of more than 90,000 square meters for teaching and administrative buildings. It has 2 comprehensive stadiums, 1 college student life center, 29 laboratories (centers), 2 libraries, and building area. 3000 square meters, with a collection of 637,200 books. The college has 28 undergraduate majors in 7 disciplines including literature, engineering, science, management, law, education, and art, with more than 6,400 full-time undergraduate students. The college has trained a total of 13,822 qualified graduates of various majors for 13 sessions. The college recruits students from 18 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country. The college currently has 609 faculty members, 66% of whom have a master's degree or above, 50% of associate professors or above, and 40 dual-qualified teachers.

The college implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee of Ningxia University and the college board of directors, firmly establishes the concept of "building morality and cultivating talents is the foundation of the college", and clarifies that "cultivating a solid theoretical foundation, practical ability and social adaptability , The training goal of high-quality applied talents with innovative spirit and employment and entrepreneurial ability" has condensed the school thinking of "guarantee physique, heavy application of profession, effective management, good employment after graduation", and formed a school that is suitable for the development of the college. Application-oriented talent training system. The college adheres to the school-running policy of "relying on Ningxia University, integrating resources, innovating mechanisms, and highlighting characteristics"; giving full play to the flexible mechanism of independent colleges to focus on the foundation, highlight application, strengthen practice, focus on innovation, categorized training, and improve quality of undergraduate teaching Principles, explore the "platform + module" curriculum system, deepen the reform of education and teaching methods, and strengthen the effect of education and teaching. The school is steadily improving, the scale continues to expand, the quality of personnel training has been significantly improved, and the social reputation has gradually improved.

   Since 2013, college students have won 42 national science and technology innovation awards, 92 provincial-level awards, 59 college-level awards, and 7 national patents. A total of 144 "undergraduate teaching engineering" projects at all levels have been approved for construction; 165 scientific research projects at all levels have been approved; there are 6 autonomous region-level specialty majors, 4 autonomous region key construction majors (groups), and 1 autonomous region "13th Five-Year Plan" "Advantages and characteristic disciplines, 1 college-level key discipline. Faculty of the college published 269 papers (including 5 SCI papers and 48 core papers from Peking University), 35 textbooks, 1 district-level teaching teacher, 1 district-level teaching teacher of ideological and political theory, and 1 Huang Danian-style teaching team in the whole district colleges and universities. There are 2 first prizes of the district teaching achievement award, and 2 district-level young top-notch talents. The college has also been identified as the Red Culture Education Research Center of Ningxia Colleges and Universities, and the vice chairman unit of the Ningxia Colleges and Universities Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Service Alliance.

In recent years, the college has cooperated with Ningxia Radio and Television Station, Ningxia Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Commerce, Xixia District Court of Yinchuan City, Xingqing District Procuratorate, Beijing Chinasoft Technology Co., Ltd., Xuejiaao Software Technology Co., Ltd., Qianfeng Technology Co., Ltd., Xixia District of Yinchuan City The Eighteenth Middle School and other units signed an agreement to jointly build an internship base. The college created the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship + Supply Chain Academy" by the tripartite of school, industry, and enterprise. Based on the establishment of exchange visits and entrusted training models with Ningxia University, the college has successively exchanged with Chaoyang University of Science and Technology, Ming Chuan University, New York Film Academy, Yosong University in South Korea, Jingjin Education Group of Japan, and Travel International Education Exchange. The center and other educational organizations reached a cooperation agreement. The college signed agreements with Macau University of Science and Technology and Macau City University to recommend master's degree candidates without examination. Up to now, the college has selected many batches of students to visit universities in the United States, the United Kingdom and other universities. 77 students were recommended to study for master's degrees at Macau University of Science and Technology and Macau City University through exemption. 99 students were admitted to Wuhan University, Hunan University, Lanzhou University, Ningxia Universities and other colleges and universities within and outside the region to continue their postgraduate studies.

The college has been rated as National Advanced Independent College, 2010 Top Ten Independent Colleges for Social Satisfaction, Excellent Private Higher Education Institutions in China, Advanced Collective of Party Building in Ningxia Colleges, Advanced Collective of Ideological and Political Education of College Students in Ningxia, and Advanced Grassroots in Ningxia Colleges and Universities Party organization, advanced unit for graduate employment of Ningxia colleges and technical schools, "safe campus" in Yinchuan City.

  The future development goals of the college are: to strengthen the construction of the connotation, condense the characteristics of running the school, improve the conditions for running the school, innovate the management mechanism, and strive to build the Xinhua College into an independent college with distinctive features and a higher level in the western region.