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Liaoning Institute of Technology

Founded in 1999, Liaoning Institute of Technology is a comprehensive university under the supervision of the Liaoning Provincial Government. Located on the coast of the Bohai Sea, Jinzhou City, a famous historical and cultural city in Liaoning Province, is one of the four general undergraduate colleges and universities in Jinzhou.

  The campus is adjacent to the Nuerer River Water Park in the south and Bohai University in the north. The environment is beautiful, with lakes and mountains. The campus covers an area of 1,036 acres and the building area of the school building is 203,000 square meters. The college has 8 departments, 30 undergraduate admissions majors and 13 junior college admissions majors, covering 7 disciplines including engineering, economics, management, literature, law, education, and art. There are nearly 6000 full-time undergraduate and junior college students.

  The college has a team of teachers with reasonable structure and excellent quality. There are 343 full-time and part-time teachers, including 226 with doctoral and master's degrees, 147 with professional and technical positions as professors and associate professors, 5 famous teaching teachers and provincial outstanding young backbone teachers in Liaoning Province, and 62 dual-qualified teachers. In addition, many foreign teachers are hired to teach.

   The college adheres to the idea of "Teaching is the center, research promotes teaching", and focuses on the improvement of teachers' ability. Teachers' teaching, scientific research, and service to the society have been improved year by year. In recent years, the faculty of the college has presided over 166 scientific research projects at or above the city level, published 31 textbooks and academic works, and published 481 academic papers. It has won 40 scientific research awards at or above the municipal level, 7 provincial excellent teaching achievement awards, 27 provincial education reform projects, and 17 provincial scientific research projects. Teachers have won more than 20 national-level competition awards and more than 50 provincial and municipal-level competition awards.

   The college has excellent conditions for running schools and complete facilities. It has more than 130,000 square meters of teaching, research and auxiliary rooms, and more than 3,700 computers for teaching; in order to strengthen the cultivation of students' practical ability and innovation and entrepreneurship ability, 4 training centers, 16 comprehensive laboratories and virtual simulations have been established Teaching center, 36 professional experimental training centers, more than 20 student innovation and entrepreneurship practice platforms; the library has more than 580,000 books, complete functions and elegant environment. The campus has an advanced network information platform, which creates convenient conditions for students to understand information, learn independently and daily life.

   The school’s international exchanges and cooperation have achieved remarkable results. It has established cooperative training relationships with more than 30 foreign schools such as the United States and the United Kingdom, achieving mutual recognition of credits between the two schools, and expanding the school's international influence. At the same time, in order to satisfy students' desire to enjoy good educational resources and study abroad, the college has established co-study relationships with famous domestic universities such as Peking University, Jilin University, and Fudan University. After the junior year, some outstanding students can voluntarily study in famous universities for 1-2 years.

Based on the training position of applied technology talents, the school always insists on improving the quality of talent training as the core, strengthens the structural reform of the education supply side, vigorously develops connotation construction and quality engineering construction, continuously improves the innovation and entrepreneurship education system, and strengthens students' practical ability and innovation and entrepreneurship Ability development. Established 1 pilot major for innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Liaoning Province, and 2 off-campus practice education bases for university students in Liaoning Province; approved 5 national-level projects for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, and 12 provincial-level projects; students innovate and start businesses in various provinces and cities The competition won 1 national special prize, 1 national first prize, 1 national second prize, 1 provincial special prize, 10 provincial first prizes, 21 provincial second prizes, and provincial level There are 35 third prizes, more than 200 provincial and municipal awards.

   The school adheres to the guiding ideology of "teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, diversion training, strengthening abilities, and employment orientation", and cooperates with many units, schools and enterprises to jointly run schools. Based on professional construction, establish an internship (training) base, join a school-enterprise alliance, and establish a number of innovative and entrepreneurial practice platforms for college students inside and outside the school; based on professional characteristics, build teaching and education practice bases with industries or enterprises to innovate "industry, learning, and research" "Cooperative education approaches, promote school-enterprise cooperation, and improve students' employability.

At present, the school has established more than 100 solid internship and employment bases, of which the top 500 and listed companies accounted for 32%, domestic well-known enterprises accounted for 15%, regional well-known enterprises accounted for 20%, and local enterprises accounted for 32%. Professional internship jobs reached more than 1.7 times the number of graduates in the year. More than 20% of the students chose to stay in the internship employment base for direct employment. The rest of the students through professional internships developed good quality and comprehensive abilities, which will soon be realized in other units. Employment. Over the years, the employment rate of graduates has reached more than 93%, which has been affirmed by the superior authorities and praised by the society.

   While adhering to the education of socialist core values, the college promotes the development of students' good quality and perfect personality through daily management and "knowledge and action assessment". Through a variety of campus cultural activities, we will guide students to repay their kindness, help others, filial piety, and constantly strive for self-improvement. More than 50 clubs have become a stage for students to display their talents, develop their expertise, and exercise their abilities. Students have won many awards in various national, provincial, and municipal competitions. In 2014, the student won the first prize of the National Campus DV Competition. In 2016, the student won the first prize of the National College Student Network Business Innovation Application Competition. In 2016, the student won the "Creating Youth" Liaoning Province Entrepreneurship Competition with one gold, one silver and seven bronze results, 2017 The student won the first prize of the Liaoning Challenge Cup.

   Since the establishment of the college, the college's career has made considerable progress. Ranked among the best in the evaluation of education and teaching quality of similar colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, and has been rated as "advanced collective of Liaoning education system", "advanced collective of employment in Liaoning province", "advanced unit of recruiting work in Jinzhou" and many other honors.

   Liaoning Institute of Technology will further deepen reforms, pioneer and innovate, run higher education that satisfies the people, and strive to achieve all-round development in the new era.