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Liaoning Special Education Teachers College

Liaoning Special Education Teachers College, formerly the Liaoning Secondary Vocational Technical School for the Disabled, established in 1995, was approved by the provincial government to establish Liaoning Special Education Vocational College, and approved by the provincial government in March 2013 to establish Liaoning Special Education Teachers Colleges and universities are independent institutions of higher special education in our province. The Provincial Department of Education approved the implementation of "3+2" higher vocational specialties for separate enrollment, separate examination, and separate admission. The three-year higher vocational specialties are jointly run with Liaoning Health Vocational and Technical College, Liaoning Economic Vocational and Technical College, and Liaoning National Normal College. As a key livelihood project of the provincial government, the new campus is located in Dongling District, Shenyang. The modern campus, complete teaching equipment, and the country's leading barrier-free facilities have laid a solid foundation for the development of students. After years of construction and development, the school’s comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced, forming a multi-disciplinary support for art, medicine, e-commerce, and special education. The talent training system with coordinated development of vocational education is one of the largest vocational colleges for the disabled in China.

The school takes "Love to educate people, live with dignity, and work with dignity" as its school-running philosophy, and "learn to be a man, learn to learn, learn to do things, learn to survive" as its educational goal, and actively explore "school-enterprise cooperation, work-study integration, and on-the-job internships". The talent training model realizes the zero connection between teaching and employment needs, and improves students' comprehensive professional ability and employment level. Students have successively participated in the National Disabled Persons’ Federation System Vocational Skills Competition, the National Art Exhibition for Students of the Deaf College and Technical Secondary Schools, the National Secondary Vocational School Civilization Competition, the 4th and 5th Disabled Vocational Skills Competition of Liaoning Province, and the 2nd Liaoning Province Entrepreneurship Plan Awarded prizes in the competition. The school has won the honorary titles of "National Advanced Unit of Special Education", "Advanced Unit of Special Education System in Liaoning Province", and "Advanced Unit of Employment and Entrepreneurship for College Graduates in Shenyang". The main leaders of Liaoning Province Zhang Wenyue, Chen Zhenggao, Xu Weiguo, and Chen Chaoying visited the school many times and fully affirmed the school’s results.