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Liaoning Teachers Technical College

Liaoning Teachers College is a public general college established in 2019 by the People's Government of Liaoning Province in accordance with the needs of the reform and development of Liaoning education, integrating educational resources such as Liaoning College of Education and Liaoning Culture and Art Workers University. In 2020, Liaoning Teachers College will enroll students in a correctional manner.

Liaoning Teachers Technical College has four colleges: Preschool Education College, Primary Education College, Art College, and Physical Education College. There are 41 professors, 120 associate professors, and 13 doctors. There are 16 candidates for the provincial "Hundred, Thousand, Thousand, Thousand Talents Project", including 4 thousand-level talents and 12 ten-thousand-level talents; and 4 special-level teachers in Liaoning Province.

The current party secretary Gao Xianghui and principal Meng Xianbin.