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Liaoning Teachers College for Nationalities

Founded in 2012, Liaoning National Teachers College is a full-time college that implements higher vocational education under the Provincial Department of Education and filed with the Ministry of Education. The predecessor was the Korean Teachers College of Liaoning Province and Liaoning Province. Mongolian Normal School, the two schools were born in 1952 and 1981 respectively.

Currently, the school runs on the Shenyang campus and the Fuxin campus. The school has 18 colleges and universities. It also cooperates with relevant colleges and universities to hold adult undergraduate education, and undertakes the training function of the administrators and backbone teachers of ethnic minority bilingual schools in the province. Cultivation and training base for qualified professionals.

The school has a team of teachers with high ethics, excellent quality, and reasonable structure. It has formed a distinctive school style and characteristics, and has cultivated both Chinese, Han and foreign primary and secondary school teachers and other specialties for the development of national education and economic culture in Liaoning. With nearly 10,000 talents, it has successively won the "National Model Unit for National Unity and Progress", "Advanced Collective of Ethnic Education in Liaoning Province", "Advanced Collective of Basic Education Teacher Training in Liaoning Province in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and "Students of Primary Education in Liaoning Province "Teacher Skills Competition Team Excellence Award" and other honors and commendations.